Part 3 of my Dating World


The internet has a lot to answer for as the way we live our lives has changed rapidly over the last twenty years, especially dating and meeting people.  I jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning and got myself a computer and did a course to learn how to use it, then went on to teach others.

Dating sites have evolved like everything else but I did find the first ones like Face Party so much fun and then you would chat to people on MSN. No fees or form filling and you got to meet so many great people and yes of course you had the “show us your tits” ones but you just ignored them.  It was fun then as everyone was learning in fact I am still friends with some I met years ago.

Everything now is governed by security and form filling but I must admit they do get somethings wrong, like telling you never to put your correct date of birth but then every dating site wants that so never believe their age guys. Never put your full name or surname in your email addy, you know this by now yes? Protect yourself until you have met and got to know them before you give out any details.

Dating sites now want you to pay to get your messages, should you pay or just go to a free site. I would go for a free dating site as why would you line someone else’s pocket when you do not know what you are getting!

I wanted a site that would match me happy with someone so how do you pick which one to go with? If they have a sub-title like single parents, retired, or Christian then go for the one that suits you the most so long as it is free. When you get to searching then filter your results to exactly what you would like as if you are looking for a ripe banana you wouldn’t pick a lemon.

Read through everything the person has put on their profile, some do lie so pick something that appeals to you, for example their taste in music then you can start the conversation of about that. This will also let you know if they are telling the truth and it is a good ice breaker as if you can chat about music then you can go onto other topics. I like to have a good conversation with people before I meet them as if you are stuck in silence on the first meet then that’s not good and you have put yourself through all that for nothing. I find a lot of blokes don’t fill in their profiles so just ask them to as they are there for a reason, to match people up. One last thing, make sure you see a picture of them so you know who you are looking for when you meet, I once knew a girl who got talking to a bloke at the bar when she first walked in and got a drink then spent half an hour with him before someone came up to her and said are you here to meet Tony, she then looked to the person she was talking to and he said his name was Peter!

Happy free dating


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