Here in Britain last night we watched the last episode of LIAR a six-week drama made for television. Laura was raped by Andrew who is a surgeon, he used a drug in her drink so she could not fight him off, also it makes it hard to remember what happened.  The police can find no evidence at all so he is let go but then he does it to the detective, they really search everything and everywhere then but still he gets away with it. Very good acting, I think he actually believes all the lies he tells himself.
This has been extremely popular with many taking to social media today to discuss the last episode so thought I would add my thoughts.
In the beginning you are not sure who is telling the truth but it all, well some of it becomes clear half way through the series.
A lot happened last night, I was surprised that his new girl friend was an undercover cop but disappointed that she got found out so quickly by very sloppy work on her part.
Then when Laura found where he was hiding everything it was really let down by the carer letting her into the shed when in a previous episode he had unlocked a padlock with a key he had.  I was expecting the carer to maybe lock her in the shed after she had spoken to him on the phone.  Even when she was looking at the tapes in her car I thought he would turn up.
The police have all the evidence and send out patrols to find him, he has disappeared though and no one knows where he is.
Then at the end you see him with his throat cut, not knowing who killed him but I am guessing that it was either the police constable or the detectives army girl friend.
I feel that they rushed the last episode and could have included more in it that would make it all add up at the end. There is going to be another series and I believe it will be about the past, when he was married and how he killed his wife and made it look like suicide.  He did rape 17 women so I guess you could have shows about all of them in some way.
What did you think about last nights show?
Would you have written it differently and if so how?



  1. 19th October 2017 / 3:45 pm

    We will have to wait for the next series in 2019 for the answers xx

  2. Marina Zaidi
    17th October 2017 / 8:00 pm

    I was disappointed by the final episode didn’t really add up. Think I’ll try and watch again I’m sure it could have had a better ending not a soap (eastenders) finale. Maybe I’ll write a more plausible ending:)

What do you think?

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