This was really different with it taking you to places you have never been, what a brilliant piece of writing and this makes me want to read the previous book called The Chalk Man.

What is making these children react not at all normal, where are they going and what is happening to them. Can it all be stopped or has it gone too far. I loved this and read it very quick as I wanted to know what was happening next all the time.

Can Joe help or stop what is going on when he goes back to his childhood home and the people he never thought he would see again. Who was telling the truth and are people still telling a lie to save themselves. They have all grown up now but what are they hiding?

Very well written with just enough to keep you wanting more and it keeps going like that until the end which I love. I did not guess any of it so that was good and made it really enjoyable. Thank you to Netgalley for letting me read this and here is my honest review. You definitely need to read this.



I was so pleased to see that you could get this series on DVD I thought these shows were brilliant. I loved that they were set in Camden and Camden Market I could wander round there all day, with a few coffee stops. I have just remembered the smells of the food stalls everywhere, they are delicious. You can sit there eating, drinking and watching the lock opening and closing as the boats go through. It is a magical way to spend a day and then you find some bargains to buy on all the stalls everywhere.

Anyway this series is about the witches of today and I found it so funny and entertaining, it also got me thinking about witches as also I have been reading a bit about them lately so maybe they are going through a popular phase. I would like to set some spells on some people, that would be so great!


This looks a very simple exercise not sure how you charge the water, don’t want to electrocute myself lol.

Reading this link makes you wonder.

I do always throw salt over my shoulder as my Nan told me that one. Rosemary by your gate, I could plant some there but not sure what it is supposed to do? I have a lot of Lavender in my garden and I can assure you that I am NOT lucky at all so that has blown my dreams of being a witch and doing some spells.

Still I guess it is all a bit of fun, who would you cast a spell on and why?


I was so looking forward to getting the camper back last week, getting everything back into it as it has all been under my dining table all winter and beginning to annoy me. Sylvie took me down to pick it up and then I stayed at hers for the night so we could give it a good clean and get her ready for going away this week. It is half-term here so was looking forward to getting away with one of the grandchildren.

In the camper there was evidence of water in the shower tray and sink so they had checked everything for the habitation certificate. I filled the water tank up, turned the pump on expecting water to come out the taps when turned on but no it was emptying the water out under the van, which was one of the things wrong with it when I took it back for them to sort out last September!

I am a very angry customer, the workshop was closed all weekend so I have had to wait until Monday to get in touch with the manager, he has been in a meeting for three hours so far!

Oh dear! Guess what there is a drain switch under the bed that empties the system for the winter…..I need to turn it off!  Oh well, back to Sylvies at the weekend to get it ready for a trip away.

The only good thing was that I stayed the night at Sylvies and we had so much fun and a little bit of prosseco. This is Sylvie with her light that she wears to go and put the chicken Katy to bed, lol.

Getting on the floor to find another bottle in the fridge caused some issues standing up but luckily her son Matt was there to help her and retrieve the bottle.  He also said that we sounded like a couple of fourteen years olds when we went to bed chatting and laughing, just a shame he didn’t say we looked like a couple of fourteen year olds!




I attended this workshop in Faversham at the weekend with about twelve other ladies. I was interested in learning a bit more about pulling a memoir together, how long should it be and how much do you prepare the reader for the main point of the story then also the end.

It was a pleasure to meet Marnie, another author from Whitstable who ghost writes memoirs for people unable to do it themselves. I also did mention about the writing group so I will have her on standby for next year to come and give a talk, hopefully by then my current memoir will be finished and I will be onto the main one about my childhood.

Although the workshop was interesting it didn’t help with any of the things I wanted to know also the hour and a half went very quickly. For £15 I would have liked it to be jammed packed with information.

Some liked the mindfulness part of emptying your mind and seeing what came into it to write about but as I cannot see in pictures in my head obviously nothing came to me so I just wrote basic notes about the article we had read about someones memoir.

Four hours of travelling backwards and forwards with the only good thing was meeting Marnie. I was shattered, sore and physically exhausted so by six pm I was asleep in bed and do not feel that much better today.


Time for a nap now


I did not realise that when I up-graded my blog that I would lose my followers and my email followers so it is taking a while to build them back up. At least it is still being read in a lot of countries so that’s good.

My followers are going up on Instagram and Pinterest more than any other sites now but the main thing is that at least everything is going up and not down. So I am pleased, I just need to get my DA up which I am finding very hard to do, I think it may help if I understood it all a bit more.

Pinterest has 23.1k monthly unique viewers.

Instagram has 1,410 posts.

Which site works well for you?