I love this series by Stacy Claflin, they are all linked but can be read as stand alone, when I read the first three I could not put them down. There is also a TV series called GONE that has the same plot, that is really good as well.

Girl in trouble is about the person who takes the child, his back ground so you get to build up a picture of him like the dad Alex does. I could not wait to get to the end to see what happens as I know from the other books Stacy always turns it up a bit towards the end and you are never sure which way it is all going to go.

I love all these characters as you get to know them after reading all the books and I was so pleased that I found this one, I believe there is also one more so I will be looking out for that in the future.

I never used to like series but I do now as it’s a bit like a drama on the TV you keep watching and reading and find out that bit more as you go on.

Great writing Stacy, I loved it.






I have often seen the advert on Facebook for this company, it caught my eye as I am always getting cold fingers when typing so I thought I would look into them a bit more.

I was surprised at the amount of garments they make and can understand why they have gone from strength to strength but they have also kept the great customer service that they started with.  Kate also talks about what colours suit each person and does a good Utube show here.


So many colours for the fingerless gloves, they will match any outfit or if your like me and spend a lot of your time in jamas writing they will match your pj’s lol. If you join their friends you will get an offer of lucky dip fingerless gloves for £10 I did this and put that I would like pink on my order form.

I am also looking into more of our waste as a country and the more I discover the worse I feel but this company tackle it head on as all these garments are made from old cashmere items. When you donate a jumper you then receive a pair of the gloves.

You are probably wondering what they do with the small bits well how about baby bootes.

I bought the pink fingerless gloves, they are so soft and gorgeous, I also need hot pink ones now. All delivered in a strong secure box so no damage.

I know the pink wrap is expensive at £79 but oh my it is gorgeous and you can just imagine how soft that would feel wrapped round you. See it here.

So many unusual garments here that I am sure you will all like something. Another green company that needs our support.





I went along with my friend Lynda to Whitstable for the launch of The Wish by Alex Brown. It was also the book that I won on a giveaway over at Goodreads. As soon as I met Alex I knew her book was going to be good as she is such a lovely person and of course only the best writers live in Whitstable!


There was also cakes! These were made by Sally Laker another Whitstable lady, these looked too nice to eat but I managed one and the odd glass of prosecco, the two most wanted things at a book launch well apart from the book and the author.


I will be doing my review for the book later in the week but I can tell you that it is really good, I do like to read a nice, happy book every so often and this would be the perfect one to take on holiday.


I am amazed at the time some authors  take to actually get a book deal without giving up, that must be so hard to keep getting rejection letters and then being able to just carry on, but I am so pleased they all did as we have sound outstanding talent at the moment in the book industry, so please support them by buying their books and also giving a review, even if it is just that you like it as it all helps to get the book out there in the big world. Review here on Amazon.

I would also like to give a mention to Harbour Books as they do so much advertising and promotion events for the authors and as they say every little helps. I could spend ages browsing all the books in this shop, maybe I should ask for a comfy chair and a coffee lol.

Hope your week is going well.





I was asked to do a review after buying some plants and also to give some constructive advice on how they could get more customers also some feedback for the website. I love plants and my garden so this was a brilliant opportunity for myself and I do a lot of shopping on-line so I do know what works and what does not.
The web-site has good pictures of the plants and I did suggest a couple of improvements to make the selection easier and to view your basket. The groups were clear so you could find where to go but if you were looking for a particular plant then you had to make sure you knew the correct spelling as it did not help you or finish off your word.
When you complete your order you can even pick your own day for delivery which I thought was excellent to make it even better they could text you the time roughly the day before.
The packaging was good and strong so you needed scissors also big signs to keep it up the right way, you could really see how much care was taken in the packaging of your plants.
The bit I loved was the size of the plants and how healthy they were, this will really make me order from them again.
I got the Strawberry tree, that I have never heard of but I got it so I could get a bit of height in the garden. Also the Honeysuckle, climbers I really love so this was superb, no chance that this would die after a few weeks. Strong with good shoots and such a decent size, I really loved them and they are doing so well in the garden.
The only thing that could have made this better would be to put planting instructions with the plants in the box but I just used my common sense and it has worked well for a change.
The prices vary considerably on this site so it does cater for everyone but the high-end market for mature trees does go into the £100’s
I feel that the old saying you get what you pay for does really apply to this site as the bit extra really makes such a difference and you would end up saving money as I can’t see these plants not doing well.
I think they need to do some creative advertising maybe through their sponsors so they get the word out about this brilliant site. I am always available for reviews so lets hope they want a follow-up one from myself.
Have a great week everybody, it’s going to be sunny in Kent so I will be in the garden blogging.


As many of you know I was having a lot of problems trying to sort out a newsletter and updating my email list. I ended up after a week of getting no where to then find out I could not do that on a free site. I did have my website but that does not get the traffic that my blog does so where do I go from here?

I have got to say that I was lucky, yes lucky I was astounded as all my friends will tell you, I have no luck what so ever!  I saw an ad for this company Blogger2WP so I applied. I was contacted by Laura from the company, they wanted clients that were going to change to a self hosting site, they wanted reviews done about the service. so if you had a WordPress, Blogger or any other platform, then wanted to change over to Self-hosted WordPress site then they would do all that for you, and also I must say in less that half the time or even quicker. I thought this was perfect so we started the process, first I paid siteground, I already had my own name, Karen’s World so that was fine. I also bought a new theme, you do not have to do this and there are plenty of free ones you can choose from. I just wanted to do this properly this time and then its done for a few years or until I see a better theme.

I then handed everything over to Laura, she is really nice and considering everything is done through email she really understood where I was coming from and what I wanted to achieve. Normally it would just be moving a site from one to another but I had the added job of moving website things and then closing that down. I now have everything under the one umbrella, it makes things so much easier.

With the self hosting WordPress you can use plug-ins as well as widgets so the choice of things to put on your site is really amazing. Also you can use mailchimp for your newsletters and email sign-ups. Much more freedom in what you use and how you arrange your blog.

Laura completed all this really quickly and when there was a problem she told me exactly what to do and then she finished the job. I have got to say I am still in shock as it all happened so quickly, everything was just as I wanted it and it all looks super. You also have the back-up that if anything does go wrong then you can contact them. If you would like to enquire about Laura moving your sites then you can email her here:

The customer service you cannot fault, nothing is too much trouble and within a few days you have a brilliant new blog/website that you can do amazing things with. I am still getting to grips with some details and new plug-ins but it is all good.

I would like to take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to Laura for all her expertise and knowledge in completing this task so efficiently. You are a star x