Last week I had one of the worse days ever, talk about bad luck. It started with myself and Sylvie going round to my daughters to pick some things up where we then got locked out of her car with our bags phones and keys all locked in the car. We have no idea why it locked itself. We had to wait over an hour for her son to bring over the spare key so we could then carry on with our day. I was going to drive my camper over to Sylvie’s for a couple of days and then have a few days away in camper. BUT as I was driving up the M20, Sylvie was following me to her house, the camper started juddering and then the tyre blew luckily I wasn’t going very fast so corrected the swerve and pulled over to hard shoulder. We then waited an hour for the RAC man to come and fix the tyre, Sylvie then went home and I said I would be there as soon as tyre fixed. He also taped up the bumper as the rubber had flown off the tyre and cracked it. What bad luck but all fixed so off I went. I  drove up the road for no more than a mile when there was the biggest bang that scared the life out of me, I turned round to see the large camper window behind on the passenger side flying through the air! Pulling over again I decided there was no point in getting out as the window had gone and it’s very scary on the motorway with all the lorries going past. So I drove very slow to my friend’s house and rang the insurance company and the place were I bought the camper. They said they would fix it so I took it down to Rye the next day as also it was safer in their security compound than anywhere I could park it with no window in it.

The red wine got a battering that evening. So the insurance company have never heard of this happening or the camper garage. I did suggest that the van was jacked up under the side of window so maybe it cracked the frame and then the air got under it and ripped it off. Which seems the ony logical explanation as far as I’m concerned but they think it’s two different claims so two excess amounts.

I am waiting for prices which I can imagine are not going to be cheap and it could take two months as they are very busy.  I am now wondering if I should just sell the camper as my luck with it is not very good.


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