I was going to look back and count the number of times that we have been to this chain of pub/restaurants Hungry Horse but realised there would be far too many to count and that is because we like the place as it is central and the prices are reasonable which you do need to be aware of when there are nine of you out lunching every month of the year.

When we went for our Christmas meal there were a few problems such as all the meals came out at different times, the wait was extremely long, the coffee machine was broken, hot desserts on cold plates and cold desserts on hot plates again all came separately so no one was eating at the same time. We found this annoying as all the three course’s had been ordered in October and mentioned it and they gave us a bottle of Prosseco and two vouchers for £10 off our meals in January.  Because they were so nice and apologetic saying that they were really busy that day, I did not mention it in my blog as it did not ruin our time together as we were happy to chat and open presents.

Yesterday we were not so forgiving as the whole lunchtime was ruined by events to spoil not only our lunch but our time together, there was only six of us that could make it so not a large group. The coffee machine was still broken, that is from the beginning of December! We asked why they did not hire another one while they waited for a new element but said the company would not allow them to. There was still a leak in toilets which I was told happened last year and they were still waiting for it to be mended. We ordered the drinks and sent the wine glasses back as they had marks and lipstick all around the tops, when new glasses came they were the same so we cleaned them ourselves. We were told that the dishwasher was broken! There was not enough staff so you had to wait to be served whether this was for food or drink. Wednesday is Curry Day so a couple of us ordered the chicken korma but they did not have any! When our meals eventually came one was missing so we had to wait until that was cooked, all the meals were only luke warm. We also cleaned the cutlery before we used it. Dessert was only had by five of us then after four were bought out after a very long wait we were told that they did not have that dessert so another one was ordered and we waited, when it came out it did not look like the candymania should look and a huge amount of cream was just squirted on the top. Then they gave her a dessertspoon to eat it with, it would not fit in the glass which was very narrow.

Finally we asked for the bill as to be honest we just wanted to get out of there. We thought the bill was wrong and we wanted the £10 reward taken off, I then found out that everyone who had a christmas dinner got the money off reward so it was nothing special as we were led to believe at our meal at the beginning of December. This could not be done by the manageress so she just did it another way also adding the bill up and saying it was correct. Back at the table we added it up from the menu by exactly what we had as the curry was a meal deal and you got a free drink also the wine is a reduced price on a Wednesday and the bill adds it all up separately but gets it wrong.  In the end we gave them the correct money by the menu and we then cancelled our bookings that had been made. That was nine for lunch every month!

To say we were disappointed is an understatement the whole episode was shoddy with the staff not being bothered at all about anything.

The makeover has done nothing to improve the place as the drinkers take over of an evening and it is certainly no place to take your children for a meal. I will be writing to head office as I think this whole thing is unacceptable.

What a way to start our year


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