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I have been involved with this group for a couple of years, always entering the competition and going to some meetings when I am able to. Following on from a meeting yesterday I have said that I will do some advertising for the group and implement a social platform for them. So today I have set up a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the Folkestone Writers. Please follow them and it would be really good if you could spread the word about the group as we want to involve far more people and get more entering the short story competition. We are also discussing about a primary school competition so when that is finalised I will let you know.
I am thinking of asking some authors to come and give some talks about their journey to publication so if you are interested in that then please let me know.
We also have some social lunches at a restaurant in Folkestone which are a great way to meet our members.
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Our membership is only £10 a year and that goes towards our anthology and costs. We are hoping to have meetings at least once a month, rotating between afternoons and evenings so we accommodate all members.
Our website is about to be up-dated and we will be posting and twittering about our news.
There is no theme for the short story competition so get thinking and start writing and you never know you might be in this years anthology.