What an exciting morning I had on Friday being interviewed on Academy Fm 105.9 by Josh, I have to say I was so nervous but in the end it was just like we were having a conversation and I forgot where I was, that was until just at the end he asked what my web address was and I said .com then corrected it to  Karen’s World

Listen to me here 

Afterwards he said that about 7,000 people listen to Academy fm, I was pleased he didn’t tell me that before I did the interview.

This was all about the new writing group that is starting up on Thursday evening at Bella Vita so if you have any interest in reading, writing, photography, yes for book covers or anything else writing related then please do pop along to Bella Vita on Tontine Street at 6pm


Facebook: Write byThe Sea

Twitter: @write_sea

Instagram: writebythesea1

1st meeting – 25th October

2nd meeting – 29th November

See you Thursday



What a super coffee shop and bakery, I could have spent a fortune in there not only on cakes and coffee but they had some brilliant mugs.


I tend to always have a caramel slice/millionaire’s shortbread it’s called both here and I have got to say that this is the best I have ever had, Sylvie had the gypsy tart and it was hardly on her plate! lol. We then had to take a cake home so I picked the lemon bakewell tart as never heard of one of those, it was delicious. I cannot wait to go back to Rye just to go and have coffee and cake again.

You can find their opening times here Jempsons in Rye.




When I was at the radio station yesterday the lady before me was Mel Wrigley and she was talking about the event tomorrow called The Geology of Folkestone Warren & Fossil Foray. It sounded very interesting so thought I would let you all know. Mel kindly showed us some fossils and the talk she gave was really interesting.


There is a brilliant booklet called DISCOVER with all the activities and things that are happening in our area. To be honest I was surprised at how many things actually went on that I did not know about so I am pleased to be blogging about more local events in Folkestone and our surrounding areas. Sometimes it is hard to get information across to people as we all have different ways of accessing news and events.


I was shocked to hear that so many local people had never been down The Warren, think you best make the effort and make the most of this super sunshine.

Have a great weekend


Where should I start, first of all Peaches is back home as she did not settle with Lynda and Billy and Billy did not gel with Peaches at all, she does not like men even when they feed her! Poor Billy, she was no comfort to him at all. I must admit it is so good to have her back and she has been sticking close to me awake and asleep. I have kept her in a lot more and she has not been over next door so all good so far.

It’s been good getting back into a routine I must say, just need to get the cleaning routine back lol. I have caught up with all the grandchildren apart from George but between college, working and going out it’s hard to catch him in. On Friday the twins, Freddie,Mia and Zac are popping round so looking forward to that and then the weekend to recover!

Sylvie came with me to take the camper back to the dealer, I did a list of all the things that happened and went wrong and I must say the workshop department were extremely good about everything, so it will all be corrected plus the two small places of damp. They have it until February as knew I would not use it anymore this year and I thought it is safer parked in their garage than on the road at home. Half term in February I will try it out with one of the grandchildren and hopefully get some of my confidence back. As we were in Rye we popped round the market and then went for coffee, post coming tomorrow about coffee shop.

Freddie came over for the day on Wednesday, he did lots of pictures for his other grandma, I think mum was very pleased they were not for her!


I took Izzy with me to put up the posters about the new writing group yesterday and we called into Caffe Villa to see Hasan as the restaurant was opening so we had some lunch there, the pizza was nice with good flavours so I can see me having dinner there when I go for the writing group meetings, any excuse not to cook!

Thumbs up from Izzy, Hasan you have pleased a teenager so you must be good lol.

I am looking forward with trepidation to the first meeting on Thursday evening and I really hope everyone that has shown an interest does turn up, fingers crossed.

I have just been sitting outside as the sun is lovely, this weather is so good for Autumn but I feel that when it does get cold it is really going to hit us hard as we have been really spoilt down here in Kent.

I think you are all caught up now, post coming on Monday about radio show.

Have a great week everyone



Not long to go now until the start of hopefully a really good writing group here in Folkestone. I will be on our local radio station this morning, very nervous and have a cold so I am either going to sound all bunged up or have a husky sexy voice, with my luck I know which one it will be lol.