What a quant old tea house in historic Canterbury, I do love this city and you could easily spend a few days wandering round and going in the cathedral and museums as there is so much to see.  Tiny Tims even had piano music playing which could have been turned down a touch but did not spoil our enjoyment. I met up with Sally who I have not seen for about 5 years and again decided we had left it far too long and would not be doing that again.  We originally met while doing our teacher training, what a laugh those few years were.  Sally was always late and before I knew her I used to think for gods sake just get up a bit earlier and be here for the beggining of class.  So I knew she would be late and teased her about it and she was determined to prove me wrong but how I laughed when I got the text message saying she was going to be 30 min late but it was not her fault, she was stuck in traffic!  I did laugh but then it got worse as I said I would meet her in Top shop which is a clothes shop here, so when she got to Canterbury she rang me and said where are you in here?  I replied by the door have you just walked past me?  Both laughing at phones now but yes it got worse as I went in shop and could not find her so came out of shop and then realised I was in Dorthy Perkins, a lot of laughter then from Sally!  It’s my age I think, I do not understand why people call me stupid lol 

Sorry about the darkness of photo not sure what happened there.  We got a nice table in the window and the young girl came over to take our order, I asked for a piece of Victoria Sandwich and a coffee.  The girl gave me a very puzzled look so I glanced over at the cake and then said Victoria sponge and it all fell into place then.  Sally had a Lemon sponge and coffee.  Sally and I both said it was called Victoria sandwich years ago but laughed and felt old as the young girl had no idea what it was.   


A few minutes later the waitress came back and asked us if we wanted cream or ice cream with our cake, I then looked confused as I have not had either with a Victoria sponge so we both decided on the ice cream and it was presented in these tiny dishes but was very nice ice cream. 

We then spent a few hours catching up and planning our next get together which I am looking forward to already.  

Today my phone has been ringing a lot but it is all good and now have appointments with the cardiologist, gyne and physchiatrist consultants so hopefully will have some answers soon and treatments.  The osteoarthritis seems to take turns in being very painful round my body which is better than all over at the same time I guess. 

My followers are building and I would like to say hello to a person in Germany who has read so many of my posts, I really hope you enjoyed looking into Karen’s World.

Have a great week everyone x


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