Top 10 Places to Visit in your Campervan in the UK

You can have the best holidays driving through amazing highways without the need to stop at hotels and motels as these vehicles cover all your needs. There are a plethora of places where you can park, recharge, refresh, cook your meals, get some sleep, and then drive onto the next place. You no longer have to worry about not finding a good hotel room to stay during peak holiday season anymore as you travel with an awesome home on wheels.

If you own a campervan and love road trips, there are plenty of destinations in the UK that you can enjoy to the fullest. Be it a historical site, a picturesque coastline, an old castle, or a national park, you must consider learning about it first. You might want to know if it is a family-friendly destination before planning a trip if you are planning to go with your children. If you have a paraplegic or a wheelchair user in your family, you also might want to check if the destination offers easy access for them to ensure their convenience. Check out this infographic from Wessex Vans for top 10 destinations in the UK where you can enjoy a campervan trip the most.


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