I attended the crime event at the Harbour book shop in Whitstable last week, what a brilliant evening. We were entertained by the lovely Graeme asking many delving questions to Lisa Cutts and Julie Wassmer who did extremely well and came up with some super answers.


It was the hottest evening of the year but even though we were all melting we thoroughly enjoyed the question and answers.

Julie is now writing her 6th book about Pearl the PI and the murders and mysteries that she solves from her detective agency.

Lisa’s new book is out in November and going from the cover and blurb it is looking brilliant and I cannot wait to read my review copy, so keep a look out that.


Lisa’s book Mercy Killing will be the prize when I do the author spotlight in November and you may get the new book as well, so keep reading the blog.

Have a super weekend everyone


Part 4 of the Dating World


You have joined a dating site, bit scared about deciding who to pick? Well obviously, if they have a picture then it is going on attraction, some may think this is wrong and don’t look at the picture and just read all about them to see if they are interested in the same things and want the same experience’s in the future. As let’s face it if the bloke wants children and you have been there and done that then no way are you compatible, its harsh but much better down the road if you do not have to deal with these sort of issues. I once went on a first date and discovered he had an almighty fear of flying well, I said goodbye as I could not see my future with never going away and discovering new places. You really do have to think about everything and that is why it is really good to fill in all the questions the site suggests in your profile. Many men don’t fill this in so if I like their picture then I ask them to fill it in and if they are series about finding the one then they will oblige.

Some say it is a bit shallow having to see their photo before you read anything about them but as far as I’m concerned if you don’t fancy the photo of him then what’s the point. So, if the pic is good then read through and see how compatible you are and if lots tick your boxes then be brave and say hello or send a wink, just anything to open the door to a conversation. Then wait, forget about it for a couple of days then go back on the site, again some will disagree with this but you don’t want to look desperate by keep checking your inbox every hour. Yes, they can see when you are on-line unless you can disable this option. Only use the dating sites that apply to yourself as there are many to choose from now.

The reply, if it is rude, has an inappropriate picture or you get an instant unsure feeling then just delete and move on to the next one as there is no point wasting time on someone who is not right for you. If you don’t want to look rude you could reply saying sorry but I don’t think you are right for me. Going through this process may take a while so don’t rush it as you have waited this long so what’s a bit longer matter in the grand scale of dating and the pitfalls.

Moving on to the replies that you like, answer any question they may ask you or you take the lead and ask them some things, choose your questions carefully and make sure they are open questions so they have to reply. When you have a few questions it’s good to make a list of them as they are always handy to ask. You can also ask about their childhood as that can show what sort of person they are, also what their parents do for a living. Years ago, if you met a guy who was in his 30’s and still lived at home, he would be classed as a mummy’s boy but that has all changed now as many people still live at home so they can save to get on the home owner ladder.

We love dates. The meeting and where to have it always is a bit of a worry for some, mainly because they think too much about all the bad stuff that could happen but a few simple rules overcomes that. Meet in a café or bar that is local to you as you do not want to be going places that you don’t know. Tell a friend where you are going and his details or you can even get your friend to be in the café at another table. Don’t give out your full name, address or telephone number until you know them and trust them. You could have an email address that you just use for this purpose and give them that as they can then what’s app you, do not give the email address that you use on social media as they can link that to yourself.

Above all BE SAFE.


Do you sometimes just think, what am I doing and where am I going?  I used to get these feelings a lot but for the last ten years I have been very happy, so what’s changed and why is my head all over the place now.  A couple of things have happened regarding the flat I live in and that has really unsettled me and got me thinking that I do not have to put up with this or let people treat me like this.

So the first thing I have done or I should say start is de-cluttering, not an easy task as I seem to have collected so much “stuff” over the last few years. This is a beginning and there has to be one of those and I think you feel better when you are doing something about it.

I have also decided to sell my camper van, there is only one reason for this and it is that I need a fixed bed as I cannot keep making the bed up every night and pulling it out.  My arthritis is going to get worse and it hurts now to do this so need to do something about it before it gets worse. I have started to advertise it and have seen some nice ones with the fixed bed and all the bits mine has as well so fingers crossed it will sell quick or I can part exchange it in a garage. It would be good to have it all sorted before the family camping trip but we will just have to wait and see. I have seen one I like up in Lancashire which is a private sale but would have to sell mine first.

This is the advert I have put up so please share for me, thank you.


Peugeot Boxer 270 MWB, Registered 2000, about 69,000 miles on clock, 5-speed gearbox, diesel, 2-sleeper or 2 adults 1 child camper van. Has total of three fitted seat belts. New battery and tyres, MOT about to be done.

Fridge 3way, gas/electric 3 ring cooker plus oven which only been used couple of times, sink and draining board, toilet cubicle with fold-away basin and shower, front passenger chair fully swivels, flat screen TV with integral DVD, choice of two tables (small and large), fly screens, blackout blinds, electric side step, Fiamma cycle rack (for 2 bikes), side awning, stereo, 3-pin mains sockets, vehicle alarm and immobiliser plus additional deadlocks on all doors, 2 sets of keys, lots of cupboards…..and loads more features!         In very good condition      £13,000 ONO

WANTED – Camper van with fixed bed, plus all the above and no older than 2000.         Only changing as got arthritis so need fixed bed.

Next year I really would like to go to Italy for a couple of months and just travel round at my leisure, it has been my dream to do this for so long and I think it should be done before my health gets worse. It is scary to think about doing it on your own but then I can just take my time and if I’m tired and ache then I can just stop for a while.

So I guess I have made plans for the future and all I can do now is keep de-cluttering and wait for the camper to sell.

I feel a bit better now I have got that all down on paper and my thoughts sorted out. How do you deal with it when you come to a crossroads, to help you decide what to do?




Unless you cut your own hair, at times we all have to visit the hairdresser’s. This post is not a moan but an observation that is not really setting well with myself. I used to have my hair cut, with highlights mainly to make the grey bits blend in! Then the cost went up so I then went all blonde, but the regrowth is so quick I was constantly buying packets of home dye and doing it myself. There is of course only so long you can keep doing this and I could never remember which cheap packet I bought so the colours were not great.

So then I decided to go back to my original colour of brown, I had it done a couple of times in the shop so I got an all over good colour but the cost was over £50 so then I decided to have layers put it so I could just wash and leave it. I had this done at home and was only £20 as I had washed my hair myself in the shower before she arrived. What a difference that made to my neck no more leaning back in the most uncomfortable basins and having a comb ripped through your hair so quickly as they are always looking for the next customer. I now buy the same brown dye every couple of months that I can do myself so that’s a saving as it costs under £5 I will have the layers cut back in about 4 times a year at £20 a time. So I have saved myself lots of money that I didn’t really have to be honest and I really like my hair now.

I have only ever used small to middle of the road businesses with the most I have ever paid is about £55, I know some people pay over three times that amount for a top class hairdresser to do their hair but are they worth it or do people just think of it as an essential expenditure.

So my question is: Are hairdressers pricing themselves out of the market?

You can view my Pinterest board here. 

Hope your having a good hair day.


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