I know I would not like to go back to this and I am sure nobody else would but do things really have to change that much?  I am particularly meaning computers, a few years ago I knew all the short cuts and was teaching others how to get going with their new computer.  I now find with this windows 8 I am not as clever as I thought I was and am really sad as I am not a stupid person.  Working on your own indoors writing you don’t get to talk to anybody about little short cuts and quick abbreviations like you do in the workplace so you are left to struggle on alone.  I know the more you use it the easier it gets and i have found my way round it but I do find that if I do not use something for a couple of months I then have to sit and read up how I did that as my memory is getting so bad.  This WordPress is set up differently on an iPad to a laptop and as i use my iPad so much of the time when i then go on the laptop i have to think a bit more.  Designing and altering your website is even worse I must of sat for an hour the other day trying to work out how I got a picture on it, I did it eventually after a little bit of cursing.  That is my moan of the month and I will try to be happy about everything else!

I went to Canterbury a couple of weeks ago as my daughter had to do her written test for driving so afterwards we had a wonder round and because I parked in a different place near the test center I found a lovely little old bookshop, don’t you just love walking round these shops looking at the old books they have a smell of their own.  I was amazed at how many they had there, as I looked on the sale shelf I found a book by H.G Wells which I was really pleased about as had been finding out all about him during last summer because he lived here in Kent and they hold a competition every year.  What was even better was that it was only £1.00 bargain I thought.  Oh and Jodie passed her test so we went shopping.

The weather has turned very cold here in Kent but not as bad as further up the UK where they are having snow and it is freezing.  I wish the garden could still look nice in the winter, I have not yet got to grips with what plants to put in for the different seasons and I do usually go for plants that return every year.  I did get a few things for the garden at Christmas and I have purchased some pink lights for the path and a few other bits, I just wish spring would hurry up.  I detest the cold, well I expect most people do but it makes my bones and joints so painful I just feel like I am taking painkillers like sweets.  I do have my MRI on my shoulder on Sunday so we will find out what is going on in there as the pain is extremely bad.


I have entered the Ann Summers writing competition, that was a different type of writing which I did enjoy so I will be developing the short story into a book and we will see how that goes. If you wish to enter go to  be quick though as time is running out.

I have at last eaten or given away all the chocolates, biscuits and sweets from Christmas so I can now begin to think about what I am eating and hopefully lose a bit of weight by the spring or even Valentines Day.  My quest to find a date for that day is not going well at the moment but I remain optimistic!  If you know of any spare “nice” men then send them my way. My grandaughter got me a very useful book for Christmas that will come in handy if the men I find are not very nice! They enter at their own risk lol

The other book I got is absolutely brilliant if you get a bit stuck on things to write or even how a story develops this is the book for you. So many ideas in it and I highly recommend it.


2015/01/img_0599.jpgI hope this finds you all well and not too cold or too hot, I would so love to be too hot lol



  1. 22nd January 2015 / 10:58 am

    Lol I need a spell to turn toads into good looking nice men! Lol
    I failed my very first driving test for going too slow round a round about! That was a very long time ago. I am sure I will post about Jodie if she passes xxx

  2. 21st January 2015 / 10:16 pm

    Congratulations to your daughter on passing the theory.I hope she does as well on the test. My nephew failed for the second time today. Too much hesitation at a junction I think among other things I suppose.
    Well done you on finding a good bookshop and getting a bargain. Be careful not to conjure up any toads with your spell book.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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