Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read and review this book. Adele Parks is a brilliant author in fact a best-selling author so I was really pleased to have an advanced copy to read and review. This is a very dark sinister story but also extremely enjoyable, with lots happening. Long lost friends reconnecting, what could possibly go wrong? Secrets and lies always come out eventually ready to destroy lives.

Mel dropped out of uni when she fell pregnant and lost touch with her friends. She went on to eventually marry then having another two children who her first-born son adored. So when Mel has an email from Abi saying that her husband wants a divorce and can she come and see her, Mel wonders why after all this time.

Of course Abi has an ulterior motive and the trouble she causes them all is planned by herself. Wanting Mel to suffer is what Abi wants and she almost succeeds before the truth comes out. I did guess the final twist but its all written so well and I am sure this will be another best seller for Adele Parks.

Happy reading


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A big welcome to Alex as my guest on the author spotlight.

Meeting Alex was super and great to find another author living in Kent, we only have the best down here! Here are the questions I put to her and also the winning question from Kathryn.

Did you write as a child? Yes, I used to write short radio plays and then record them on my granddad’s old tape recorder. 

Do you ask a friend or family member to read your draft before you send it off to publisher/agent? No, never. My editor and agent are the first people to read my new books.  

How long does it take you to write a book? It varies, I’ve written a first draft in two months before but then taken a year to write others.   
Where do you write? Always in my office, I’m too nosey to write in a lovely coffee shop as I’d be forever people watching.  
Do any of your characters resemble people you know? No. Although I did have a character in The Great Village Show say something quite rude which was said to me in real life.  
What bit do you like best, writing or marketing? Writing. Although I love interacting with my readers too and have recently set up a Facebook Book Club so we can all chat together and share our news. 
Have you got ideas for the next book and when will it be published? Yes I have and I’m writing it at the moment for publication in Spring 2019.  
Do you plot it out in chapters or just write? I tend to have an overall story plan and always write the last scene first, but apart from that I just write.  
Do you read through and correct as you write or leave it all to the end? I edit as I go, so each day I read over and tweak what I wrote the day before and then I write on.  
We had a huge response of ONE question for the competition, I am assuming maybe people were away. The question is:
When you start writing a novel do you ever change plot/direction and the idea you started out with became something  completely different, and then do you ever use your old idea for another future book? Yes and no, I once wrote a whole book and then rewrote it into something completely different because it didn’t feel right, but I haven’t used the old idea for another book yet.    
It was sent in by Kathryn Heathcote actually she sent it in twice so really wanted to win the book!
Thank you so much Alex for being in the spotlight.

It was a very sad day when I said goodbye to Peaches when she went to live with my friend Lynda even though I knew it was the right thing to do as I am going away more now and also staying with my daughters a bit more often. It also became very stressful as a neighbour had decided that it was Peaches that was doing her business in her garden, there was never any proof of this at all and I was pretty sure she wasn’t but I had to endure the waste being chucked over my fence, which I found absolutely disgusting. So now I won’t get anything over the fence as I do not have my cat anymore. At least I can have up-dates about how she is getting on, Lynda’s brother Billy is home all the time as he is not well so I can see them both huddled on the sofa most days. It is a sad day when you have to say goodbye to a pet you have had for years.





I am often asked if there is a writing group here in Folkestone?

We have the Folkestone Writers who have a meeting in John Sussams flat about every quarter but it is just the same 4 people who attend most of the time. Also we have the Folkestone Freedom Writers but I don’t think they have meetings and it is more poetry. There is no general advertising for either of them.

So, after a lot of thought I have decided to set up a writing group that will hopefully accommodate most levels of writing and poetry. We can share work then offer feedback, there will be a time for readings of your work and most important is the sharing of knowledge and answering questions. Maybe some meetings could be about a specific genre so we can cater for everyone. I think meetings will be once a month which can change if more are required, we could also do alternate evenings or afternoons but we will address these issues at the first meeting. I am aiming for a sharing of ideas, thoughts and plans so everyone makes the decisions for the group all together.

We could have workshops with a specific theme or work groups that meet weekly. There are so many ideas and incentives to keep Folkestone writing, maybe it could be a writers retreat a couple of times a year so we get the benefit of meeting new authors and listening to their own ideas. We can have a book swap table, best book of the month etc.

I have some authors who would be willing to talk about their road to publishing, the genre they write, how they research and anything that you would like to put forward I will try my hardest to find the appropriate author to come and talk to the group.

I am looking to find a good location with parking for the meetings, hopefully in the Creative Quarter. The day it will be held on could be a Thursday to start with and then decided by the group which day they would prefer. That applies to the time and length of meetings as well.

October is the rough estimate of first meeting as it will be just before the Folkestone Book Festival then I can get some flyers out for the attendees of the book festival also posters up to let more people know. Also we have the National Novel Writing Month (NNWM) during November so if you want to commit to that we could cheer each other on and offer support.

We could have a competition during December for a Christmas verse for a card. We will always have people to judge that are not in the group so there is no favouritism. Then at Easter we can have an Easter Tale about 500 words, if we had a £1 to enter then the winner could have an egg as their prize.

If you are interested in joining then please let me know and share this everywhere.  I do not plan on having any fees as everyone will buy their own drinks at meetings. Further down the line if we want to publish anything then we can think about that then and make a group decision about it all.

So all you Writers, Poets and Readers please try to pop along and support this new venture with all your brilliant ideas. I really think we need a group like this in Folkestone that is new, fresh and bursting with ideas.

Please email me if you are interested at:

FaceBook – Write ByThe Sea

Twitter – @write_sea

Instagram – writebythesea1