We feel a little bit famous lol, lets hope lots of new writers see this and pop along. I am really looking forward to all the author talks next year, something a bit different and great sounding boards for your own writing, illustrating, poems, reviewing, blogging and even reading as I am sure there are many out there, who would like to come and meet their favourite authors and have the chance of getting their book signed.

17th January – Charlie Gallagher on crime setting, a local Folkestone writer who is also a police detective himself.

28th February – Sheena Dempsey, a children’s book illustrator. This is for all the artists we have in our group.

28th March – Lisa Cutts on crime writing, Lisa is also a police detective based in Folkestone.

25th April – Jennifer Thatcher on journalism and reviewing, should be very interesting for bloggers and short writing.

30th May – Anthony White on the craft of poetry, if you write poetry then come along and ask Anthony anything you need to know.

27th June – Julie Wassmer on memoir writing and about her Whitstable Pearl mystery books.

Put the dates in your diary or follow our social media pages at:







I spent the afternoon with Kara the other day as she had a week off work so it was nice to just relax and not be on a time limit for her to get back to work. We did a few jobs, oh yes I put my cheque in the bank from my PPI payout……..£4.72 I will try not to spend it all at once! lol.

We decided to get a bit of lunch in Rocco’s as I had not been in there before, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in as it felt nice and cosy. For such a small frontage it stretches back a long way then there is a small courtyard for some summer dining.

I cannot believe that my eldest granddaughter will be 21 on the 12th December where does the time go, make sure you make the most of those childhood years.

The menu while not that big has some really good things to try so I cannot wait to go back for a meal one evening.

We settled on a salad of bacon and brie for Kara and I had the camembert and ham Panini. They were both really nice, you could choose which sale dressing you required.

We passed on the dessert as there was more shopping to be done.

I really enjoyed it in Rocco’s the service is excellent its spacious, none of the tables are pushed together so there is space to move without disturbing people and to talk. So if its lunch or dinner this is another great place to eat in Folkestone, lets hope they get enough custom during the winter to keep them going. I am already thinking about what I will have next time I go there.

Happy dining



When my bills went up again for about the 3rd time in as many months and I had been away during that time I thought it was time to change.

I researched all the providers and compared results, I ended up with this company and have not regretted it, my bills have gone down! The other advantage is you get £50 credit when you refer someone then they also get £50 so they are in credit before they start. Also it is all renewable electricity so much better.

I have refered two people, I don’t understand why people don’t want to change as its very simple with them doing everything even to the extent that if you are in a contract with another supplier Bulb will pay all your exit fees!

I have my gas and electric with Bulb and I am still in credit for £281.72  What’s not to love about that. Click on this link if you want cheaper bills and be in credit before you start.




Get swapping



How do you drop hints as too what you would like for Christmas? I have the perfect answer, you make a Pinterest board of your wishes and the best bit is that it is so much fun and all the things you have photos off on your phone you can now put them on this board.


Pinterest is so good for many things, I really love the one about your childhood and finding things that meant so much to you as a child.


I love reading so I had so much fun looking for all the things to do with books.


There really is nothing you cannot find to have a board about and then putting your own things on it just makes it so much better.

What is your favourite board?

You can view all my boards at Karen’s World.

Happy pinning


Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read and review this book. I don’t really know where to start as this is a full book of characters and events. Most of which is told through Connie’s POV and you do wonder what on earth happened for her to end up locked up. You have to keep reading as things are uncovered slowly so the bits do not all fit until near the end. Emma the psychologist keeps digging and removing layers while also bringing her life and events into the mixture as well.

Brutal writing with mental health  and families all mixed in together, I did like this but think I just kept reading because I really wanted to know exactly what happened to make Connie end up in hospital with no memory of what happened at all. Unpicking the layers takes a while but you do get all the answers eventually.

This book will be either a 5 star or 1 star as it is only going to appeal to some people but if you read it then I would encourage you to read until the end and not give up.

Happy reading