Picture Perfect: Improve Your Blog Photography in Five Steps



It’s your words that will keep your audience engaged and interested, but it’s pictures that will draw them in and bring your text to life. Photos are a massive part of blogging, and if you want to improve your blog in general then this is a great place to start. Here’s how you can go about it in five steps.

Upgrade your camera

Smartphones these days really do have great cameras, and you can take perfectly nice blog photos with just your phone if you want to. However, if you want to take them to the next level then buying a proper camera will be no bad thing. DSLRs give you much more control over your images, as there are different settings and the lenses are interchangeable so you can find the perfect one for the type of photography you’re doing. They’re not as expensive as you might think, even a basic entry-level DSLR will perform very well.

Go on a photography course

If you’ve purchased a DSLR camera and have no idea how to use it, finding a short introduction course will guide you through the basics and teach you what you need to know to get started. Otherwise you can teach yourself using articles and Youtube videos. But a course with an instructor will enable you to ask questions and be guided through each step you need to get started.

Find the right background

The right background in your photos is so important. It doesn’t matter how good your camera and technique is, if your backgrounds are cluttered or unpleasant it’s never going to be the best image. If you’re the kind of blogger who reviews products, you’ll need clear pictures without any distracting backgrounds so this is something to consider. You can purchase backdrops from sites like https://www.backdroplab.com, otherwise play around with creating your own. If you’re using a shallow depth of field technique (giving you a blurry background) you can experiment with items behind your products such as plants, flowers and candles. This will give you a pretty image but the focus will still be on your product in the foreground.

Edit your images

Once your pictures have been taken, make them the best they can be by editing them. You can crop, brighten, adjust the hue and contrast even on a basic, free photo editor. If you take a lot of pictures, it could be worth investing in Photoshop and again learning how to use it. There are courses you can go on, or again teach yourself by researching online.

Utilise good, natural light

While photo editors can brighten pictures and improve their overall appearance, you need a good picture to start with. And lighting is a huge part of this, you can’t expect to take a badly lit photo and make it great by brightening it up, since this will result in a lot of image noise and blurriness. Always take your photos using bright, natural daylight so close to a window on a clear day is best. You can always tweak the brightness in your image editor afterwards, but this gives you the best starting point. Avoid flash where possible, using the correct ISO settings on your DSLR instead.



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