Breakfast was a relaxed affair with no rush, then we travelled on through France 🇫🇷

During the afternoon we stopped at a garage to refuel also taking advantage of the wash room which I used with no problem, Lynda on the other hand got stuck in the toilet and had to be let out by the lady in charge, it did not help that there were two French men waiting to be served who appeared to think it was very funny! We did have a laugh as we drove on.

The drive then continued on through some lovely little French villages but then we came upon a bigger town, turning into a 3 lane road (French drive on left) I then panicked as thought I was on wrong side, no Lynda said it’s fine and then I turned into the next road on the complete wrong side, horns going as I manoeuvred over to the correct side, accident avoided, all ok. Then in need of a coffee break so we pulled over to a parking area of the big services.

Driving on that afternoon we covered a lot of ground so was feeling very pleased, the mistake we made was not looking for somewhere to stop before it got dark as it really is so hard to find somewhere when you are tired and just want a coffee and bed.

A sign appeared towards a beach so I had a vision of waking up to a view of the beach and sea, well I am not sure where that beach was as it wasn’t down that road, in fact Lynda had problems even finding a beach in the area at all!

The drive continued so in the end we pulled into a lay by and turned in for the night…….Big mistake parking in lay by, those cars and trucks go past so quick the whole flipping camper rocks and then some lorry drivers decide to give a rendition of beeps on their horn! Why would they do that? Not a lot of sleep was had at all that night.



  1. kaskent
    4th October 2018 / 9:24 pm

    We are about to start the trip back in the morning, I’m hoping for a better run lol x

  2. 2nd October 2018 / 2:31 pm

    Oh Karen, I am beginning to understand your comments in that email. I’m almost dreading reading day three!

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