It is two am and we have arrived, the Tom Tom said it would take nineteen hours…it took us three days! What can I say, apart from I have never laughed so much.

I eventually woke up at midday, still feeling like I wanted my bed!

A quiet day was had by both of us with a little bit of sitting in the sunshine and a welcome glass of wine.

Can I go to bed now?



Blush pink gin and tonic €5 even though it was a very large one it is much cheaper to buy a bottle and drink as that only costs €12 for pink gin, plain gin is even cheaper.

Pint of shandy €2.50        Spritzer €2.50         Coffee with milk and a bottle of water €2.50

So some things are a bit cheaper it just depends what you drink and eat.  The smaller places out the way are much cheaper.  Also I found Benidorm cheaper that the other smaller towns.

Pint of beer €1.50

The Sun bar in Benidorm

Prices are great here, small beer, 2 pink gin and lemonades and a jacket potato with side salad, tuna, sweetcorn mayonnaise with a pot of it on the side as well, wish I had taken a pic of it but I was starving. €13


So like everywhere you go you have to look about for the good deals, I even found a €1 breakfast!


You can’t beat that for a cheap breakfast!

All their deals are good here so well worth popping up to the corner bar.

I think I must be getting a light weight as after two beers, 2 gins then food and I then had 2 Buds back at the van chatting and I was asleep by 8 lol. The next day was a lazy sunbathing day. That is the most I drank on this break so I think I am good for dry October.




Bleary eyed with no coffee is not a good start to the day at 6 am! But boy was we glad to get out of that lay by, then a few metres up the road we came across at least three nice places to pull over into…..always the way when you don’t know what is round the next corner.

As we drove through Orthez we looked for the next road we needed but no signs had that road on after looking for a while we changed the Tom Tom to the next town and decided to follow that and then change back to our original route. Well, even though I had updated ALL maps etc the Tom Tom took us to a road that was shut as they were building a new bridge so it was about turn back the way we came, the turning circle was extremely narrow with drops either side so I did a three-point turn in about six!

We did eventually find our way to the next town, then stopping for petrol, drink and food. The next drive was a long one ending up at Alicante…hopefully!

Now considering Lynda has done this drive probably a good ten times I did not see any problems……first mistake lol. We did not drive over The Pyrenees but came through the towns lower down which is a far nicer drive.

The signs for Alicante appeared then appeared again and kept appearing but we did not get to Alicante but we did get to the P7, not that that was any help what so ever. Lynda did not recognise any of the towns or places nor did I, where were we?

It then got worse as we needed more petrol it was late, garages were shut, this place did not look good if you get my meaning, Lynda is saying oh no don’t worry it’s just the Spanish they all sit outside their homes as it’s hot, I was not convinced. We saw three garages over the other side of the road so we drove down to the roundabout came back up the other side, obviously we must have come up the wrong road as all the garages disappeared, never to be seen again! THEN the light came on, we did not have any petrol, Lynda asked a Spanish bloke who carried on talking on his phone and didn’t seem to know his own name let alone where the nearest garage was! I did not do much better as the bloke I asked was drunk 😵 but he did say up the road! No choice in the matter let’s go up the road, the garage was shut but then over the road there is one that is open, but got to get over there, then could only see the exit!

So the petrol was bought, as I was filling the tank I looked at the cupboard at the side of the camper which opens into the under part of the bed….IT WAS OPEN, I SENT Lynda to see if there was anyone in there, well you never know, she did say that we were not in Calais lol 😆 Everything was still in there so we locked it again.


Lynda went in to the attendant and asked what town we were in…lol. He said Alicante! We have both been to Alicante a number of times and have never seen any of the areas that we saw that night.

We had never been on or seen this road ever and to be honest we never want to see it again. The day is coming to an end and we are still not there, what is going on! We set the Tom Tom up with a new route so we did finally get out of Alicante on the road we needed.

You have to laugh or we would have cried, well I would lol.


Breakfast was a relaxed affair with no rush, then we travelled on through France 🇫🇷

During the afternoon we stopped at a garage to refuel also taking advantage of the wash room which I used with no problem, Lynda on the other hand got stuck in the toilet and had to be let out by the lady in charge, it did not help that there were two French men waiting to be served who appeared to think it was very funny! We did have a laugh as we drove on.

The drive then continued on through some lovely little French villages but then we came upon a bigger town, turning into a 3 lane road (French drive on left) I then panicked as thought I was on wrong side, no Lynda said it’s fine and then I turned into the next road on the complete wrong side, horns going as I manoeuvred over to the correct side, accident avoided, all ok. Then in need of a coffee break so we pulled over to a parking area of the big services.

Driving on that afternoon we covered a lot of ground so was feeling very pleased, the mistake we made was not looking for somewhere to stop before it got dark as it really is so hard to find somewhere when you are tired and just want a coffee and bed.

A sign appeared towards a beach so I had a vision of waking up to a view of the beach and sea, well I am not sure where that beach was as it wasn’t down that road, in fact Lynda had problems even finding a beach in the area at all!

The drive continued so in the end we pulled into a lay by and turned in for the night…….Big mistake parking in lay by, those cars and trucks go past so quick the whole flipping camper rocks and then some lorry drivers decide to give a rendition of beeps on their horn! Why would they do that? Not a lot of sleep was had at all that night.



The plan was to catch the 8.15 ferry from Dover onto Calais, that was running 30 minutes late but they informed us to get to the ferry at normal time in case they made up time, so we did….at 7pm

They did not make the time up and then they were unloading the cargo from our ferry when a huge load did not stop when told to so the lower deck doors were pulled from their fixings so it meant they could not be shut. That ferry was then taken out of service!

We were then put on the next one so we had a very long wait in the loading queue. Once on the ferry and sitting having a coffee I then had a bad thought about whether or not I had put the hand brake on, so I had to go find someone to take me down to the car deck to check and yes I had so all was ok. We eventually arrived in France at 11.45 their time! so we then drove on as the roads were very clear. Then parked up and had a cup tea then went to bed, setting our alarm for 9am

Lets hope tomorrow goes a bit smoothly with no delays.