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Corinne bought a selection of her neighbours home-made soaps, shampoo bars and wax melts to our lunch the other day. I really want to try the shampoo bars but these were coconut and I really dislike that smell, I tried to get some samples from Lush but that didn’t work out so I guess I am going to have to buy one when I next go to Canterbury then I can try it and review it. They are supposed to last longer than a plastic bottle of shampoo and no plastic to dispose of. So I am really hoping that they are good.

The soaps smelt really nice and everything was a good price so I think Paula will do really well selling these things. The soaps were big so will last a long time so economical as well.

The melts were popular and smelt good so I need to buy myself a burner so my flat will smell lovely this winter. 6 melts for £3 is a bargain and would make a super christmas present, well any of these things would.


If you would like to order anything then please contact Paula at:




This was a bit different but I guess it could happen in the future with a few changes as it’s just a few steps up from IVF. A group of women go to a doctor and have the new treatment which results in all of them getting their wish to become pregnant but the sperms that are altered all come from the same person and the alterations cause severe problems later in life.

There is a bit of killing involved so all the children end up fatherless and because the women were not allowed to share any details with each other they did not realise any similarities in their children.

I did enjoy this and it was good to read something a bit different for a change.


Returning from holiday it was straight out to lunch with all the girls, it was good to see them all and we had a full set of all 9 of us. We went to the Cinque ports in New Romney, which has just been revamped and is well worth a visit. So much space there now plus a mature garden with plenty of seating. I loved the smaller bar at the back by the garden so you don’t have to go through the pub.

The food came out quick, all at the same time some had the fish, scampi, I had the ham egg and chips and the ham was really nice. I liked the little bowls which made a nice touch. What a lot of prawns you get with a jacket potato and it was good to see vegan options on the menu.

We celebrated Carol’s birthday so she received a voucher to spend on herself. We all had to have dessert of course and very nice it was too.


What a good choice, I sometimes wish you could have a small piece of everything! lol.

I had the chocolate fudge cake and it was really good.

It does not seem possible that it is now October, where has the year gone. We will all meet up again next month then it will be our Christmas lunch. I must remember to book the venue. The grandchildren are starting to think about Christmas, I’m sure it’s getting harder for the younger ones to think what they would like as they seem to have everything.

I have had a good couple of days back and seen my girls and many of the grandchildren I will be seeing some more over the weekend and next week. I really missed them and I think it made it worse as I had so many problems while away and they missed me so a month is too long. Next year it will be camping in the UK with the children and a couple have put in their requests already. Lets hope the garage can sort out all the problems with the camper van. I will be taking that back next week.

I have a few book reviews to write-up as I read a lot while away, also a competition to win some nice jewelry and don’t forget the author spotlight for November will be Lisa Cutts as her new book will be released and I have one up for grabs.

It’s good to be back



I cannot remember where I got this book from but I am so pleased I took it away with me to read as it was very good. This gets your emotions going about all the characters and I fell into the trap of what the writer K.L. Slater wanted you to do and that was think the mother was to blame and it was her laying there in a comatose state.

The ending was a surprise and one I did not even think about, just goes to show how different people take what children say!

Very well written, I read this in a day as I just didn’t want to stop. I have not read any of Slater’s books before but if they are as intriguing as this one then I will be looking out for them.

Happy reading