Just a very quick post to say a massive thank you to all my followers, Nanny Cool had the best day of views yesterday of 123. I do not know what that amount is compared to other people but to me it means the world and I wanted you all to know as without you following me there would be no blog. Massive (((hugs))) to you all.

Off to Creative Writing now, we had to write a short story about something that gave you goosebumps. Will put mine on the blog tonight. Have a good day everyone, the sun is even shining here! xx

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I thought I would post this again as we are having so much fun in the sun!
Thing to do BLOG 7

Things to do BLOG 0

If you have a patio you can fill this up with sand as it is on wheels you can push it to where you want it and then at the end of the day put the lid on it so it will be protected from animals during the night.

Things to do BLOG 2

It is amazing what you can do with blackboard paint!

Things to do BLOG 3

Things to do BLOG 4

Things to do BLOG 5

Things to do BLOG 6

I love this butterfly, I will be doing myself one of these this summer.

Things to do BLOG 7

Things to do BLOG 8

With this one you get all the chalk dust outside and then the rain washes it all clean.

This is lovely and a constant reminder of when they were little.

This is lovely and a constant reminder of when they were little.

I thought I would put this post over to crafts, as the holidays are coming closer or maybe you are looking after the children at weekends and need some ideas about things to do. I have tried these and they will not need any instructions as the pictures are plain enough. I do find it lovely how children are all different, some like getting all messy doing painting, some prefer the cleaner option like writing or drawing. I even have one that is a little book worm


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There appears to be so many of these special days now that no one seems to know anything about them, what is the point of them? I know there are far too many to celebrate all of them but I must admit I would like to know about them as like today, I would of got my best friends together for lunch. You cannot beat a good lunch with the girls, so much fun and it is good to let your hair down and just enjoy yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the nice messages I have had this week, it is true what they say, you do really feel part of a community on WordPress and I love the way we all support one another.

There is no news about the Nanny Magazine, I will keep you up-dated though as soon as I hear.

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After I received a comment from my post I started to thing about the Pinterest site that I have now started, I believe it is very similar to Tumbir but have not looked at that site yet. I had an idea that you could make a board about your character from the story you are writing, so all the pictures could be about her/him, therefor creating a folder of boards about each of your characters. You would then always have them on line wherever you are and when you write a follow on book it is easy to refresh your mind about them or even have two windows up on your screen for instant visual prompt.

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These are some of my boards I have created so far.


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Am I getting a bit too excited just because the sun has been out all day today? Maybe it is just me as I have had a lovely day, which probably seems quiet strange seeing as I have not seen a soul all day! I have almost finished a story though and I am quietly pleased with it, even if I do say so myself. I have the publisher lined up ready to receive it, so busy few days finishing and editing, oh and my granddaughter said she wants to read it first as she is my proof reader! (She is 10). How exciting if it gets printed, think I will faint with shock, I certainly did not think I would be doing this 18 months ago. It is nice to be able to say that you are very happy with life, family and friends.

I had some cards printed a while ago to let people know the blog address and I have received an email with lots of offers and some of them are free. The grandchildren were round yesterday and thought it was such a good deal and could they have pens and mugs and T-shirts, in the end they each did a list and said they would promote Nanny Cool and make everyone read the blog, lol. I do love them. xx

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Nanny Cool has a FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter page. I have just had a look through Twitter and was very surprised to see a Tweet there from Nanny Magazine asking if I would like to write for them! How exciting is that, after I had calmed down, I wrote back and asked them what sort of thing they are looking for and if they had read my blog. So, we will wait and see what happens next.

I think I am going to have to have an early night, far too much excitement in one day lol. Hope you all had a Super Sunday xx

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As you can see these are the most wonderful all hand painted shoes that I won from H.C.Elliston, I have never seen shoes so unique and I will treasure them forever. When you win something it makes everything in the world happy, might be because I never win at all so it is just absolutely amazing to receive a box full of goodies.

20130518-103308 PM.jpg

I will hurry and finish the book I am reading as I cannot wait to start my new one, it sounds very good so I can see myself not doing a lot for a couple of days lol. As the book is also signed I am thinking about a glass cabinet for shoes and book so they stay in pristine condition. Over the top? No, I do not think so, I am a happy blogger/writer/Nanny/Mum. xx