26th JUNE 2019

Why do you write?


You have seven minutes to just write, this can be about anything, from what you are looking at, to a picture in your mind or in front of you, about a word you like or dislike, absolutely anything at all that comes into your head you can write about.
Writing is a way you can express yourself even if no one reads it at least you have got it out. Do you write a diary? This is such a good way to track your moods and how you are feeling about things in general.
If you would like to share your work then there are links below.
Venue: Faversham Town
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Mind the Gap will be holding writing workshops and a pop-up recording studio in Faversham town to collect poems. We invite people online to submit poems about journeys: personal journeys, writing journeys and actual journeys. These will form an audio anthology available on Soundcloud which will be free to download and released on June 26th to celebrate National Writing Day.

Don’t forget to share your writing on National Writing Day by using the hashtags #NationalWritingDay and #WriteAway.

Resouce pack



This can be found on the BBC site.

Adult ADHD; Insiders’ Guide to Mental Health Services; Wound healing & expressive writing

What ever you write on the 26th June 2019 feel accomplished and know that in some way you are helping yourself. I feel this topic is like a very huge umbrella with lots underneath it to help and encourage you on what ever road you are following. Please don’t give up someone will listen to you or read what you have to say or even what you cannot say.

I feel that writing has helped me, even though I am not very good at it but it gets my thoughts down and takes me to different places. I used to worry about the mistakes I made but then I came to realise that, they are my mistakes. I don’t do them on purpose sometimes my head is like a fog and I will spend ages trying to think of the correct word to use, that is when I use google to try to get the word out. I have to write my reviews straight away or I forget what the book has been about. I often forget how to spell a word or not even notice that I have spelt it wrong. I try to overcome the obstacles but the end version is that I am writing and trying to keep my brain active even though my body is not. Writing this paragraph has made me feel very open and that I find very hard to cope with.

Why do you write?




What do you think?

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