IMG_2727.JPGWhen I was younger I never really took much notice of the weather or where I lived but I guess we don’t really.
Now I feel extremely pleased that I live down on the coast of Britain, closest place to France and Europe. We have the best weather and seem to miss a lot of the bad harsh winters including fog and frost as we are on the coast and our summers appear to be getting hotter. I best touch wood now I have said that lol.
You can be in central London in an hour or over in France, in fact you can get a train to Paris for lunch. Gatwick airport is an hour away so by the afternoon you can be laying on the beach in Portugal.
I sound like a tourist information blog but I just wanted to let people know how great it is here, I am by no means saying it is perfect as we have a lot of immigrants coming over from Calais, France and a lot just stay in Kent. The positive is that most of them do work but there still seems to be enough jobs to go round. All my granddaughters friends have got part time jobs for the summer, which is great for them and gives them a bit of independence.
There is a downside with the weather in that it cannot be guaranteed so you can’t leave your nice outdoor furniture outside all summer, which I find most annoying as I cannot have a nice wicker suite as I have no where to store it.
There is a great mixture of towns, countryside and historical places to visit, including Dover Castle where you can go down in the tunnels and the food on the tables in the dimly lit rooms actually smells like it used too, I was amazed about that! The Tower of London is great as there is so much to see there as well as the Queens jewels. All the park attractions like Chessington and Alton Towers are all within easy reach by car.
What is it like where you live? Would you live anywhere else? Do you think we appreciate where we live more if we have travelled and seen different places?
If I won the lottery I would also have a little place in Spain that I could pop over to with the grandchildren and it is a bit warmer there in January and February so be good for the old bones. I do like the thought of home from home so you have all you need there and don’t have to take much luggage. When I lived in Spain it was great to just travel with a handbag lol.



I went along to the park with Billie and the children and took my new camera, still very impressed with photos so thought I had better do a post about them. The dog is called Pepper but for some reason Mia calls him Pepper doggy so now we all call him that….and no I do not know why! Lol



IMG_2712.JPGPepper would of liked to of said hello to the ducks but they were keeping to the middle of the pond.

IMG_2705.JPGHe did try to catch the feathers but failed at that.

IMG_2708.JPGI love the expressions on Mia’s face as she takes it all in.


IMG_2706.JPGWe had to keep Zac’s dummy in or he ate the grass!



IMG_2719.JPG Then we went to the park where Mia learnt to come down the slide backwards and on her belly, you could hear her clapping herself! Lol




IMG_2714-0.JPGThey all had a great day, the dog was worn out but not the children lol.


20140805-102832 am-37712330.jpg
Sitting here watching the sun set, I think of you, wherever you are,
do you think of me? Wishing to hold me close like yesteryear?
I can feel your touch, soft but strong
I can smell the Joop, you loved so much.
I miss you still as the memories fade but never go
You were my love, I didn’t know, until you left for pastures new.
Did you know I loved you, body and soul?
Did you care or forget as the miles rolled by?
I dream a dream, of holding you again
Making you mine till the end of our days

20140805-102941 am-37781961.jpg


First of all I wanted to share with you the certificate I received from Breast Cancer Care thanking us for raising the money. I thought that was a lovely thought.

20140803-060036 am-21636074.jpg
I wanted a desk in my bedroom as it is so light and airy with the window looking out onto the garden, I just love my bedroom. I started to look about as it needed to be an exact size to fit in the gap and with drawers on the right. I eventually found one on EBay and it was only £7 what a bargain, great condition. So off I went to pick it up as it fitted in the back of the car. As I have been looking for a while I also started to collect little bits that I wanted to go on the desk.

20140803-060556 am-21956148.jpgMy favourite thing is my handbag light, it is so cool, I love it to bits. When I was out with Corinne I found the frame and she put the wadding and material in it to make it a notice board so I have pit all the things that mean something to me on it instead of them being in a cupboard where they are never seen.

20140803-060823 am-22103377.jpgI am now very happy sitting at my desk, looking down the garden and dreaming up the next story to write.

20140803-061042 am-22242510.jpg


I just had to share my excitement with you all as I am jumping about like a mad women possessed! Lol well not really possessed but definitely mad! As I was trying to get to sleep the other night I was looking through my phone, as you do. I looked at Twitter and I have 867 followers, amazing I thought so I then looked at my blog and have 385 followers, very impressed with that. I know it is not as many as a lot of the blogs out there but I am happy so I figure that’s all that matters. There have been 6,240 views on all my posts I have written, that’s a lot of people reading about me and all what I write about. Then I looked at the countries and people from 69 different countries around the world follow my blog! AMAZING.

20140802-044959 pm-60599186.jpg

20140802-045014 pm-60614106.jpg

20140802-045026 pm-60626726.jpg

20140802-045040 pm-60640403.jpgSo, you see now why I am so happy. Thank you to every single person that takes the time to read my posts xxx