I have heard that being said so many times…….age, it’s just a number! Do we mean it? Or is it just the simplest comment to make quickly and easily when faced with people telling you their age or an age difference in a relationship or friendship. Why are some situations readily accepted and some looked at with horror? If you had a girl of 25 with a best friend of 16 not really a problem but what if the friend was a boy? You immediately get the questions of, why would a girl of 25 want to be friends with a boy of 16. People always want a reason, why can’t they just be friends and accepted for what it is? We always have to question relationships if they are a little bit different, what happened to being happy for the person and not looking for an ulterior motive.
If there is a girl of say 30 going out with a man of 60 immediately you think gold digger, after his money, have you seen some 60 year olds now? They can be hot, she may not of even realised his age when first meeting him. So many people now lie about their age as they know they will immediately be characterised into something they are not.
Man of 24 going out with a woman 57, woman is put in group of having a toy boy and now she is called a cougar. Why would a young man want to be in a relationship with a woman that much older than him? Simple answer, they are attracted to one another and want to be in a relationship. Is it accepted? People know they are not going to be accepted so for some they are discreet but if age is just a number, why are people bothered? We always think there is an ulterior motive for relationships with an age difference no matter what way round it is. Each person is different and if you can see that they are happy, shouldn’t you be happy for them and accept their choices. You may not agree but hey age is just a number!
Some will work out and some not but if you don’t try you will never know and if you find you are happy then yes, age is just a number!

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