Lisa needs to disappear. And her friend’s rambling old home in the wilds of Yorkshire seems like the perfect place. It’s miles away from the closest town, and no one there knows her or her little boy, Joe.

But when a woman from the local village comes to visit them, Lisa realizes that she and Joe aren’t as safe as she thought.

What secret has Rowan Isle House – and her friend – kept hidden all these years?

And what will Lisa have to do to survive, when her past finally catches up with her?

Nuala Ellwood is the author of two bestselling novels: My Sister’s Bones, for which she was selected as one of the Observer’s ‘New Faces of Fiction 2017’, and Day of the Accident. Nuala lives in York with her young son. The House on the Lake is her latest novel.



I really like this author as her books are good, fast-paced and full. I think this is my favourite so far as it kept me gripped as wasn’t really sure what was going to happen next. A bit different from the usual so it keeps your interest, characters were all good so keeping up your interest to want to know more about them. I really enjoyed this so would recommend it.










I was so surprised to see these on sale in Poundland for £2 as they are normally much more than this. I think all wipes should be biodegradable and they should just stop making anything that is not.

At least we are getting more of a choice now in what is on offer to buy but the government should do more. How bad do things have to get before something is done to force people to think about our planet?




I was surprised to find these in the garden the other day, I obviously had forgotten about them as I guess I planted them at the end of the summer. They tasted nice and sweet though and didn’t last long!

Bulbs are beginning to poke up through the soil so I best get a move on and start cutting back a lot of the shrubs. I also want to make a raised bed for the strawberries as they do not seem to like growing in pots in my garden, last year was my worse so it’s back into the ground they go.

A bit more coloured stone and that will smarten the walkway up and it will all be looking good.

What have you got to do in your garden?




Last week I went to the launch of the newest restaurant opening in Folkestone. The location is ideal with the Leas and The Leas Cliffe Hall being just over the road, then a short stroll with sea views down to the town or beach.  The Skuba bar and Portland hotel which are above this restaurant are all owned by this family, making it a real family affair.


Arriving early we sat and had a drink in the bar before we were taken downstairs to the restaurant.  The first thing I noticed was the sparkling glasses and cutlery all laid upon the tables. Finding our seats we made introductions to the people on our table, while our glasses were filled with prosecco or orange juice.

John made the introductions, his wife Lucy and their daughter Kimberley who’s partner is the chef Jack. David is the sous chef and Angel the waiter. Jack’s parents are also involved. It is a big project they have all taken on but I am sure they will succeed and after tasting some of Jack’s cooking I can see them getting some brilliant reviews.

Affordable fine dining was one of the things we needed in this town so I am really pleased. It is not a huge area so you get the cosy feeling at your table. They will eventually have their own entrance so you don’t have to go through the bar which does get very busy at weekends.

There is also a small bar in the corner and they stock a good selection of spirits and fine wines.

We were all offered a couple of the starters first of all which were the Sunblushed Tomato Risotto, Basil with Vegan Parmesan Foam. Which I must say tasted really nice, a few of us were not sure as we looked at it but then everyone said they liked it.

The other one was the Chicken Liver Parfáit, Caramelised Shallot Marmalade, Crostini with peashoots. This was also delicious.


We had tastings of over half the menu and I can honestly say it was all delicious, cooked to perfection, served with a smile, the ambience there with soft background music works well. The talking was a trifle loud but the place was full so you would expect that. Maybe tablecloths would soften the room and would go with the cotton napkins. Tables set with all the glasses you could use and once your wine was ordered they took away the unused ones. I liked that the water glasses were there so you didn’t have to ask.  I also thought the menu covers were unusual but good quality.

The menu is varied, different and shows that Jack has come from some well-established places during his training and working life. I also loved the Kentish and Folkestone additions on the menu, buy local using fresh ingredients is the way forward and they are doing all of this.








Jack has worked hard to get where he is and display some of his achievements.

The hours are going to be long as they plan on opening 7-days a week from 6.30 until 9.30 Plus you have the lunchtime menu from the upstairs bar called Skuba which again gets extremely busy during the summer as it has a really nice garden.

They will also be doing theme nights plus private parties if no bookings.

I hope they do well as they deserve too, having thought of most things and all working together as a team I feel this will become one of the go-to places in Folkestone.

This turned out to be a really enjoyable evening, cheers to them all and thank you for the wonderful hospitality. I will definitely be back soon to try some more delicious items from your menu.


Please leave them a review when you visit and tell them that you saw this article, thank you x








Valentine day has been and gone with a few people breathing a sigh of relief as if you are single you are surrounded by love in the way of cards, flowers and gifts. It is very commercialised now so not really a declaration of love, more an, I have to take home flowers and a card tonight because the day is valentine and that’s what you have to do.

If you are single does the thought of the day make you a bit sad or low? I can never understand my feelings as I am so happy living on my own but when that day comes round every year it makes me sad. So this year as I had to pop out, I went into Tesco and bought myself some flowers, years ago I can remember that being a luxury but pink carnations were £1.50. Then I purchased a nice piece of steak, peppercorn sauce and a bottle of red.

Did I feel better for doing this small piece of shopping then going home to cook? Well, I have to admit it did and I had a lovely evening with my candles lit then binge-watching a drama that had been on the TV a while ago.

Life is not meant to be easy but taking time for yourself does help and breaks the monotony of life in general.





 I was so pleased when I got home Friday afternoon to see my milk delivery outside my gate, I will have to make a little area for the goods to go in but luckily there is no sun in this part after midday so I don’t need a cooler for it to go in. I think I will get some sort of small box just so nothing gets knocked or kicked over plus it will not be seen from the path in case anybody sees it.

I love the selection of products you can get delivered with your milk.  I tried the jam this morning and it is rather delicious and unusual I thought, also it beats Tesco own brand Lol.

I get my main shop delivered from Tesco about every couple of months so this to top up fridge things will be really good. It’s also good to have milk bottles again so no single waste plastic for me.



Plurenden farms can be contacted here for all enquires and orders. 






The WRITE BY THE SEA writing group is going really well, meeting at THE HIDEAWAY which is all on one level makes it easier for some people to attend. Matt is very good at popping round when he sees your glass is empty so we have table service as well! Food is always available and cooked fresh.

Tonight we have the lovely Setareh doing a poetry workshop with the Valentine theme, so you will have something good to put in your card this year, from a woman’s point of view that scores a good ten!

SETAREH EBRAHIMI latest book is called IN MY ARMS, I am looking forward to hearing some of her poems later.

Hope to see you there tonight at 6.30 pm.




As some of you know I do prefer a serum to a cream or lotion this is because I find it has more effect on my skin because it soaks into the skin so you can feel the effect. The cream will just disappear in the skin with no feeling that it has even been there and the same with lotions unless I put them on about three times one after the other.

So when I was asked to review this new serum I did jump at the chance especially when I knew it had vitamin C in it. I have heard a lot about this over the last few months so was really pleased I could try it out.

I have been using this around my eyes for about two to three weeks and I can see the difference already as my eyes are not so dark underneath. This is a huge bonus to me as I really notice that and am always trying to cover it up with makeup.

You can use this under your makeup like a primer which does work really well. Even the fine lines are disappearing so I will be using this all the time.

With Mila Simone’s anti-ageing and line removing facial serum, you can quickly restore youthful elasticity bringing back your younger-looking complexion. Beneficial for all skin types & fragrance-free, another excellent point as faces are a very tender area.

Not only does this incredible cocktail have powerful anti-ageing benefits to bring back youthful-looking skin – but it also helps remove acne scars, blemishes and any signs of redness and uneven skin tone leaving you with a clear, natural glow.

This Facial Serum Transforms Your Skin With The Following Ingredients:

– Vitamin C
– Hyaluronic Acid
– Aloe Vera
– Papaya Fruit Extract
– Pomegranate Fruit Extract

Also Made in the UK TO GMP Standards

– Vegan
– Gluten FREE
– Cruelty-FREE
– Alcohol-FREE
– Paraben FREE
– Sulphate FREE

You can buy this from AMAZON here.

Luxurious vitamin C serum for the face which helps remove acne also collagen booster and best for anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle, buy yours now!




The Top BCAA Supplement For Bodybuilding-Branched Chain Amino Acid Reviews

The Top BCAA Supplement For Bodybuilding-Branched Chain Amino Acid Reviews

You probably want to take better care of your body. Well, you have to start from somewhere. You have to make up a plan to guide you. If you have started going to the gym, you have to learn how to use the machines properly. Then, you have to change your diet a bit. You can’t eat all the things you used to.

You will start to hear a lot about proteins, calories and supplements. You shouldn’t ignore these conversations. You could find out so many wonderful and helpful things. It’s always better to learn from someone else’s experience. You won’t have to spend that much money on experimenting this way. Most importantly, you will have to learn about BCAAs for bodybuilding and working out.


What are branched chain amino acids?


You can’t go to the gym and start working out without knowing about these things. You have to get down to reading. It can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t know chemistry that well. But, the Internet has explanations for everything. You will learn so much.

Working out will cost you more than you imagined. You will have to spend some money on supplements. First off, you will have to buy BCAA. They are proteins basically. They contain complex chemical ingredients that will help your muscles grow and heal. You will have to take them if you want to do this whole thing properly.

Where to start from?


After you have read all about the supplement, you can go shopping. Go to the nearest store and look for them. You will see them in different shapes. You could buy powder or capsules. You have to decide which you like best. You have the option to choose. If you are still undecided whether to buy them or not, check out this link

There are 2 types of powdered supplements. There are flavoured and unflavored. The good thing about the unflavored powders is that you can put them in any type of drink you want. You can choose what they’re going to taste like. For those that don’t like drinks, they can just buy capsules.

If you don’t like to use any kind of supplement, you will have to watch your diet more closely. You have to pay attention to what you eat. There are some foods that are high in BCAA. They are chicken, eggs, tinned tuna, salmon and cottage cheese. You could try eating at least one thing on the list a day.

What are the benefits of BCAA intake?

First, amino acids build your muscles. You will have to eat a lot of meat and dairy if you want to do this naturally. However, many people don’t have the time for this. That is why they choose to buy powders or tablets. After a workout, you surely feel tired. Sometimes, you won’t have the time to relax.

This is where the supplement comes in handy. It can make you feel less tired. Apart from that, the people that took them had better mental focus. If you feel like you aren’t losing enough fat, maybe you need more amino acids in your diet. You could try taking the powders. You will feel the difference after a while.

You will know that you had a good workout the moment you get home. You will surely feel your muscles burning up. The supplement will lessen your muscle soreness. This is so much helpful, especially when you have some responsibilities after the workout. You have to buy them and see the benefits yourself.




If you are not celebrating Valentine day then how about a bit of retail therapy and this will only cost you 99p.

I am always surprised at the number of books you can get for under a pound, my Kindle is always full and the best thing is that you do not actually have to own a Kindle to read these great books you can get the app on your smartphone or tablets and enjoy a host of brilliant stories, no matter what you prefer.

Happy reading

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