They say you just need a small tub or container to make a natural pond area for the frogs and bugs in your garden. I was very keen to make one as the slugs were taking over and eating just about every single thing I planted. But what could I use?


While I was thinking about this the fridge decided to stop working so I had to buy a new one, then I was faced with the problem of what to do with the old fridge. What a brilliant solution, turn the fridge on its side so the door became a fairy garden for the grandchildren, then my friend gave me an old bit of pond liner. I then had a natural pond so of I went to collect frog spawn and eventually had a family of frogs who did eat lots of slugs as I only lose a very small amount of flowers now.



I then got a solar fountain that one frog really likes so I often see him sitting up on it.


Here are a few pics from the garden.

The grapes are growing.


Happy gardening everyone.


I was shocked to discover that Charlie Gallagher is a local Folkestone writer who I had not come across. He has been writing a while and has a few books available on Amazon here.



I was then even more shocked to discover he was a detective in the serious crime division, I don’t think that can be in Folkestone as I was talking to Lisa Cutts and she had not heard of him either, you wait till she reads this and finds he is a policeman too like herself.

Working shifts and married with two children, it is hard to imagine how on earth he finds time to write. His books are very well liked and reviewed but I have not read one yet, I keep looking for them in the charity shops but people obviously keep hold of them as I have not found any. Maybe if I tell him that many authors give me their books to read he may pop one in my letterbox as I also think he lives near me!


Happy reading



There are many people who like to go for a walk and Tony has come up with a cracking idea about telling people all about our town while they are walking around. We now have the East Cliff Escape tour, on The Waterfront tour, Getting Creative tour and  At Ease on The Leas tour, you can find all the details on his website here.  You do have to book through the website but they are on most weeks.

I was amazed at how much he has found out about Folkestone but he has done a lot of research and everybody loves the tours. I am sure he will be able to answer all your questions.

Happy walking.

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We have a new eatery down The Old High Street so I popped in there last week and met Tony who does the walking tours about Folkestone, there will be a blog coming up about his tours soon.

I took an instant liking to this bar, I think because it was so roomy and they hadn’t crammed the tables altogether so it was nice and airy. They are also in the process of opening up another part which will be down stairs at the back.

I really liked the story Tony told me about the car that is on the wall, the other half of this car is on the wall in their London bar, it really does look good and very unusual.

The service is quick all the staff are polite, I think this will be a keeper as they are doing everything right. Next time I will try the food and let you know about that but going by the menu I think it will be delicious. I did take some pictures of the menu but I am not sure if they will be doing more when it all opens.


I do like it when you can see the kitchen and this looked spotless. I had a cider and the bottle was really cold which I was pleased about as some places have not got their fridges turned up enough in this heat we are having so they get warm very quick and there is nothing worse than warm drinks.

I did take a good look at the cocktails so I am going to try those next time, well maybe not all of them! The salmon, feta, beetroot with sourdough for £5.50 is making me feel hungry.

Lets all eat.



Published 7th August 2018


A housewife, nice house, two children and a husband always at work or telling you what to do, eat, where to go and what to wear, this just screams escape and that is what Katherine does by joining a creative writing course. The teacher Sam ends up mentoring her and helping to get her book up to publishing standard but it’s not all plain sailing as the wife thinks she knows Katherine from somewhere so decides to do a bit of digging. The wife is not all she seems and what is she hiding?

I really enjoyed reading this and thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book. I loved the way it kept you guessing about things and as you tried to piece it altogether other things would then pop up just to throw you off the scent.

I loved how it all revolved at the end making it a brilliant finish. Definitely one for your book shelve as Dawn Goodwin has written this story superbly, the main characters are great and make the story what it is.

One to put on your shopping list.