Well that really makes me feel old especially as I thought he was 29 this year lol. We had a lovely brunch at Jodie’s and as usual the twins were the stars of the day. They are growing up so quick and will be 2 in August and Freddie will be starting school in September.

Please excuse the dirty faces they both seem to get in an awful mess when eating. They are talking more now and such little characters.

Love this picture of Alfie, he looks far too young to be going into his last year of primary school in September.

So looking forward to going camping with them all this summer.

Happy holidays



This may look like a small book shop but I can assure you it is like a Tardis, I could not believe the amount of things they stock with also having a room upstairs for them to hold events.

You know what I am like for notebooks, well there are some great ones here.

Then you have the marvelous card display, the stationary is another favourite of mine.

It is like an Aladdin’s cave, from marbles, I didn’t realise they were a thing again now with the kids to mermaids and games there is something for everyone to spend their pocket-money on. I could just look round there for ever at all the books all it needs now is a comfy chair and a coffee machine!

I am sure I have forgotten to mention lots more things so I think its best if you just pop along there and say hello and that Karen sent you.


Have a great week


How would you like to win a nice new book?


All you have to do is comment with a question you would like to ask Alex Brown the author of The Wish.

Alex will pick the best question and answer it and then you win the book.

Last chance as this will be drawn Tuesday.



I have found a couple of fixed bed ones that I like so I would like to sell this one now.

Peugeot Boxer 270 MWB, Registered 2000, about 68,500 miles on clock, 5-speed gearbox, diesel, 2-sleeper or 2 adults 1 child camper van. Has total of three fitted seat belts. New battery and tyres, passed MOT yesterday with flying colours. Everything works, no leaks and drives great.

Fridge 3way, gas/electric 3 ring cooker plus oven which only been used couple of times, sink and draining board, toilet cubicle with fold-away basin and shower, front passenger chair fully swivels, flat screen TV with integral DVD, aerial, choice of two tables (small and large), fly screens, blackout blinds, electric side step, Fiamma cycle rack (for 2 bikes), side awning, stereo, 3-pin mains sockets, vehicle alarm and immobiliser plus additional deadlocks on all doors, 2 sets of keys, safe, lots of cupboards, CD radio, electric hook up lead very long, heating, hot & cold water, reversing sensors, power steering, leisure battery.

£13,000 ono Folkestone, Kent

Only selling because I need a fixed bed. Please contact here for any further details.



I was so happy to read this book as I had heard lots of good, funny things about it and it was a pleasure to link up with Gina who seems a really lovely author, as they always are, I really think this industry is the absolute best for kindness and just about everything.


So today is my day on the blog tour so a huge welcome to Gina and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, what a book! I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud at something that was written but this will have you in stitches, I loved every single part of it.

The characters are really good and all just blend together to make a real good package, I love Mavis and will have to read the previous book now as I know how funny it is going to be.


I so hope there will be another book as I am sure that the officers and constable Mavis Upton have a lot of stories to tell that will have you laughing and crying. Yes, there was a sad bit but it was all written so well into the story so that there were no time for tears. I will never look at a thong again and not think of Mavis Upton.

I loved the bit where she was weighing herself and the pounds were not dropping off, so she ended up taking all her clothes off to see if she lost more weight the only thing our Mavis didn’t think about was that she was at work! So she ends up hiding in a locker, so funny.

This is a 5 star excellent book that you just have to read and it will be in my top ten of the year. You can buy this from Amazon here.


Happy reading everyone