Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex

The summer

The summer sun affects so many things that we very rarely stop to think about them all and the effect they have on us. We all know that many people always feel better with a bit of colour, it also improves our skin particularly if oily as it dries it out making our skin look and feel better. Wellbeing covers a lot but the way we feel in the summer makes us happy, vitamin C keeps our bodies healthy. So, how does this all effect dating you are probably wondering. 

Happy people make happy dates

Because we are happier in ourselves we put out happiness to others, think about how often you smile as you open a door for someone or letting the person walk through first. Making tea for someone in the office as you make your own, we do all these normal everyday things all year but in the summer you are smiling as you do them, which in turn makes people smile back and say thank you or even start up a conversation. So the next time you are waiting to be served and there is a good looking person behind you it is not going to hurt to say hello or just make a open comment so they have to answer you. People tend to talk to the person they are standing next too at the bar while waiting for their drink, so keep an eye on the attractive one and get yourself up there in that gap next to them.


We also wear less clothing in the summer so your body is showing off to others, like a window into your inner-self.  This in turn makes the opposite sex think about sex dating you, statistics show that we have more sex in the summer. We also go out more as the evenings are longer and lighter, walking takes over from getting in the car to go everywhere so again it makes the opportunities of meeting more people and dating so much easier in the summer. Get those legs tanned and in the cutest shorts then you will be saying yes to more dates than hot dinners!


Everyone wants to date naughty singles in the summer especially on holiday and you never know when that holiday fling will turn into something more, even if you are not looking for it sometimes these things just happen. Dress to impress or get noticed is a part of summer attraction for many singles so where ever you are keep your eyes peeled for your sole-mate as you have more chance of finding him in the summer under the sun or the stars than the dull winter.

Where to go

Parks are often full of dog walkers so if you have a dog get out there or borrow one so you can meet other dog walkers. Outdoor swimming pools are very popular so pop on your new swimwear and get out there. Pub gardens with your bestie are often very busy or there is always the beach with sun worshipers laying everywhere with hardly anything on, you could always accidentally on purpose lose your beach ball in the middle of a group of the opposite sex!

So wherever you are and what ever you are doing get dating as you never know when you will be having to date naughty singles this summer!

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