Christmas is creeping upon us, the children have written their letters for Santa and we are all thinking about presents, food, where we are going or who we are inviting. Christmas for children has changed so much with presents becoming far more expensive as they all want the latest best toy, it doesn’t even have to be an electrical gadget to be expensive even the latest doll or Lego set are all very expensive. Do we now just buy two or three expensive presents they have asked for and explain that they cost a lot of money or do we carry on buying until their sack is over flowing like they expect each year? Why do they expect that, because parents have started something that they cannot stop. Have we set the bar to high to begin with so as they grow up there are less and less things that they want or need?

How many children get an orange or chocolate coin in their stockings and say thank you for them or even want them? The children appear to be divided into the ones that have everything, the ones that just get their one main present and other small things they have asked for and then the ones that get hardly anything. The difference is now the children all mix together so they grow up knowing who has everything and the ones that do not, how does this affect the development and social awareness of the child? Do the ones that get everything then grow up up to expect everything they want out of life to be theirs and not have to work for it?

We always aim to be a better parent than our own parents so therefor we give more than we had, we make opportunities easily available and we are permanent taxis until they learn to drive which we then pay for and buy the first car. If they had to earn the money for the car would they look after it better and not drive too fast? How do parents know if they are loving their children and being the best parents ever or are they spoiling them so much that they won’t appreciate anything and don’t even think they are good parents anyway.

Do you think children are loved?

Do you think children are spoilt?

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Down on the South coast of UK we have had rain all weekend, very good for the new plants I have put in and the grass seed but not good to go out in so I have stayed in and had a very constructive weekend. The cat has not been a lot of help and has not really moved from this position……very lazy.

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I am doing an on-line writing course, it consists of 15 modules. I completed the first one and then you have a test to do before you can go onto the next module, very pleased to say I passed module 1 and have started the next one.

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I have Sky TV just the basic package, they rang me the other day and offered me Sky movies for 3 months at a very reduced rate so I quickly said yes as it means I will have it all over Christmas. As you can get all the demand TV now on your television, when you add the movies it lets you watch so many. I am so surprised at the amount of choice I have and it would take me a few weeks to get through in fact I am considering keeping it as it is the cheapest and easiest way to watch so many movies.

Sky Atlantic are showing a drama series at the moment called The Tunnel, it was filmed at the channel tunnel with some local people in the background, no I’m not in it but think I will watch the program so I know what people are talking about!

One more week and it will be half term, I have never known all the children be so keen to have a holiday……anyone would think they worked hard!


Free download today.


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First of all I want to say how very, very proud I am of my granddaughter Izzy. This is the one that loves reading and writing, she completed the Kent test and grammar school test in September. The results came through yesterday and she has passed both with great results. So this means July next year Izzy will be going to grammar school, she is so pleased as she has worked very hard towards this the last couple of years. There were a lot of tears of happiness last night, a very proud family. Xx

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I have been trying to get my garden to look nice all year round, so I got some help and have made a few changes and now have some bark down. Also I am looking for metal ornaments for the wall and fence as the ones it have got only appear to last a couple of years and then look awful. Will be looking for some plants that their foliage looks nice in winter and all plants, bulbs, seeds will be shades of pink and I even have a couple of old tyres spray painted pink. I have decided to get some very small grit or gravel to put round plants as the slugs do not like this so I am hoping they will all clear off. I’m not holding my breath by the way, I really don’t like the way they destroy everything. For my readers that are local please take cuttings of any pink shrubs or flowers and creepers. Thank you xx

The days and weeks appear to be going very quickly and Christmas is looming up towards us, I thought I was very organised as started shopping early on in the year but I have now forgotten what I have as I didn’t put it all down on the list. My own fault I know, I will have to get everything out and then wrap so I will know what’s what and then put in bag for each of girls. Then hide it, somewhere!!!
I do love Christmas it is such a magical time with all the children, I don’t know why we have to eat so much over the three days but it’s all good and it wouldn’t be the same if you were not stuffed full.

In creative writing this week I gave in my work about the characters treasured possession so following on from last week and the box I had to write about the little girls favourite thing.
Annabel’s Photograph Album
Curled edges on the small tatty looking book, no bigger than a postcard, blue photograph album was Annabel’s favourite thing and stayed with her all the time. On the front cover there were two picture’s one of Annabel in her very best red dress with a blue peter pan collar and her white cardigan with the little pocket. The other picture was her nanny looking straight at her with her grey glasses and grey hair all nice with lots of little curls in it and a shiny silver slide on the side of her head holding a little bit of her hair back. Nanny always used to wear the same sort of dresses, lots of flowers on them all over but mainly one colour just different shades of it. Cream lacy collars and a bit of lace round the bottom of the sleeves. In winter she would have a jacket and a hat and in summer it would be a cardigan, all matching together with her shoes and handbag

On the back of the album was the same picture of Annabel but this time the other photo was of her granddad. He had very, very short black hair all stuck down on to his head with a parting on one side Annabel didn’t like the look of his hair it just looked all wet to her. When he went out he always wore a hat, nanny used to like that saying he looked very smart. Granddad always wore the same things, his trousers which were just plain colours with a belt, his shirt and tie and then his jacket all very plain colours either brown, grey, black or navy, the only thing that had a bit of colour in it was his tie. She could remember her mummy saying that she used to buy her dad ties for his birthday and Christmas. But he never wore any of the silly ones like the Simpsons ones you can get now.

The album was full of her very best pictures of her nanny and granddad and herself. It was all she had left of them and she treasured it. Now she had her Nanny’s special box as well, it was a very special day today and she would remember it forever, maybe she would ask her mummy to take a picture of her holding nanny’s box.
I have already completed this weeks homework as we have had some rainy days so I have been indoors getting a lot of jobs completed that have been on my to-do list for ages. Very pleased with myself though as now I have a couple of days to do some writing. Maybe another blog post too! Have a great weekend x


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