We had another couple of new people to this meeting and a fully packed agenda to get through before we did the writing challenge, I decided it could not be called an exercise as it was a challenge! We all did really well and it is great when you hear what other people put down and then all what you had forgotten to write down.

We shared some work and had some really good feedback from everyone so that’s some members sorted so they could go home and write some more excellent words.

Our social media sites are building up very slowly also we are planning a web site with links to our events and videos.

I filmed a bit of our writing task for your enjoyment! lol.

If you would like to join our group then please do pop along to our meeting, we are very friendly.

Our next event is the ‘talk’ Lisa Cutts will be coming to visit to tell you all about her crime novels and how she got to where she is today.


Hope to see you at Bella Vita on the 28th March at 6.30pm



You married young, had children then you had time to spend together, then they got older so you enjoyed a social life together. The children left home to start their own lives and that’s when you both realised you have nothing in common anymore.

Sound familiar?

Did you know there are more mature people on the dating scene than young ones now so please don’t feel bad about mature dating. Your older and wiser, you know the type of open questions to ask so you get to know as much as you can from the person before you even meet them. I am in my 50’s and find it all a bit of fun, I am not the nervous 20-year-old that first tried out the dating sites.

There are sites to match your age so that makes it easier than trawling through inappropriate people. If you answer the questions correctly then they can match you up with the same outlook and education, although it’s a bit hard to remember what you did at school when you’re in your later years and does it really matter as I think life experiences make a person grow and change, hopefully for the better.

To be Single and Mature at this time you have got the pick of the bunch as so many people are now wanting to find someone to settle down with and eventually enjoy their retirement and travel with that special person. I think people know what sort of person they are looking for as age gives you that advantage. If they can make you laugh then your half way there as laughing is supposed to keep you young!

There is a lot going for us older client’s as we mature like a fine red wine, a bit of grey in a man is supposed to make him look distinguished. Not sure about the grey in a woman as all we want to do is cover it up but that’s fine, you only need one day a month to keep you looking ravishing.

I have found that people are very honest when older on these sites and are not afraid to talk about anything also being open and honest are two of the most important requirements I think. I always pop those in my profile and then tell them when we start chatting as you do find that some do not read the information that you spent hours pouring over trying to get right they just look at your picture and if they fancy you they will then message you straight away. I tend to ask them something and when they do not know the answer then I say to them, you have not read any of my profile they normally come back with something like, I saw your eyes and just wanted to talk or I fell in love with your beauty! Cut the crap sorry rubbish, now tell me something interesting about yourself.

What are you doing tomorrow?



Wow just wow as this is really intriguing with so many different things happening all the time, who is doing this or are there more people with grudges towards Anna.

Escaping to an island so leaving everything she knew behind seemed like a really good idea until more things started to go wrong. Was someone out to get her and which one of the guests did not like her?

David the owner was now dead so can Anna keep it all together as the storm had closed all routes in and out from the hotel. So many secrets coming from the guests but no answers. Anna ends up fighting for her life and still not knowing who wants her dead until the end and then it all makes sense.

Brilliant piece of work by C.L. Taylor that you will not want to put down, you just don’t know what will happen next, who will survive and who will end up dead. I loved it.


That makes me feel happy just writing that, as Spring is close to summer and summer is sunshine 🌞

Some pictures to remind ourselves how lovely the garden will look.

Make today happy for the people you meet as a hello or even opening a door can mean such a lot to some. In fact you only have to smile to make someones day.

Have a lovely day everyone




There are so many things happening at the moment in the world of writers in Folkestone. I will give you a run down of the things that I am involved in, the first one being the East Cliff Creatives.  This is formed from the creative people who live in Folkestone, it did start as just the East Cliff area but it has quickly spread over the whole of Folkestone. They are supporting my writing group and will take over the filming of the talks we have by ‘book people’ so that will be a great help with advertising as so far our filming has not been the best which is very disappointing for myself and the group.


screen shot 2019-01-22 at 12.47.04

I am going to be helping them with blogs about all the individual people that make up East Cliff Creatives, so you will be able to see who they are and what their specialty is in the area of creativity.

April we will be moving to our new home for Write By The Sea, this will hopefully be permanent, we did this because of the noise when we have people talking but here at Chambers we will be on our own. So looking forward to our first one there on the 11th April.



Their next big project is the Beach Poppy and I will be doing a live diary of this project from start to finish. It really is very exciting to be involved in this as it represents a big part of our history.

Poppy picture
I will also blog about their development as a group and also the events of all their members.
A lot going on but mainly writing for me so that’s good as I can still contribute to all this from my flat so am not putting too much pressure on myself and I can always ask for help if I get a bit poorly.
I will be a guest at just after 12 on Kay’s Wednesday morning show which runs from 10.00 until 1.00.  At the beginning of each month I will review a local authors book and let you know what is happening in our local book world each month, also news about my writing group, Write By The Sea, and who our guest will be for that month.
What a lot going on in Karen’s World make sure you do not miss anything by going to my blog at Karen’s World and filling in your email address as then you will get every post delivered to your email box as soon as I post it.
What are you waiting for?