Last month I was invited to try out the fotor editor, I was very apprehensive as I do try to keep my photos simple and clear. I am very happy that I shifted out of my comfort zone and tried this program, it is very simple once you start playing about with it.

You can read my first blog about this program here. 


One of the best things I have learnt how to do is the background removal from photographs, I always thought this would be very technical but this set up makes it very simple.

As you can see in the smaller picture there is a white background then the main picture is with the background removed. You do this by clicking on the magic clipper then you outline what you want to save the then what you would like to get rid off and then apply.

There is a great photo enhancer ability that makes your pics look the very best they can. Plus so many great things you can do with this set-up that makes this a brilliant program and if your anything like me once you start you can’t stop playing around with it. Like many things the more you do it, the more you remember so it all gets quicker over time.

When I tried the background remover first time I picked a very hard photo so please don’t make my mistake, start off with a simple one then as you get steadier with the tool you can progress to harder photos.

Photo editor is the best way to make your work stand out from the crowd, tell them Karen’s World sent you.

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