One of our members Peter recorded our first author talk a couple of weeks ago and I would now like to share it with you.

Charlie Gallagher is a best-selling author from Folkestone who gave up his time to come and talk to the group about his writing and his day job which is for the police force.




What a brilliant place that I found the other day, I love this drawing as all these things make up our wellness, we have to look after ourselves as no one else will.

They have some super books, notepads and journals for sale here so it is well worth stopping by and having a look. It is by Sainsbury’s along Town Walk, they are also very friendly and helpful.

I went to the storytime with the theme being Great expectations, I had written a couple of poems that I read out then a couple of others read their stories. I loved the vastness and different interpretations of the theme.

We did a writing exercise which was brilliant as it really made you use your brain and think of all the different words that start with the same letter then make them into a story. My mind went blank as usual so I didn’t get to write very much but I really enjoyed the challenge.

I also gave them all the information about the writing group so I think there will be more people joining the next meeting, which is really good.

Next month the theme is The Body so that will be interesting.


Happy writing


I read this article about Lisa Cutts the other day and was fascinated about the book that she had read that started her journey of writing. An analyst called Elizabeth Haynes who worked at the same station as Lisa had written a crime novel so Lisa took it on holiday to read and that gave her the writing bug and she has not stopped since then.

I got the book from Amazon and it is next on my to be read pile, I cannot wait as I am sure it will be really good and I have a friend who is already on the list for the next person to read it, I best get a move on.

I love the way we find books and authors as I very rarely go into a bookshop anymore with most of mine coming from publishers, Amazon or Netgalley. Crime is still my favourite at the moment, it seems strange to think that before all I ever read was romance stories! You cannot beat a good murder!


It is wonderful to love a book so much that it keeps you awake all night reading, what was the last book you read that kept you up?




This book you really must read as it is a bit different, imagine arriving home after a few days away to find the locks changed on your house and a person living there saying that you had leased him the house! All the paperwork had your signature on so there was nothing really you could do.

The person also knew a lot about your past including how your sister died after you pushed her. Then to make matters even worse you lose your job as they say you have falsely put in expenses again all the paperwork is correct with your signature on everything. What is going on?

I liked the twist at the end as was not expecting that, really well thought out and it keeps you interested all the time as you are not really sure what on earth will happen next as this man appears to be able to do and go anywhere to get at you.

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the opportunity of reading this and reviewing.

Happy reading



When a woman shoots her husband five times in the face you would think that she really meant to do that. Then Alicia never opens her mouth to speak about any of it for over six years! So what is going on? Theo Faber psychotherapist transfers to The Grove where she is being held as he is fascinated by her. Will he get to the truth and will you see the twist in this story as even I got this one. I am afraid I was not a fan even though it is well written and keeps you reading it just was not for me.

Thank you to Netgalley for giving me the chance to read and review this book.