Julie has called Whitstable home for the last twenty years after moving from London, she has grown to love it over the years and her home is just like her, all warm and welcoming.

Even the cats are lovely, always pleased to see you.

In the summer Julie loves sitting in her garden to read or write or just a bit of daydreaming and once you see how welcoming it is you can realise why she loves it. I think many writers have the garden as their extension to the office as very often they spend all winter inside so it is nice to get out and have a bit of fresh air.

“The wonderful thing about writing the Whitstable Pearl Mysteries is that I get to share the beauty and charm of my town with my readers. I also enjoy the chance of researching so many local places – and not feeling guilty that I’m not working because it’s all now part of my work…

I find constant inspiration in this area – especially down on the beach – and I’m lucky to have a beach hut which we’ve owned since we moved here 20 years ago – and which cost very little way back then. But what a wonderful decision it was to buy it because it affords me a quiet, peaceful hideaway during the summer when I always find myself finishing a new book – usually with a very tight deadline – as that’s the way I like to write, totally engrossed in my plot and with my characters until I get to write those final two words: THE END.

I always write in longhand and then transfer what I have on to the laptop once I’m home – and that acts as a drafting process for me. As the hut faces straight out to the northeast, the wind can be too biting some days to sit on the porch of my beach hut – even in summer – so on cooler days, I tend to write in the garden at home. I always find being outside helps the writing process: I can lose myself when writing outdoors. If I’m indoors, there’s always a displacement activity to divert me from the task in hand – like housework – in fact, my house is never as tidy as when I have a writing deadline…”


“A couple of years ago, I used as a theme for one of my WhitLit events (WhitLit is our Whitstable literary festival) the importance of locations in my books, and showed a wonderful selection of photographs, taken by local professional photographers, Gerry Atkinson, Simon J Dunn, George Fisk and Kentish Dweller. I am taking this opportunity to share some of those location photographs with you here – I’m sure you’ll agree, they are truly inspiring….”

Gerry Atkinson

Simon J Dunn

George Fisk

Kentish Dweller

Whenever Julie can she will hide away up at her beach hut and again it is so homely and lovely. It is the perfect space to be when you are thinking up a new murder. Many writers have so many cute spaces they go to when they are conjuring up their best sellers they write.

It must be glorious to have a beach hut, I have always had a dream of owning one myself. I am sure it must help with your writing……

You can always have a little lay down in the afternoon to refresh your thoughts. I love the bunting and I would definitely have some fairy lights around the place.

Julie will always put up a fight for the things she believes in, often finding herself in the news for her environmental issues and campaigning. Her bugbear at the moment is the DFL (down from Londoners) leaving their rubbish. Our bins here are not big enough for the huge influx of people that invade our seaside towns, it is not hard to just take your rubbish home or hold on to it until you see an empty bin.

Social distancing appears to go out the window when you are on the beach and we have seen an increase in our numbers of people getting the virus in the south-east. It costs nothing to stay safe and keep your distance.

Julie will be spending time at her beach hut over the summer as she is writing the next murder for Pearl to solve. I am looking forward to that next year.

Julie will be writing tomorrows post so if you have any questions for her then please drop us a line and she will include them in her post. I have enjoyed this week with the highlight being listening to Julie sing her single she released in the ’80s. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us Julie, now get on with the next book please!  lol

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