What a wonderful setting and absolutely gorgeous in the summer, sitting in the sunshine watching the ducks and the boats going silently on their way.  I love this pub and can remember going when I was a child with my Nan and grandad for a Saturday lunch, they have an outside bar and so many tables and chairs in the summer as it is a very popular place and you can see why. 
It was a bit sad today as two of our ladies are not very well and could not make it, so they were missed very much.  We also had another one gallivanting off to Spain, very jealous about that but at least I am going later in the year. 
Fish was the main thing today apart from myself who had the chicken but maybe I should have had the fish as it was so dried up I could hardly cut some of it.  The starters of potatoe skins were very nice and even better was that they were free as Sharon had a voucher fo two free starters, so all good there.  Not sure what the sauce was supposed to be in the middle but none of us liked it! 
So the mains were fish and chips with mushy or normal peas, the chicken and Carole had the salmon which was probably the best as she had a clean plate at the end.   
There was a lot of laughter today about all sorts of things and I amused them with some stories about Lynda, always a good laugh.  The atmosphere  was nice considering it’s a very big pub and Sue the waitress was very friendly.  The best bit as always was the dessert but only three of us had some the other two were being very good.  I had the ice cream sundae, Carole had the chocolate pudding and Corinne had the apple crumble. 
Sharon did make me laugh when she asked for a pot of tea as last month she never got a lid for the t pot, well she did today and she also got the biggest cup ever, in fact it was so heavy you needed both hands to lift it up! 
A lovely day as usual with the best friends anyone could ever wish for, it was just a shame some could not make it.  The boat trips on the river look lovely so we are going to do that in the summer.  We celebrated Corinnes birthday today, she got some lovely presents, actually they were so nice I wanted them lol.  Looking forward to next month already and really hope we will be back to full strength as it makes me sad when friends are not well and having tests done.  Let’s hope for warmer weather girls and a few more laughs. 💐 🍹 🎁 🍰 🍾 🎂  xx


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