Valentine day has been and gone with a few people breathing a sigh of relief as if you are single you are surrounded by love in the way of cards, flowers and gifts. It is very commercialised now so not really a declaration of love, more an, I have to take home flowers and a card tonight because the day is valentine and that’s what you have to do.

If you are single does the thought of the day make you a bit sad or low? I can never understand my feelings as I am so happy living on my own but when that day comes round every year it makes me sad. So this year as I had to pop out, I went into Tesco and bought myself some flowers, years ago I can remember that being a luxury but pink carnations were £1.50. Then I purchased a nice piece of steak, peppercorn sauce and a bottle of red.

Did I feel better for doing this small piece of shopping then going home to cook? Well, I have to admit it did and I had a lovely evening with my candles lit then binge-watching a drama that had been on the TV a while ago.

Life is not meant to be easy but taking time for yourself does help and breaks the monotony of life in general.


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