Sometimes someone will say something or do something for you and it will really touch your heart that they thought of you or remembered that you might just need a hug or a hello. I often speak about my friends, saying how good they are and are always there for me. Also understanding how I am feeling as very often in pain or just frustrated that I cannot do the things I would like to.

My writing group and blogging has taken a while to get established and then all of a sudden people and companies want to collaborate with me and the blog.  When I started the blog I just wanted something I could do to keep my brain active but also still be able to do it when I am feeling poorly, sore and fatigued.

Yesterday at lunch one of my friends gave me this card, I thought it was so lovely but also that they take an interest in what I am doing and always ask about things.


I would just like to say a huge thank you to Corinne but also to all my other friends who are always at the end of the phone or here when I need them. I really could not have got this far without you all.


I love you all