I was so pleased to see that you could get this series on DVD I thought these shows were brilliant. I loved that they were set in Camden and Camden Market I could wander round there all day, with a few coffee stops. I have just remembered the smells of the food stalls everywhere, they are delicious. You can sit there eating, drinking and watching the lock opening and closing as the boats go through. It is a magical way to spend a day and then you find some bargains to buy on all the stalls everywhere.

Anyway this series is about the witches of today and I found it so funny and entertaining, it also got me thinking about witches as also I have been reading a bit about them lately so maybe they are going through a popular phase. I would like to set some spells on some people, that would be so great!


This looks a very simple exercise not sure how you charge the water, don’t want to electrocute myself lol.

Reading this link makes you wonder.


I do always throw salt over my shoulder as my Nan told me that one. Rosemary by your gate, I could plant some there but not sure what it is supposed to do? I have a lot of Lavender in my garden and I can assure you that I am NOT lucky at all so that has blown my dreams of being a witch and doing some spells.

Still I guess it is all a bit of fun, who would you cast a spell on and why?

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