I attended this workshop today at The Grand Hotel in Folkestone, it was organised by the HG Wells Festival committee to inform people with ideas for the writing competition this year which has the theme of CLASS.

Stewart has had over 270 published titles and the latest are these two that are from a trilogy that he is working on at the moment.  The workshop was well attended with everybody turning up that had booked so we had a full house with lots of interaction.


It is a shame that it did not run for longer and it was suggested that next year it should be a day course so people can get really involved and actually do some writing.  Stewart recommended a book that I had not seen before so I had a quick glance through it and it was very impressive so it has gone on my to buy list.  


There were a lot of suggestions made for the writing competition and I particularly liked these points:

Broaden your horizons by talking to people you wouldn’t normally approach, like a homeless man, a bus driver, a vicar the list is endless but just asking an open question can fill you with points of view and ideas that you had not thought about. 

Unlock your memories, what is hereditary for you?  Is everything hereditary?  Think how you would use this information.  Create a trigger for the reader to draw them in and keep them.

Good writing is: Correct, Clear, Colourful, Original and Varied.

Get your balance right with regards to sentences, paragraphs and clear structure.  More description and detail can build a character up and keep the reader interested.  A twist is always good as is a shock beginning. 

A brilliant workshop by a brilliant author, everybody enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one on the 16th May at The Beany in Canterbury. It will be taken by Danny Rhodes and runs from 2-4pm. The title is Speculative Fiction which will focus on generating ideas and developing them into stories. 


Good luck if your entering the competition and it is open to everyone so get those thoughts about CLASS down on paper quick.


What do you think?

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