What a wonderful day that is just going to get hotter. All children back to school and all happy, my FaceBook is full of smiling children. It makes you feel happy yourself when you are surrounded by happiness. Imagine if literally everyone was happy, would there be no bad stuff in the world if everybody had happy thoughts? I’m not sure as you can be depressed but still have a happy thought it just is not enough to wash away the other thoughts and feelings that will not leave.

I was sad this morning as the little black cat that had become Peaches friend was dead in my front garden, the owners were told and very upset. I just hope it was run over and there are no poison baits about somewhere that it ate. Peaches will be confined to barracks today, much to her annoyance but she has liked all the treats so far.

There were some lovely cat books and authors amongst the friends I made in Wales on the writing holiday. One in particular was a lovely lady called Francesca Riccomini whom I spent many a lunch time with talking about our writing.

20130905-112455 AM.jpg
I absolutely love the book she wrote with Claire Arrowsmith which is called What If My Cat…... So many what if questions about your cat that it makes great reading and is highly entertaining. What if my cat miaows a lot to what if he is scared of the Hoover are just a couple of examples, definitely a book to buy yourself.

20130905-112007 AM.jpg
Francesca’s other book which is full of the most wonderful pictures is called Know Your Cat.

20130905-112139 AM.jpg
I would highly recommended these books if you are a cat lover, especially to give for presents to all the cat people out there.

20130905-112322 AM.jpg


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  1. 5th September 2013 / 11:53 am

    Aahh, lovely cat books and pictures. I love my cat! Will have to check out her books. And yes, a beautiful day, hope it holds for the weekend. And I agree, we should all be happy – much better that way! 🙂

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