Unless you cut your own hair, at times we all have to visit the hairdresser’s. This post is not a moan but an observation that is not really setting well with myself. I used to have my hair cut, with highlights mainly to make the grey bits blend in! Then the cost went up so I then went all blonde, but the regrowth is so quick I was constantly buying packets of home dye and doing it myself. There is of course only so long you can keep doing this and I could never remember which cheap packet I bought so the colours were not great.

So then I decided to go back to my original colour of brown, I had it done a couple of times in the shop so I got an all over good colour but the cost was over £50 so then I decided to have layers put it so I could just wash and leave it. I had this done at home and was only £20 as I had washed my hair myself in the shower before she arrived. What a difference that made to my neck no more leaning back in the most uncomfortable basins and having a comb ripped through your hair so quickly as they are always looking for the next customer. I now buy the same brown dye every couple of months that I can do myself so that’s a saving as it costs under £5 I will have the layers cut back in about 4 times a year at £20 a time. So I have saved myself lots of money that I didn’t really have to be honest and I really like my hair now.

I have only ever used small to middle of the road businesses with the most I have ever paid is about £55, I know some people pay over three times that amount for a top class hairdresser to do their hair but are they worth it or do people just think of it as an essential expenditure.

So my question is: Are hairdressers pricing themselves out of the market?

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Hope your having a good hair day.

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