What a super picture to write a story about? I cannot decide if that is snow or sand over in the left corner, what do you think? Although I guess either would make a good story but I would go with white sand as snow is far too cold. It is unusual to see a gate at the end but safer for children. It is a glorious sunset, does it make you feel hot or cold?


My granddaughter works here some days so I went to visit so I can tell you all about it. A lot of choice on the menu but in the end I settled for a toasted sandwich and a caramel coffee milkshake. Which was delicious, there is something about a cold thick shake on a warm summers day.

I did like the colourful board up on the wall and the meal deals look to be very good value. Most of the seats were full as this is a busy little place.

Everything you order is cooked fresh with a lot of it locally sourced which I like as we all need to support our local businesses. The staff were really friendly and helpful, no discount here even from my granddaughter! LOL. That brown bread was really nice, maybe bigger milkshakes needed for the price.

A super place to pop into for lunch also you can usually park outside as it is limited to one hour so ideal for a quick snack.

Where is your favourite place to go for lunch?


I normally do the best of the previous month but I am now focussing on the future. I realise my blog is not doing as well ever since I lost my Karen’s World Facebook page along with over 4,000 followers! So the time has come to get back my mogo and try to recover, this is going to take time but if you know of any people that used to follow me then please share my page with them.


On the 29th August we have a couple of great events going on at the writing group. We are trying a children’s event which I hope will be popular as it is all about gardening, they even get to take home what they have planted. The books on offer are by Claire Burgess and really very good. Then in the evening we have her husband Mark Stay giving an author talk about his fantasy book The end of magic also his publishing and marketing ideas. Both these events are free so please do pop along.


I want to do more sitting on the beach and seeing the grandchildren during August, these are my favourite things especially if the sun is shining. We have a swimming pool day and a family picnic day both coming up next week so that will be great.


I also have 21 books to read before then end of October so on the dull days you will find me with my head stuck in a book or my Kindle.


My spot on the radio at Acadamy FM next Wednesday will be full of new news and a great event that is coming up in September. I will also be reviewing Alex Brown’s latest noval A Postcard From Italy, I will be on at 9.30 Wednesday morning.

So August looks to be very good all we need is for the sun to shine. What are your plans for the summer?


Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex

The summer

The summer sun affects so many things that we very rarely stop to think about them all and the effect they have on us. We all know that many people always feel better with a bit of colour, it also improves our skin particularly if oily as it dries it out making our skin look and feel better. Wellbeing covers a lot but the way we feel in the summer makes us happy, vitamin C keeps our bodies healthy. So, how does this all effect dating you are probably wondering. 

Happy people make happy dates

Because we are happier in ourselves we put out happiness to others, think about how often you smile as you open a door for someone or letting the person walk through first. Making tea for someone in the office as you make your own, we do all these normal everyday things all year but in the summer you are smiling as you do them, which in turn makes people smile back and say thank you or even start up a conversation. So the next time you are waiting to be served and there is a good looking person behind you it is not going to hurt to say hello or just make a open comment so they have to answer you. People tend to talk to the person they are standing next too at the bar while waiting for their drink, so keep an eye on the attractive one and get yourself up there in that gap next to them.


We also wear less clothing in the summer so your body is showing off to others, like a window into your inner-self.  This in turn makes the opposite sex think about sex dating you, statistics show that we have more sex in the summer. We also go out more as the evenings are longer and lighter, walking takes over from getting in the car to go everywhere so again it makes the opportunities of meeting more people and dating so much easier in the summer. Get those legs tanned and in the cutest shorts then you will be saying yes to more dates than hot dinners!


Everyone wants to date naughty singles in the summer especially on holiday and you never know when that holiday fling will turn into something more, even if you are not looking for it sometimes these things just happen. Dress to impress or get noticed is a part of summer attraction for many singles so where ever you are keep your eyes peeled for your sole-mate as you have more chance of finding him in the summer under the sun or the stars than the dull winter.

Where to go

Parks are often full of dog walkers so if you have a dog get out there or borrow one so you can meet other dog walkers. Outdoor swimming pools are very popular so pop on your new swimwear and get out there. Pub gardens with your bestie are often very busy or there is always the beach with sun worshipers laying everywhere with hardly anything on, you could always accidentally on purpose lose your beach ball in the middle of a group of the opposite sex!

So wherever you are and what ever you are doing get dating as you never know when you will be having to date naughty singles this summer!



I had my friend Corinne come and stay for a couple of days, which actually where the hottest days of the year it was well over 38 in my garden but lovely down the beach.

You do have to have refreshment though so a couple of Pornstars did the trick.


The summer holidays have begun but I think the heat has put people off as it wasn’t that busy anywhere. My grandson Alfie has finished primary school and his year did a version of A midsummer nights dream, it was brilliant also his leaving assembly bought a tear to my eye.


The twins are loving the park and will sit for so long in the swings just gazing about, I needed a chair really!


We also had Sam’s birthday which was a super afternoon. Having a quiet week now with a lot of reading.

How’s your summer going?





Hannah Palmer is one of the members of my writing group here in Folkestone and I think I am just as excited this morning as I am sure Hannah is as today is the book launch of her very first book NUMBER 47.

This will be held in JUNCTION 13 between 5 and 7 this evening, everybody is welcome to pop along and congratulate Hannah also buy her book which she will sign. I will do a blog next week about how the evening went. I have got the book so I am really looking forward to reading it soon.







“If you like music and guitars you will LOVE this show!”

We all love a bit of guitar wielding in a song, it’s iconic, soulful and – oh what a beautiful instrument!

The Story of Guitar Heroes is an awe-inspiring, dynamic show which transports you through time: from the 1950’s with artistes such as Chuck Berry and Hank Marvin from The Shadows, including gifted legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, through to modern day players such as the great Brian May and the electrifying Steve Vai, to name but a few!

Presented by guitar virtuoso Phil Walker – this show’s extraordinarily talented band uses over 30 guitars to recreate and accurately reproduce the sound and ambiance of each guitar hero. Featuring video footage of historical moments, with state-of-the-art lighting and delivered with a light-hearted vibe – this makes for a truly sensational and enjoyable evening.

Now in its 5th year, The Story of Guitar Heroes has become increasingly popular not only with many guitar players and musicians, but with people and families of all ages.

Don’t miss out on this spectacular show. You won’t be disappointed!


  Show details are as follows:

Show Name: The Story of Guitar Heroes
Venue: Leas Cliff Hall, The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2DZ
Date: Sunday 22 September 2019
Start Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: From £13
Box Office: 0844 871 3015
Book Online: https://www.atgtickets.com/shows/the-story-of-guitar-heroes/leas-cliff-hall/

Website: www.storyofguitarheroes.com

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_wJSCRigdo





There are hundreds of photos of the royal family on Pinterest with some not making the papers, which I must say is good as I think they go over the top a bit. No one is going to forget what happened to Princess Di a needless tragedy that could so easily have been avoided if they did not hound her. At least the press is a bit better now.

This picture was taken the other day at Wimbledon, yes it is a lovely photo and it is nice that they get to do the things they love. But what shocked me is how thin Kate has got this year, there really is nothing of her, goodness knows how she has the energy to keep up with three children and all that she does. Yes, I know she has a nanny but Kate is very hands-on with her children.

As my granddad used to say she needs a good meat pudding!


You can find these books all around Folkestone, they are really worth having a look through as all the artworks that are scattered all over Folkestone are in here, with a write-up all about them. The Quarterhouse really have got their finger on the ball, they really do so many things behind the scenes.

I just love all the colourful houses especially the one in the harbour. I was really surprised when I read the book as there were a few pieces that I had not realised where here.

There are maps to show where each piece is located, so you can’t get lost.




There really is so much to see in our town, it really is worth making the effort to have a walk around and look at some of the artworks. Have a look on my blog as there are a lot of posts about Folkestone there.




119 Sandgate Road,Folkestone, Kent CT20 2BL

I love this picture plus I really like Rocco’s, set in the middle of Folkestone on the Sandgate Road with plenty of street parking and car parks near by.

This is a bit like a tardis when you walk in as it is big and opens out, including an upstairs area where they hold events but is also open all the time for more seating.

I’m loving the wide staircase.

I can also let you know that the coffee is very nice and the best bit is it’s only £1 yes you may want to read that again, I said £1! Not a small cup and delicious, what more could you want. The tasty food arrives quickly and hot so perfect for those rushed lunches, tell them Karen sent you.

I did a workshop here and I was amazed to see they had a printer! The more I see and hear about this place I just love it more and more. Also they have all my posters for my writing group up on their walls.

This is the perfect place for your events so give them a call. I am just off to get a coffee there.

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