20140609-011549 pm-47749377.jpgWell I am home after a lovely break in Spain and everything appears to have grown so much. I even had strawberries for dessert last night and they were very scrummy. They seem to be about the only thing that really grows and the slugs don’t attack too much.

20140609-011756 pm-47876279.jpgNot sure what I am going to do as these runner beans seem to be getting to the end of the canes, I keep sending them back down them. Lol

20140609-012015 pm-48015654.jpgI guess I now have a collection of T cups, I am trying to think up what I could put them all on as I need my table back. I will be searching Pinterest for ideas.

20140609-012138 pm-48098440.jpgI have a long wall for boots and shoes to fill up and you have to walk by them all to get into my flat, will treat myself to some more next week to plant up.

20140609-012304 pm-48184867.jpgI love, love, love this idea of the pink stones round these plants in my great Nan’s T cups, they are in the kitchen so I can see them all the time. It looks so much better than just dirt. I think I will be sprinkling these stones round lots of plants. How is everything growing in your gardens? I have lots of buds on my roses this year and carnations are growing well. I would love to get a pink rhododendron, some coleus and Lilly of the valley as they all remind me of my Nan and Granddads house that I grew up in.

20140609-012933 pm-48573236.jpgAnyone got any of these tins as they make a nice show. I am always looking for random things to plant up.



  1. 9th June 2014 / 4:49 pm

    My tomatoes are being very slow. The boots etc are not real ones. I love the tins but you don’t see them very often. Looking forward to seeing you wed. Have you got a cutting of Basil I could have please. Xxx

  2. Sylvia
    9th June 2014 / 2:08 pm

    Your garden is looking really good now Nanny. If the runner beans are a problem, just cut the tops off and they will start sending out side shoot further down (bit like tomatoes do).

    Are your boots and shoes real ones? I planted up a pair of my old wellies because I just hate throwing things away !!!!

    Loving the tins with the herbs in and the pretty pink stones ontop of the flower pots…might just have to steal that

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