Every so often you come across a little bar/ cafe that you just really like and that is where I am sitting to bring you this post. Romanians run this, Christian keeps it so clean with a huge selection on the menu. The terrace is small so not a lot of people, I am in the shade otherwise it’s impossible to see the screen and it is very hot today.

The coffee was really nice so now I am on the water, it’s a bit too early for a cold beer although very tempting but then I would not get any writing done.

I had to go for a walk this morning to buy a hose pipe as mine was not long enough to fill my tank so I thought as that is the second time that has happened I best buy one and for €17 I got one on a reel so that keeps it small and all in one place. All the cheap shops are run by Chinese, the one I went in was enormous I have never seen a cheap shop so big, there was just about every single thing you could possibly want.

Happy shopping


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