Happy Saturday to you all, are any of you poo bear fans as today is Winnie the Poo Day so if you have little ones read them a story about poo bear and what he gets up to.

20140118-103606 am.jpg What is your favourite story from your childhood? I was never read to as a child but I loved to read myself, especially Enid Blyton. I loved pony stories and always dreamed I was one of the famous five! I think books were my escape and I could just lose myself in them.

I said this was random so here goes my little rant, I guess you have all seen the advertisements we get on FaceBook now, no, I am not complaining about the advertisements as some of them are good and for an example one for a restaurant, why does it not say where it is? I then do not bother looking as time is precious and nine out of ten times it will be miles away anyway! So all these shops, pubs and places that require you to visit please put where you are on the advertisement.

Having met up with the lovely fireman, I guess you want to know his name……Carl. I have decided to join the hundreds of other people beginning their New Year diets, I do not like dieting and resent the fact that I now have too as I never did when I was younger. Just another bad point of getting older, that can be added to the list of many. I can do very well during the day but get to about 8 in the evening and I want chocolate or biscuits, the other night I ate half a pot of grapes but it’s just not the same. I have bought myself a Slender-tone which is a belt you put round your tummy and it gives you little shocks that you control and this attacks your muscles like a workout, they say you can see results in a month……I will let you know! When are they going to invent a pill to put us out of our misery, that would stop us all getting fat, brilliant idea!

Flights booked for September holiday so now it all feels real but so so far away. How I long for a bit of sun as this wet, damp weather just does not agree with these bones of mine. I did get an electric blanket for Christmas and the times I am cold it is lovely to feel the warmth spread through you and I get all comfy and then have the hotness spread through my body so all the covers come off! Another bonus for living alone though as there is no one to moan at you for pulling the covers off or fidgeting lol



  1. 18th January 2014 / 5:58 pm

    Thank you sweety xxx

  2. glamorousbooks
    18th January 2014 / 5:50 pm

    LOVE your blog as always! Very entertaining! 🙂 x

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