Considering that January felt like it went on forever, February seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye. I am trying to remember the best bits but I will have to look through the photos as my memory appears to be getting worse, which is a bit worrying and very annoying at times.

The soft launch of The Landhorn was one of the best evenings last month, having the opportunity to taste so many of their dishes was just amazing. This is really fine dining but a very reasonable cost plus the prosecco was going down a treat. I will definitely try to get along here again as it became one of my favourite places in Folkestone.

                       We had Valentine’s day, not a lot to say about that as I am single.  I started to have the milkman deliver my milk again, which has turned out to be a wonderful idea as I do not have to pop to the corner shop now. I think if this coronavirus gets worse at least I will still have my milk delivered.  I also got some melts from the very lovely Corrina at The essence of hope. There are some lovely bits for Easter and Mothers day on her site.


My event for authors, artists and well-being practitioners had to be cancelled because of the virus, I did understand as it was being held in a school for disabled children so we need to be careful.  I cannot really get my head around the fact that a un-known virus is sweeping the world, affecting so many people. When will it end and what will the cost be for some people, it is madness.

  These are the books I read, the reviews will be going up on publishing day which is March and April. I am a bit behind this year with my reading as I keep getting headaches. I have tried listening to audiobooks but I always fall asleep and miss most of it.

So that was February and it is now the 11th March, I am spending some time indoors as not been feeling the best so I will try to get on with some writing this month.

How has the coronavirus affected you?




What do you think?

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