This is one of the most important things if you are going to succeed next month. The outline, characters and research must be all done so you can then just concentrate on the writing so you get your word total up each day. I will be providing you with a calendar towards the end of the month.

Here are some ideas for the things to think about plus if you have a family, do a big shop for the month so you can concentrate on your writing. Let someone else cook dinner for a change, let them know that this is your time. Make a calendar with the family about meals and who is cooking them so that they all know what they are doing to help you.

If your writing has a theme that goes with music then have some ready to play for when you drift away with your thoughts. I like to look at pictures so I have my ipad on the desk ready on Pinterest with the boards I have made about my writing. If you want actual pictures then get a collection of post cards or magazine cuttings ready to use.

Good preparation makes it so much easier, try and think about all what you will need for the month.

Good luck


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