I cannot remember where I got this book from but I am so pleased I took it away with me to read as it was very good. This gets your emotions going about all the characters and I fell into the trap of what the writer K.L. Slater wanted you to do and that was think the mother was to blame and it was her laying there in a comatose state.

The ending was a surprise and one I did not even think about, just goes to show how different people take what children say!

Very well written, I read this in a day as I just didn’t want to stop. I have not read any of Slater’s books before but if they are as intriguing as this one then I will be looking out for them.

Happy reading



Oh my god, what a brilliant story, I could not put this down. Very dark and sinister with a bit of a twist towards the end that then makes everything fall into place. Great characters but your just never sure who to believe and what exactly is the truth? I am sure you will really like this book, it got a brilliant 5 stars from me.

Lovely house by the sea, lonely artist, over bearing sister and then a fresh person walks into his life. Friends eventually turn into lovers so there is a happy couple and then a baby, what could possibly go wrong? I would never have guessed what actually happens here, it is written so well with great characters that hide a lot. Can you get away with murder, read this and see that even after so much research and planning it never ends well.

This would make a really good film.

Happy reading.


They have built a super 18 hole golf course here that is proving extremely popular with the golfers in Spain and Europe.

Even though the new roads are straight they look pretty with all the palms along the side. An unusual safety barrier onto this urbanisation makes the area really safe. It logs your registration number as well.

A good variety of shops, bars and restaurants also open here now.


These street decorations make the small villages so colourful for their fiestas which always finish off with fireworks.


It was great to have an Indian and considering the price this was really delicious and the wine was nice as very often you find the spanish wine needs a splash of lemonade.

Michelle joined myself and Lynda for the evening.

Onion bhaji and chicken puree were the starters we had with the poppadoms and dips, I had the bhaji which was big for a starter. My favourite dip is the mint which I have often tried to make myself but it never comes out with the same taste as the Indian restaurants.

I love a lot of sauce with the curries and naan bread and these were just right, I had the chicken korma and was a big serving for one person. I don’t think anyone would leave here still hungry. Then you have a dessert as well, we had the ice cream to finish off a really gorgeous meal.

Walking over to Michelle’s apartment afterwards we were greeted by her dog Pepe and also one she was looking after called Cassie who looks like she is talking in the picture.

A large gin and tonic later and we were ready to walk home to our beds after a super evening.


After spending 12 days in Benidorm I then went back down to Lynda’s, very happy with the amount of writing, reading and chilling I achieved. I have decided that next year I am just going to have weekends and school holidays away in the camper in Britain. There are lots of places to visit that you never get round to so that is my plan for now. It is a long drive down to Spain so if I was to do it again I would make the drive part of the holiday. There are many places to wild camp in Benidorm but I would not be brave enough to stay in any of them, well not on my own anyway. You do hear of vans being broken into over in Europe while people are sleeping and that’s with wheel locks and things on. So my trip round Italy will have to wait a while until someone can come with me.

It was nice to have a couple of days with Lynda before we set of on our travels home.

We decided to go over the Pyrenees as it is a bit quicker and we are leaving on Friday so we can have two stops then its straight up to Calais to catch the last ferry on the Sunday evening. Blogs to come about places we went through and were we stayed.

I am not looking forward to the drop in temperature when we get home, I will also find out how Peaches has been and if she has settled down now.