Walking into the Radnor Arms in Folkestone last week I was amazed at the difference a good renovation can make, this pub was previously The Frenchman but absolutely nothing of that is left. It is now a warm welcoming place that is perfect for just about anything from a coffee, breakfast, lunch or evening meal, little areas for a bit of privacy or you can sit and watch the chef cook your food. I cannot wait to go there and try it out.

I grabbed a coffee and went upstairs to one of the areas where there was about 18 people there for the meeting, this was my first time and I mainly wanted to promote the writing group and of course my blog.

There was a talk about ‘BRANDING‘ which was very interesting then questions following on about that. Most people said their news about things that were going on and future meetings which are the last Friday of every month. I passed round my dates and events for the ‘WRITE BY THE SEA’ and my blog cards. There was some interest in the group so I hope to see them at our next meeting in February. The last part was for networking, lots of very interesting people also very creative, was really nice to meet them.


This was a very interesting and friendly group so I am looking forward to the next one.

Do you belong to a group?