I suffer a lot from arthritis and bad joint pain so as my shoulder has been very bad and disturbing sleep as it was so painful. The doctor decided to give me steroid injections and I had them this morning. I really hope they work as it is very painful now, I am trying to type one handed or without moving other shoulder. I really don’t like all the aches and pains age brings on, sometimes I really want to do stuff but just know I will be suffering the next few days if I do.

20130702-104812 PM.jpg
Seeing this in the paper today did cheer me up as I thought I can be taking it easy sitting in the garden as I cannot lift, pull or push with my arm. I may have to start writing with my right hand then I won’t be tempted to move left shoulder if I type. Why is it, when you do not want to use a part of your body that you then realise how much you do use it! It would be nice to have a month of nice weather where you don’t have to keep taking stuff in from the garden and getting it out again. I know I’m a bit lazy lol. I am thinking now of all the things you can cook on the barbecue, I have a gas one so it is very easy to just lift the lid and cook. I had some lovely strawberries I picked from my garden last night, so sweet and juicy, I can’t wait to pick some more.
Then I saw this in the paper, how mad is this weather? Will it ever be normal or is this the way forward now, going from one disastrous weather condition to another all over the world.

20130702-105530 PM.jpg
The following picture I think looks like a lovely place and I am so glad I live here with all my family. x

20130702-105658 PM.jpg

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