From handbags to dolls bunk beds these cats just like to get into places they should not be. I often find mine in the wardrobe if I leave the door open, in fact any cupboards she likes to get in and sleep.


You got to love them though x



I wait all year for The Folkestone Book Festival, looking forward to meeting new authors and hearing about new books. This year I am actually holding a fringe event myself with the writing group I run in Folkestone called Write By The Sea. I am very excited at having over thirty authors all in one place for their readers to buy their books and have a chat.

The shape of things to come is very apt as Write by the sea is getting better every month, we have a lovely mix of authors from beginners to published, who share their knowledge and expertise. New members are always welcome, we hold two meetings a month, one for the group and the other is a guest speaker who could be an author, illustrator or in fact anyone at all involved in making a book.

This year during November we will also be joining in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where we will have extra meetings once a week at different locations and times so we try to suit everybody who wishes to join us. The idea is to write 50,000 words during the month but just getting words down onto paper is good enough and it gives you a start. If you would like to join us at any of the venues then please do. I would also like to mention that there is no charge for anything at these group events, the only thing you have to buy is a drink at the venue so we are supporting them as they are providing the location free of charge.


We have a good selection of authors attending our fringe event during the book festival so please come along and support them.

MARK STAY – Fantasy
CLAIRE STAY – Children’s
CAROL CREASEY – Memoir, romance
KATE ABLEY – Romance
DEBBY JONES, ANDY – Researchers, history
CHARLIE GALLAGHER – Local best selling crime author
MARK BROPHY – Children’s
LYNDA GOODIER – Children’s
TONY QUARRINGTON – Cricket reference
PAUL ROBINSON – Children’s
DREW WAGER – Fantasy
BEN BARTON – Children’s


What a busy November it will be for everyone.



It does not seem possible that a whole year has gone by since I lost my Dad to a sudden heart attack. I think it was the shock that made it all seem not real. There are so many things I wanted to say to him and it makes the grief so intense as now I can’t.

He was so well-loved by all his friends and that showed by the amount of people at his funeral. His family was stretched over three generations with four children, ten grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren plus all the other family members. I was his first child but the marriage didn’t last so I didn’t see him very often during my childhood. Later on, as an adult with my own children, I ended up living in the same area as him so we saw more of one another.

The pain of losing someone you love so sudden and unexpected tears you apart and I miss him so much everyday.


Folkestone made me very proud today with the effort that everybody put into all the events. The fly over was very watched by hundreds as they gathered on the cliffs and grass. The sun was shining today after days and days of rain so I think everybody was pleased to get out in the fresh air.


The Butt of Sherry

Last Wednesday was the ladies that lunch outing to Hythe, we were still three ladies short so we have not had the full compliment since about February! Is this a sign that we are getting old or grandchildren sitting interfering in our plans? It was lovely to see some of them with a lot of chatting going on.

The food is very good here and I thought the portions were large as I had the salmon and cream cheese wrap but did not really need the chips.

What a lot of salmon there was and it really was very nice and a good idea of mine not to have a big cooked meal. All of us were very full as NO desserts! I do not think that has ever happened before.

This is a local pub in Hythe High Street so gets a lot of day time trade which is what you need now to keep the pubs going as so many have closed down. They have a separate room that has one long table in it off the bar and we sat in there so did not disturb anyone. Not that we are loud or anything. And another first was that only Carol had a glass of wine, a few of us are off the alcohol, well until Christmas maybe.

Talking of Christmas that appears to be looming up a bit quick now and we booked our Christmas lunch at The Cookhouse in Folkestone. This is a refurbished Table Table and they have really done it up so I am looking forward to that.

See you just after the 4th December with my views and photos.





It was announced today (Wednesday 5th June 2019) that following his five-star, Olivier Award-nominated, hit one-man show, My Family: Not The Sitcom (“an excruciatingly funny celebration of his parents’ eccentricities,” The Sunday Times), and the return to number 1 of his seminal football anthem Three Lions (a record-breaking fourth time at the top of the UK Official Charts), David Baddiel returns to the stage with a brand new one-man show, Trolls: Not The Dolls. The 52-date UK tour will start in January 2020.

Trolls – the terrible people who spend all day insulting and abusing strangers for no other reason than to fill the huge gaps in their souls. There is a common wisdom about how to deal with trolls: don’t, for goodness sake, encourage these people by replying to them.

It’s a good law. And it’s one that David Baddiel has consistently broken. Because David has always seen trolls as hecklers, and if a comedian gets heckled, it is their duty not to ignore the heckler, but to wittily put them down. Over the years, David has spent a lot of time doing this, which has led him to think that there might be a show in it: a show that would say something about how we live now.

David has stories to tell, of the dark, terrible and hysterically absurd cyber-paths that interacting with trolls has led him down. Come with him on this comedy journey into our culture’s most dank virtual underground. You will come back safe, more able to deflect your own trolls, and only a little bit soiled.

This show is the third in a series of shows from David Baddiel following the both critically acclaimed My Family: Not The Sitcom (2016) and Fame: Not the Musical (2013), which saw David return to live comedy after 15 years. Full dates available at:

What the press said about… My Family: Not The Sitcom

★★★★★ Metro ★★★★★ Jewish Chronicle ★★★★★ Heat ★★★★★ Den of Geek ★★★★ The Guardian ★★★★ The Times ★★★★ The Telegraph ★★★★ The Sunday Times ★★★★ Evening Standard ★★★★ The i ★★★★ The Mail on Sunday ★★★★ City AM ★★★★ WhatsOnStage ★★★★ London Theatre

What the press said about… Fame: Not the Musical

★★★★ Guardian ★★★★ The Times ★★★★ Independent ★★★★ Evening Standard ★★★★ Scotsman ★★★★ The List ★★★★ Chortle ★★★★ Fest Magazine ★★★★ Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Tickets will be available on exclusive presale from 10am on Wednesday 5th June for See Tickets, 10am on Thursday 6th June for Ticketmaster, 1pm Thursday 6th June for Eventim. General is sale from 10am Friday 7th June.

For more information, please contact: Dan Lloyd Avalon on / 020 7598 7222


We had such great weather this year for grape growing in our local vineyard so they had a bumper crop that we were invited up to help them harvest.

They also did many tours of their set-up in the hills above Folkestone overlooking the channel towards France. It really is a magical place run by a lovely family who are all involved in one way of another.

You can find out about their tours also buying the wine which I have to say it’s very good at their website here.




Two parts sparkling comedy. One dose of romantic tension. Mix well with a second chance, a splash of mystery, and garnish with a twist of fate…

When Liv’s high-flying career goes off the rails, she finds herself working at a glitzy new gin bar to pay the bills. Yes, she’s got a knack for reading the customers, she’s finally got time to have some fun, and she might have just found some real friends – but it’s just until she gets her life back on track, right?

But between humiliating encounters with her old workmates, one very hot bartender, and a lot of soul searching to do, Liv’s life is even more muddled than a Blackberry Bramble…

Can Liv face up to her past, seize her future, and mix her own recipe for happiness?

img_2422Nina Kaye is a Romantic Comedy author who writes fast-paced, entertaining reads with a deeper edge. Nina started writing her first novel when she was seventeen (and locked in her room, supposedly studying for her future). It was a short-lived experience that ended as soon as Nina’s exams did, but the dream of writing never left her. Nina lives in Edinburgh with her husband and much-adored side-kick, James. In addition to writing, Nina enjoys swimming, gin and karaoke (preferably all enjoyed together in a sunny, seaside destination).



I loved it, this is excellent and just makes you laugh and let’s face it we all like to know a bit more about gin!  Reading about a barmaid who is really taking a forced look at her life prompted by her friends she eventually realises that all is not as good as she thought it was. It is like the light bulb has gone on but what can she do about this? This was such an enjoyable read I really got into it because it is one of those feel-good books. I have not read any of this author before but I will look out for her now. It’s lovely to read a nice happy book every so often and this will leave you smiling.







Image 23-04-2018 at 22.09





I read these books and thoroughly enjoyed most of them. I still really like the crime and murder stories the best but i have different ones pop up some months. Netgalley is a great site to get free books from but you must review them.

My daughter Jodie and grandson Alfie went away for half term in the camper van, was great to get away and enjoy our time together.

I went to an author event which was very similar to the one I am organising. Some of them had great displays as you can see below. I have over thirty authors attending now plus a free raffle that will be drawn constantly during the afternoon with some great prizes.

The story telling at The Wellbeing centre is going great with some very talented people popping along. Our next topic is community.

I ended up not doing as much prep for NaNoWriMo as I intended because of the laptop situation. As I hope to finish some projects I am just going to count all the words I write each day. I got my old computer working last night but it’s hard to go back to windows after using everything Apple for so long, everything takes longer and it is so slow. I need an Apple Mac quickly so I can get some writing completed.

Lots of great feedback about the writing group I started so that really gave me a boost, I’m not writing as much but enjoying planning for next years events and I have some great things planned!

How was October for you?

Have you got any plans for November?


You can have the best holidays driving through amazing highways without the need to stop at hotels and motels as these vehicles cover all your needs. There are a plethora of places where you can park, recharge, refresh, cook your meals, get some sleep, and then drive onto the next place. You no longer have to worry about not finding a good hotel room to stay during peak holiday season anymore as you travel with an awesome home on wheels.

If you own a campervan and love road trips, there are plenty of destinations in the UK that you can enjoy to the fullest. Be it a historical site, a picturesque coastline, an old castle, or a national park, you must consider learning about it first. You might want to know if it is a family-friendly destination before planning a trip if you are planning to go with your children. If you have a paraplegic or a wheelchair user in your family, you also might want to check if the destination offers easy access for them to ensure their convenience. Check out this infographic from Wessex Vans for top 10 destinations in the UK where you can enjoy a campervan trip the most.

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