I was looking forward to trying these as have heard so much about them and of course it’s the plastic issue that really bothers me as we use way too much shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc all in plastic pots that just does not break down. We all have to do our bit towards a better world for the future.

So these bars are a really good alternative, I chose the Honey I washed my hair as it smelt gorgeous.


I also bought a tin to keep it in but  please wait until you get home to put it in the tin as they push it in and it is really hard to get out and then some breaks off.

Lathering it up is really quick, so quicker than a bar of soap, I then ran my lathered hands through my hair a few times, putting the bar down I gave my hair a good rub through, many bubbles so that was good.

I decided not to use conditioner as wanted to feel what my hair was like with just this bar of shampoo.  You can get conditioner bars also shampoo and conditioner all in one bar.

My hair felt good even with no conditioner so the bars obviously have something in to make it feel ok. I was pleasantly surprised after I had dried my hair I put my protection spray on and straightened my hair. There was no difference to the way it looked but it did feel a bit squeaky clean which I really liked.

So I am now a fan of the shampoo bar, yes it takes a little bit longer than just putting on a blob of shampoo but think how much better our environment will be with less plastic.


Nothing tested on animals and 100% vegetarian what more could you wish for.

Happy washing

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