Kara and Reece took me out for a meal saturday evening, Jodie had recommended Aspendos in Folkestone so they booked a table for there with Jodie coming along with us. It was very busy but the service was extremely good with plenty of staff, the wait for your meals was just about right as I always think it is nice to have some time to chat and they also wanted to give me my present’s.


I loved her card and I really felt very spoiled this year by everyone and made me realise how lucky I am to have such great children, super grandchildren and the best friends in the world.


Kara also got me a balloon so everyone in the restaurant knew it was my birthday. I am not sure where Kara managed to get the Strawberries & cream Bailey’s as we have been looking everywhere for it, I cannot wait to try it.

You can see the kitchen at the back of the restaurant and I really like that idea, the menu is very good and the food superb. You have to like meat though as you get so much of it!

The meals are full of flavour, the meats cooked to perfection and so tender, the lamb was very good. I could not fault any of it apart from the fact that I could not eat all mine.


They then give you a very sweet dessert for you to share, Reece really liked it, all I could taste was loads of honey but we were all so full.


Then they bought me out a piece of cake with candles and the whole place sung happy birthday! Very embarrassing but good. I also got a free liqueur, Tia Maria which finished the meal of brilliantly. The only bad point I could find with this place was that they actually charged you for a glass of soda to put in your wine, £1.50 was a rip off.

Leaving there we went up to The Office for a drink and was all on the pink gin, very, very nice, I cannot believe all these different flavours of gin that you can get now, with them not really tasting like gin at all.

So another brilliant evening with family, today I am writing blogs and sunbathing then its an early night for me.





The weather is so good at the moment and they say we have another 10 days of sunshine at least to come. Freddie came round on Saturday and we did all sorts but as always the days go so quick when you’re having fun. We saw the two frogs that live in my little pond so he was pleased with that and watched them for ages.

We did some painting but I forgot to take pictures of his master pieces, he remembered to take them home though and was so proud of them when he showed Megan, I don’t thing she was that pleased that he had bought them all home LOL.

We picked the strawberries from the garden to have with ice cream. We both had a really lovely day, roll on the next one and then camping in the summer. Grandchildren are the very best thing in my life.




Corinne, Lynda and Sylvie stayed at mine Thursday evening, it was warm and sunny so we started in the garden and didn’t go indoors until late. I think we got through a few bottles of Prosseco and rośe wine, with the nibbles going down very well. We had  all sorts of things to add to the Prosseco including strawberry bursts, these were small balls and the Creme de Cassis was very nice in it.

A great evening was had by us all with some feeling a bit delicate the next day. My self and Corinne went up to Little Switzerland for a milkshake and bacon sandwich. The view over towards France is amazing.


I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening sleeping as was so tired and a bit sore, I think my ribs were hurting because of all the laughing but at least the neighbours did not complain.




We had three missing friends this month but they should all be back for July. We went to The Hungry Horse, Blackbull in Folkestone as we always find that the food is hot, service is good and timed just right and the atmosphere is always good in here. We were celebrating two birthdays this month so it was mine and Sharon’s, the two babies of the group! LOL.

We all had something different to eat but it all came out together and was really nice.

There was a little bit of, well what shall I say posing…

Of course the desserts were as always the best bit.

Sheila was pleased with her vegan dessert above as she is slowly converting over to this but the hardest part being the cheese as she cannot seem to find a vegan one that she likes, any ideas for her to try?

My present’s were plants for my garden and I got some bargains. I am still looking for a cherry tree, Gardenia for indoors as it is supposed to be good for the air in your bedroom and a winter Jasmin.


My friends mean the world to me and they certainly make birthdays very special.

Have a super week everyone.



Every so often you have a birthday that exceeds all your expectations especially when you get to 58. Not that age bothers me, it’s just a fact of life that you get older so no point in stressing about it. This year the celebrations went on all week with meals out, friends staying, family meals and a little bit of drinking.

On my birthday my girls took me out for dinner, we had a super evening and my present was the very best part as I really needed a watch.

After the ladies that lunch on Thursday we went back to mine for tea and cake. Thank goodness the cake turned out ok as most of it got stuck to the tins!


I will split the next events up into separate blogs starting with:

Lunch with my friends.

Evening frivolities.

Day with Freddie.

Saturday evening with Kara.

What an absolute brilliant week apart from the fact that I did not get any blogs or writing done so this week I will be catching up with everything.

Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday I was really blown away that over 150 friends sent their wishes to me on Facebook, I was so touched and over whelmed.