Sitting here thinking of all the jobs I wanted to accomplish today, realising that not even half got done. Where does the time go? Why does it feel like the hands on the clocks go so much quicker when you are older or is it just us slowing up? No, of course not, we are not slow some would say we are in the prime of our lives, children grown up and off living their own lives so now we can do the things we have always wanted to do, whether that be gardening, traveling or what ever takes your fancy. When my children all left home I decided to sell the house and I went to live in Spain, I bought a bar, renaming it

20131124-120055 am.jpgThe best thing about Spain is the weather and I do miss it a lot but I missed the grandchildren more so I came home. Was a great experience, like a lot of things in life there were wrong decisions made at the time but you live and learn. Such a shame you can’t go back and change things!

All I seem to want to accomplish now is finishing my book and getting it published and the day to day jobs feel very annoying at times as I just want to get on. Christmas is starting early with all the lights in the towns turned on, even decorations on houses are up. My daughter told the children their tree would go up on the 1st when they start the advent calendars. I am sure we used to put them up about the 15th December on a Sunday. I love putting them up but it is not nice when you take them down and everywhere looks so bare. I new I should not of bought the tin of shortbread as I just had to taste it to make sure all was okay, on a positive note the 99p shop sells boxes of it that tastes lovely so I can fill the tin back up.

I wrote part of a short story a few weeks ago some of it was written from a child’s point of view. I was told that it was very good and maybe I should write something else, so I have been thinking about a few stories and will get something written hopefully before Christmas.

20131124-122319 am.jpg


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