Do we look after ourselves enough?

Or are the day to day jobs, events, family just taking over our lives?

How much time do you spend on yourself?

How do you juggle everything?

Have you even got time to read this post?

There are so many things in our lives now that many things get put to the back or on hold until the next day. When do we never have a to-do list?  That’s just life I hear you say, but is it actually doing us any good at all. We all need to prioritise and delegate it is not all up to you, let others take the strain. You can ask for help you know, it does not mean you have failed it means you are thinking about yourself and the people around you.

Have you ever just spent a day curled up reading a book? If your answer is no, then please try to do that, even if your laying in the bath getting clean at the same time. Do you ever get in the bath since you had a shower? Or is that time wasted now?

There is nothing better than getting in your pyjamas and lovely soft socks during the afternoon and just relaxing while you’re cooking the dinner. I used to worry that what if someone comes round and sees me in my nightwear in the middle of the afternoon, what will they think of me. I don’t worry anymore! I am relaxed in my own home so I can do and wear whatever I like and people can think whatever they want as I know the truth and what I have been doing all day.

I very often sit and write a for and against list about things and this really helps me to make the right choices, which let’s face it is not easy at times. Go and have a cuppa with your best friend, when was the last time you did that. Or go and visit family please don’t wait until they really need you as a surprise visit will make them happy. Don’t regret your choices as that is done now so just move on and try to make better ones in the future.

I always think that Autumn is a getting ready time, sorting things out time and preparing for Winter as with that comes Christmas and New Year and you will need all your strength then not only for you but your family around you.

Self-care starts with you.


What do you think?

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