Just over half way through the month already, I am looking forward to Saturday when Jodie and the family come home from their holiday in Australia. I have not missed them as much as I thought I would as been busy writing and looking after all the cats. Will be good to get back to normal next week and that started me thinking about some of the things I have been reading about this month. There appears to be a lot about gratitude and including it in you daily or weekly planner, I think we are all grateful for things but maybe we do not say it very much.

The other thing is GOALS, monthly, weekly yearly or life goals, have you got a list of any of these? To me goals are a bit like new year resolutions they all fade away after a while. Writing them in your planner or diary keeps them fresh and I think monthly goals would be good for my blog but then every week I try to up my numbers on everything. Also to try to write more, I think it has helped since starting the writing group as I do appear to be doing more writing in between reading and reviewing, I seem to be a bit slow on my reading of books this year so I best start doing a bit more as I am still on my first book!

The other thing that is very popular is VISION BOARDS, have you done one or do you propose to do one? I am not really sure how they work, do you just put things, pictures or words that you like on a board? So if I did one for my blog I would put post ideas or pictures I like on it? I think I need help with this one please.


Like this picture, as to me it represents vision from different angles as I think we all see things through our own eyes our own way.

What ever you are creating or visualising enjoy and please share here so we can all get some other ideas.

What blogs do you read and which are your favourite ones?



This film has been on my list of ones to watch for a while so it had worked its way to the bottom but after the last Writers meeting I was reminded about it also the one after. So I had a movie day and binge watched a few things.

This I really liked as not only is it good to see how the war affected different places and the people and I must say Guernsey had a raw deal on that front but seeing how someone’s writing began I always find amazing. This is a wonderful example of people fighting back and I am sure that you will want to visit their country after watching this movie as I know I do.

The characters play the parts so well making it authentic to the point of being sad at times. The one thing I am sure of is that I would not like to taste the potato peel pie as it did not look the best.

I loved this and I think you will to as a story about a writer is always good.

Mary Shelley, another brilliant story about how the book of Frankenstein began, I must admit I knew nothing about this so wasn’t sure what to expect but it is really very good. A love story of writing and people that follows the life of Mary Shelley, who had a very full life that constantly goes from rags to riches at a pace that feels true to life. This woman’s strength got her through the disasters and death that occurred in her life, making her able to write the story she had dreamed of writing since a child. Again the characters were the ones that made this film an excellent example of how a writers life began. Definitely these two films should be on your to watch list.

So grab your popcorn and chocolate curl up on your sofa for a full afternoon of films.



Pinterest is definitely becoming the ‘be on’ site, I was pleased with the amount of views I received over the last seven days 3003.  My monthly views are 10.2k  so that is good but as with everything we all like to improve so if anyone wants to share posts or guest post then please let me know at Karen’s World.



Every so often I see a story in a magazine or paper and I sit back and think REALLY!

Are parents treating their children as best friends so not reprimanding them for the wrongs they do?

A parent is an adult with a child that you raise to the best of your ability so what ever methods you use are your own choice. But you have to teach them right and wrong and I feel that if you really are at the best friend stage then will this reprimand be taken seriously?

I am not suggesting that you don’t be best friends but that you do it with caution as at the end of the day you are the adult parent and what you say goes. Like many things in life you have to reach a happy medium where you are both happy but also know right from wrong.

There is no easy way of being a parent, with no instructions but if you have been bought up the right way then surely that way is passed on. What I have seen is that as parents we strive to be better than our own parents and let’s face it that’s easy at times but what we must not do is go too far the other way as that then creates another set of problems.

I was not set a good example from my mother but luckily I lived with my grandparents and they made me the person I am which I am so grateful for as without them in my life I dread to think how I would have turned out. What I struggle to understand is with such a good example of parents and grandparents how did my mother not pick up any of their wonderful ways and guidance? The grandparents bit I can understand partly as she married a person later in life that really did not like children and she was so weak and thrilled to have a husband she just went along with everything. The end result being she does not see any of her grandchildren (she has 3) or any of her 10 great-grandchildren, some she does not even know exist! The worse bit is that she only lives an hour away and has missed out on any family life. Please do not think it has affected us as we are a strong lot and have not missed her at her.

So however you parent I think the main thing is to love them, guide them and teach them right and wrong, we can only do our best and that is good enough.

Happy parenting



I am so looking forward to February when I get my camper back as I can then spend some time fixing the things I have bought for it, I may need help fixing the safe down. I am hoping to go away during the half term with one of the grandchildren, in fact most of them have put in requests about where they would like to go this year. So sounds like we have a fun year up ahead.

Roll on February, have you made any plans for this year yet?