Christmas is creeping upon us, the children have written their letters for Santa and we are all thinking about presents, food, where we are going or who we are inviting. Christmas for children has changed so much with presents becoming far more expensive as they all want the latest best toy, it doesn’t even have to be an electrical gadget to be expensive even the latest doll or Lego set are all very expensive. Do we now just buy two or three expensive presents they have asked for and explain that they cost a lot of money or do we carry on buying until their sack is over flowing like they expect each year? Why do they expect that, because parents have started something that they cannot stop. Have we set the bar to high to begin with so as they grow up there are less and less things that they want or need?

How many children get an orange or chocolate coin in their stockings and say thank you for them or even want them? The children appear to be divided into the ones that have everything, the ones that just get their one main present and other small things they have asked for and then the ones that get hardly anything. The difference is now the children all mix together so they grow up knowing who has everything and the ones that do not, how does this affect the development and social awareness of the child? Do the ones that get everything then grow up up to expect everything they want out of life to be theirs and not have to work for it?

We always aim to be a better parent than our own parents so therefor we give more than we had, we make opportunities easily available and we are permanent taxis until they learn to drive which we then pay for and buy the first car. If they had to earn the money for the car would they look after it better and not drive too fast? How do parents know if they are loving their children and being the best parents ever or are they spoiling them so much that they won’t appreciate anything and don’t even think they are good parents anyway.

Do you think children are loved?

Do you think children are spoilt?

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