I am going to try to be more positive today and not let these problems upset me, well that is the plan. At least the shower block and toilets are all very nice, there is a laundry with machines and an iron, not that I even use one. I was really pleased to see a library hut with many books in it all different languages so something for everyone. There are two swimming pools, couple of bars that I have not been to and nice play areas for children. This is one of the best parks I have ever seen. For the twelve nights it has cost €217 so it is a bit expensive and this was the cheapest one I could find, now I have electric on top of that but I am only going to use it to charge my laptop so it shouldnt be that much, I hope.

The best bit about this park is that there are some great people living here especially in the row that I am in so I do feel safe here on the park.

It is very hot today so I will do a bit of sitting by the pool as I really want to finish this great book I am reading by Charlie Gallagher, this is going in my top five of the year so now there is a bit of a fight going on as to who gets the number one place this year.




Every so often you come across a little bar/ cafe that you just really like and that is where I am sitting to bring you this post. Romanians run this, Christian keeps it so clean with a huge selection on the menu. The terrace is small so not a lot of people, I am in the shade otherwise it’s impossible to see the screen and it is very hot today.

The coffee was really nice so now I am on the water, it’s a bit too early for a cold beer although very tempting but then I would not get any writing done.

I had to go for a walk this morning to buy a hose pipe as mine was not long enough to fill my tank so I thought as that is the second time that has happened I best buy one and for €17 I got one on a reel so that keeps it small and all in one place. All the cheap shops are run by Chinese, the one I went in was enormous I have never seen a cheap shop so big, there was just about every single thing you could possibly want.

Happy shopping


I was very impressed with myself at how straight my parking was to get in my space.


After a very quiet few days with Lynda I am now travelling up to Benidorm, I know it’s not everybody’s taste but I know the area and have friends there so that is where I am heading today.

Very easy drive up the motorway then on a smaller road so no tolls and it takes about an hour and 15 minutes.

I have booked into a camp site that has just about everything you could possibly want, including free wi-fi and the pitches are flat, so no trying to get it level on those chucks. Lots of English here and Germans.

I have started to write after a good sleep its going to be about 31 the next few days so think I will be doing a bit of sitting round the pool reading.

Had to go buy a hose so I could fill the water tank as mine was not long enough so at least I have it now. Nothing is easy though as after I had filled it up I thought I would have a shower so put the pump on and it then pumped water out under the van!

I went to charge my laptop but the sockets would not work so even though I have a good leisure battery and solar panel there was never an inverter fitted so I have no power in power points. I have had to plug into the electric hook up, more expense and it is a flipping good thing I did not just wild camp as I would have been really stuck. This van will be going back to the dealer as soon as I am home and to be honest this has really spoilt things for me.

Think its time for bed or should I have a drink to drown my sorrows.



And relax, we did for a few days and it was heaven, temperature is about 27 so its lovely, also nice to catch up with friends. Who actually told us that the part of Alicante that we got stuck in was a VERY dodgy part, it is still hard to imagine that we had no knowledge of that area at all. Thank goodness we got out of there with ourselves all intact.

I always get a bit sad that I don’t live here anymore as Spain is so diverse with so much history and many places to see.

I am now retiring to the sun lounger, happy days.