Although the real summer months that we know all too well might still be a little while away, most of you will agree that the summer fun is already here. The sprinklings of the summer sun that we keep getting are enough. We say sprinklings, because we’re not quiet at the stage of the heatwave that we had for months last year, and we just know the bad weather will be right around the corner. But for now, you should start thinking about the garden TLC that you can be doing, to ensure that you have the perfect place for the summer. The summer is no place for inside the house, as much of your time as possible should be spent outdoors, having the most amount of fun that you can possibly have. So, we’re going to share with you some of our top ways that we think you can do just that, to ensure you have a garden that’s beaming with summer vibes, and ready to socialise in!


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Your Own Little Patch

Having your own little patch is the perfect way to spend the summer. It really does get you outdoors, and get you tending to something that you know is going to turn out to be amazing. All you have to do is set aside an area, lay down some super fertile soil, and think about what it is that you might like to plant. You’ll just need to make sure you have the right equipment to maintain as well, which can be found through companies such as Essex Hydro Gardens. There’s no point starting something like this if you’re not going to be able to follow through with it, but once you get outdoors and tending to it, it will become a little hobby of yours, and you’ll actually get passionate about what you’re growing. Considering it’s summer, thinking about fruits and things like that might be appropriate.

The Perfect Summer Features

Summer features are what makes a garden pretty, and they’re definitely what you’re going to have to go for if you want a garden that’s perfect for summer. Summer features are things like bright colours, which can be done by maintaining your grass to keep it nice and green, and putting all types of flowers around the soil. But you also want to have a space that you can truly relax in, and if all you have is grass, this might be a little hard. So maybe you would want to consider having a little area of patio or decking installed? It separates you from the garden, and gives you that perfect space to actually enjoy!

Essentials Not To Be Forgotten

There are some summer garden essentials that can’t be forgotten, and one of them we think, is little accessories to make your garden super cute. You can get some really nice garden ornaments from your local gardening store, and we would highly recommend that you check some of them out! Themed or not themed, we still know that they’ll be amazing!




It was nice to stay at Sylvie’s for couple days even though I spent most of it on phone to the insurance agents about camper. Sylvie is a really good cook and baker of delicious cakes but she had a bit of a mishap with the toad in the hole as it looked like sausages and pancakes lol. It tasted good though and the rhubarb crumble was delicious.

There was some mash potato left over so she put into a little ice-cube tray and froze them, they looked just like the ones you buy in Iceland. Clever Mother Earth x


It will soon be ladies that lunch day so looking forward to catching up with them all again.


We have a great pop-up shop down The Old High Street for the next few days, not only can you see the a great assortment of the #collaboreggs on show that everyone has been working on, don’t they look great but many more super creations by the very talented people of Folkestone.



You can find many more eggs on Instagram under #collaboreggs.

Angus / Dirk / Andy

Angus / Dirk / Andy

We have a brilliant selection of work by the many artists belonging to the East Cliff Creatives on show here so it is well worth popping along to have a look at the many one-off gifts you can buy for that special person in your life.

Ben / Mel (Robin and Blue bird)

Ben / Mel (Robin and Blue bird)

Timea (Soap Lab) - Rachel (Rae Ryan)

Timea (Soap Lab) – Rachel (Rae Ryan)

I cannot wait to try the soaps as they smell divine and the jewelry is so pretty, we all like a bit of sparkle in our lives.

Cally / Angus

Cally / Angus

James and Andy

James and Andy

If pictures for the wall is what you are looking for then come and have a look as there is a good variety that will match into any colour scheme.

Maya / Amanda (Panda Blue Creations) / Hayley

Maya / Amanda (Panda Blue Creations) / Hayley


Maya / Mel (Robin and Blue bird)

Maya / Mel (Robin and Blue bird)

Loving the cushions for the Disney lover, we all have one of those in our families.

You can find this creative hub at the bottom of The Old High Street on the right for another week.

Have a great week and hope the sun keeps shining.









Last week I had one of the worse days ever, talk about bad luck. It started with myself and Sylvie going round to my daughters to pick some things up where we then got locked out of her car with our bags phones and keys all locked in the car. We have no idea why it locked itself. We had to wait over an hour for her son to bring over the spare key so we could then carry on with our day. I was going to drive my camper over to Sylvie’s for a couple of days and then have a few days away in camper. BUT as I was driving up the M20, Sylvie was following me to her house, the camper started juddering and then the tyre blew luckily I wasn’t going very fast so corrected the swerve and pulled over to hard shoulder. We then waited an hour for the RAC man to come and fix the tyre, Sylvie then went home and I said I would be there as soon as tyre fixed. He also taped up the bumper as the rubber had flown off the tyre and cracked it. What bad luck but all fixed so off I went. I  drove up the road for no more than a mile when there was the biggest bang that scared the life out of me, I turned round to see the large camper window behind on the passenger side flying through the air! Pulling over again I decided there was no point in getting out as the window had gone and it’s very scary on the motorway with all the lorries going past. So I drove very slow to my friend’s house and rang the insurance company and the place were I bought the camper. They said they would fix it so I took it down to Rye the next day as also it was safer in their security compound than anywhere I could park it with no window in it.

The red wine got a battering that evening. So the insurance company have never heard of this happening or the camper garage. I did suggest that the van was jacked up under the side of window so maybe it cracked the frame and then the air got under it and ripped it off. Which seems the ony logical explanation as far as I’m concerned but they think it’s two different claims so two excess amounts.

I am waiting for prices which I can imagine are not going to be cheap and it could take two months as they are very busy.  I am now wondering if I should just sell the camper as my luck with it is not very good.



To all my readers home and away all over the world, I wish you a wonderful day with or without chocolate. The sun is shining here in Kent, UK with many flocking to the beach with their families. We will be in my garden enjoying the flowers and soaking up the sunshine we may overdose on vitamin D but it is good for you, please be careful though.


I just read an interesting statement that really hit home to me and I am sure you don’t think of this and I realised how sad that was.

There are more sincere wishes, love and thanking going on in the airport departure lounge than at a wedding.

There are more sincere good-bye’s said in church than when we see our friends and love ones.

Some really have got things very wrong and I think if we all knew what was round the corner wouldn’t it be a happier place to be in your life? But we don’t so maybe people should act and behave like today is the last day and be nice to everyone.

We all make mistakes that a thank you corrects but let’s be a bit more thankful for everything in our reach and not take people and things for granted.

If the sun is shining we have smiles on our faces maybe they should stay a bit longer when the sun disappears.

Instead of being sad when the rain comes down remember being a child and splashing in the puddle’s as that always made your smile appear again.

Be happy, thoughtful and considerate, we all could do with a bit more love in our lives and all this is free.


What a picturesque time of year in the gardens, even if you haven’t got one just going for a walk can make you feel positive as you see all the new beginnings starting to grow.

The buds on things seem to appear over night as they are begging for

their journey to fullness in the summer.

The daffodils and tulips give such a rich colour to the once bareness of winter, it’s like there is hope that the sun will be with us again soon.

The seeds on the windowsill grow so quickly as they reach up to grab the light before they are planted outside for us to admire.




Paul Harris will be signing copies of his new book in Waterstones today from eleven until one. Both of his books will be available which are about Folkestone.




Anthony Hulse was born in Middlesbrough, UK and worked for British Steel (Corus) for thirty-two years before opting for early retirement in 2009. I now plan to concentrate full-time on my writing. I have been writing now for approximately fourteen years, and in this time, I have had three novels published as POD. I have written and published to date, thirty novels and over fifty short stories, mostly psychological thrillers, but also an assortment of genres. Five of my short stories have featured in anthologies.

I wrote a biography for a local man who served as a DEMS gunner during WWII and self-published his book, This Blood Red Sea. With permission from my ex-publisher, I have republished Insanity Never Sleeps and also published the sequel, Insanity Never Sleeps II The Resurrection. All of my books available now on Lulu, Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and many other retailers.
I appreciate all feedback and reviews of my books.

img_2422Dc Vicky Smullen’s Cid team investigate a series of child abductions in Cornwall. Her obsession with the case intensifies with the abduction of her five-year old son. Ben Orton, an ex-Sas soldier metes out revenge on former members of the Ira who murdered his brother and are released as part of the Good Friday agreement. Living in a secluded location in Scotland, a stranger approaches Orton and blackmails him into joining The Disciples of Retribution, a select band of vigilantes. The abductors of the children share an unusual fantasy, their frightening and abnormal behaviour provoking punishment for the youngsters. Hush Little Children, a tale of revenge and indignity, will frighten and captivate you.

WHAT DID I THINK I am surprised this has not been picked up by an agent or publisher as I thought this was an excellent story that I enjoyed every part of. It is different so you are not sure what to expect but keeps you reading as you cannot wait to read what comes next. I really wanted them to find the children but it keeps you wondering until the end. These characters all work really well together so the flow and pace I think are just right. I don’t read many self published books as I get so many from tours, publishers and authors but I am really pleased I read this one, it gets a good recommendation from me.






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Happy reading



Twists galore in this story that make it absolutely brilliant, I read this in a couple of days I couldn’t stop just wanted to know what was going to happen next. A few red herrings along the way and so many twists and turns you really are not sure what happened.

Characters that are strong, secretive and all appear to have their own agenda that it makes you go round in circles trying to work out who are the good guys and who is the killer or was it an accident.

DI Fawley has his work cut out here trying to piece together how the children got to be on their own in the house when it burnt to the ground, where was the mother and the father who was supposed to be at a conference is not answering his phone and cannot be found.

The set up of this story is different as you have police logs, social media and all the parts that the police find to link all together to try to solve the crime. Why would you want to murder two children? Bone chilling reading that makes you almost feel the heat in this story, another best seller for Cara Hunter.

When will the next best seller be available?