What a brilliant true story, told with such compassion and honesty.  I have not read such a detailed few of what it is like to suffer from this illness, I feel anybody with any connection to M.E. Should read this true story.
M.E. Invades every part of your life not just your body and very few people understand what you are going through, it governs your life and everything you can and cannot take part in.  Your life is planned around days where you cannot do anything as you are in such pain, you learn to take tablets with ease no matter how big they are as you just want some relief.
Some have underlying conditions like Paul in this story had IBS and a bone condition, I have osteoarthritis, a heart condition, IBS, Diverticulitis and a few others.  Depression is often associated with it but I have always said that being unable to do many things is going to make anybody sad.
How you live with it is up to you, I may have a couple of weeks indoors and mainly in bed to conserve some energy for an outing or even just a hospital  or dr appointment.  If would be great if doctors would come out and see you especially if you have one that just does not understand the condition.  It is your choice to change doctors as Paul did in the story as you have to have someone who believes in you.
Paul chose to read a lot but I am sure there were days when he could not even hold the book up because his arms were hurting so much.  I write and read and have a superb network of friends who are always there to help me I try not to ask though as I always think I should wait until it gets worse, mind you there are plenty of times when I think this pain cannot get any worse.  My granddaughter supports me an awful lot and for that I am so grateful as she connects me to life outside this flat.
I have never written so much about this condition but this story really made me realise there are a lot of people out there struggling with just living.  If this helps even one person understand then that is all we can ask and to have someone love you like Jill loved Paul then you are luckier than you think.
5 stars does not seem enough for this story, I would recommend this to everyone.


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