Anthony Hulse was born in Middlesbrough, UK and worked for British Steel (Corus) for thirty-two years before opting for early retirement in 2009. I now plan to concentrate full-time on my writing. I have been writing now for approximately fourteen years, and in this time, I have had three novels published as POD. I have written and published to date, thirty novels and over fifty short stories, mostly psychological thrillers, but also an assortment of genres. Five of my short stories have featured in anthologies.

I wrote a biography for a local man who served as a DEMS gunner during WWII and self-published his book, This Blood Red Sea. With permission from my ex-publisher, I have republished Insanity Never Sleeps and also published the sequel, Insanity Never Sleeps II The Resurrection. All of my books available now on Lulu, Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and many other retailers.
I appreciate all feedback and reviews of my books.

img_2422Dc Vicky Smullen’s Cid team investigate a series of child abductions in Cornwall. Her obsession with the case intensifies with the abduction of her five-year old son. Ben Orton, an ex-Sas soldier metes out revenge on former members of the Ira who murdered his brother and are released as part of the Good Friday agreement. Living in a secluded location in Scotland, a stranger approaches Orton and blackmails him into joining The Disciples of Retribution, a select band of vigilantes. The abductors of the children share an unusual fantasy, their frightening and abnormal behaviour provoking punishment for the youngsters. Hush Little Children, a tale of revenge and indignity, will frighten and captivate you.

WHAT DID I THINK I am surprised this has not been picked up by an agent or publisher as I thought this was an excellent story that I enjoyed every part of. It is different so you are not sure what to expect but keeps you reading as you cannot wait to read what comes next. I really wanted them to find the children but it keeps you wondering until the end. These characters all work really well together so the flow and pace I think are just right. I don’t read many self published books as I get so many from tours, publishers and authors but I am really pleased I read this one, it gets a good recommendation from me.






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Happy reading



Twists galore in this story that make it absolutely brilliant, I read this in a couple of days I couldn’t stop just wanted to know what was going to happen next. A few red herrings along the way and so many twists and turns you really are not sure what happened.

Characters that are strong, secretive and all appear to have their own agenda that it makes you go round in circles trying to work out who are the good guys and who is the killer or was it an accident.

DI Fawley has his work cut out here trying to piece together how the children got to be on their own in the house when it burnt to the ground, where was the mother and the father who was supposed to be at a conference is not answering his phone and cannot be found.

The set up of this story is different as you have police logs, social media and all the parts that the police find to link all together to try to solve the crime. Why would you want to murder two children? Bone chilling reading that makes you almost feel the heat in this story, another best seller for Cara Hunter.

When will the next best seller be available?



We had our first meeting of the Write By The Sea Writers Group in our new permanent home at The Chambers Coffee Shop last Thursday. It was another brilliant evening with lots of news exchanged and some good work by some members. I feel everyone is getting to know each other so it is a lot more relaxed and I felt being in a place that was shut there was less worry about noise and people.

Hannah did a really good writing, thinking exercise which went down very well. When you first hear some words that you have to make into something you immediately think oh! how am I going to think of anything. We all did though and they were really good.  I did say that it is because we are writers that we can make up things out of limited vocabulary.

I am doing the exercise next month so I hope it goes down as well as the last two have. I am looking to get a canvas or poster to put up in the window when we have our meetings so I have been playing about with a few ideas, as you can see.

Which one do you like best?


What are you writing at the moment?



This is May’s addition of the Writing Magazine that I got the other day, lots of interesting reading in this one plus you get a free crime supplement with it that is very good. Lisa Cutts does the law questions but also this month there is a piece on her that is very good.


I have read all Lisa’s books so if you are looking for a good gritty crime series to get into then this is for you. It would be great if they were made into TV dramas as they have got all the ingredients to make great TV.


If you are writing a crime piece then I would recommend you get this as it is really interesting and gives you lots of tips about things.

Happy reading


I came across this the other day on Facebook so thought I would share to see what you thought of these statements.


Number one says laughing is because your lonely, I am not sure I believe that as they say laughing keeps your spirits up and generally keeps you feeling good. I always have a laugh when I am with my friends, there again we are normally laughing at one of us! Getting older and the senior moments happen far to often.

Number two is a load of rubbish as teenagers sleep an awful lot and they are not sad. Also people with a lot of the hidden illnesses sleep because they have too not because they want to. Many days I can sleep for a good 10 hours and still wake up feeling as if I have been up all night.

Number three made me laugh as if someone speaks fast with limited words they may well have secrets because you could not understand them! LOL.

Number four, if you cannot cry you are weak. So all these men that do not cry are all very weak, I don’t think I’m agreeing with that one either.

Number five, eating fast or slow comes from the type of upbringing you had, I do only say this from my point of view as we sat round the table for ages eating and the dinner parties were really long. I also think if you was one of many growing up then you just ate it quick before anyone else got it.

Number six, if you cry at lots of things your are soft-hearted, well yes I agree with that. I do also find that if I am feeling a bit low then anything a bit sad will make me cry. I can see nothing wrong with men or women crying as sometime you just cannot help it.

Number seven, I do not think getting angry over small things is an indication that you need love. Anger is an emotion that you can control and let’s face it if you were getting angry all the time you have no chance of finding love.

So the moral is, try to understand people more, maybe that should read:

Love yourself, be happy and treat everyone like you would like to be treated yourself.

Have a lovely day


This is only open to the people of Folkestone as we cannot send eggs through the post. Sorry



I absolutely love the way they have written CRYME, very catchy and actually makes you look at the rest and boy am I glad I did, this is so good. I just had to share it with you, yes of course I am going so you best get your ticket quick and to be honest this really is a bargain so it will not hang around for long. Thank you to the lovely Guy Fraser-Sampson for letting me in on this little gem of an event.


Event Details:

Saturday 14th September 2019
10.00 am
10:30 am – 4:30 pm
6 hours
Simon Brett, Martin Edwards, William Shaw & Lynne Truss
Wheelchair access
Hearing loop

Rye’s first Cryme Day is a fabulous opportunity to meet, listen to and eat with four brilliant crime writers. Chaired by Guy Fraser-Sampson, the day will also include a murder-themed four-course lunch at The Mermaid Inn.

Find out what makes crime writers tick, get tips to help you if you wish to start writing and finally, just have fun! The day will include talks by four crime authors. You can attend any or all four of the talks with or without attending the lunch.

A delicious four-course murder-themed lunch with a glass of wine or a soft drink will be held in the atmospheric 2 AA Rosettes Mermaid Inn, where Head Chef Ben Fisher is very focused on using quality, seasonal, local ingredients and cooking them perfectly. He has a broad range of experience having worked in Michelin Star restaurants such as Fischer’s Restaurant in Baslow, The French Laundry in California, Tom Aikens Restaurant in London and worked with Thomas Keller at Harrods. If you have any special dietary requirements we will need to know in advance, please e-mail giving details.

I am really looking forward to meeting these authors, I do hope they bring a book for me to review! HINT HINT GUY


10.00 – 10.30 am Arrival, tea and coffee and panel introduction to all four authors
10.30 – 11.15am Talk by William Shaw
11.30 – 12.15pm Talk by Martin Edwards
12.30 – 2.30pm LUNCH at The Mermaid Inn
2.45 – 3.30pm Talk by Lynne Truss
3.45 – 4.30pm Talk by Simon Brett




Simon has been writing crime novels for over 40 years and is the author of over 100 books including the Charles Paris, Mrs Pargeter, Fethering and Blotto & Twinks series of crime novels. Originally a radio producer for BBC Light Entertainment, Simon has also written numerous radio plays and television series.


Martin Edwards is an award-winning crime writer whose most recent novel, set in 1930, is Gallows Court. Martin is also a well-known crime fiction critic and series consultant to the British Library’s bestselling Crime Classics. His ground-breaking study of the genre between the wars, ‘The Golden Age of Murder’ was warmly reviewed around the world and won the Edgar, Agatha, H.R.F. Keating and Macavity awards. His ‘The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books’ has also been nominated for five awards.

A well-known commentator on crime fiction, Martin has edited 37 anthologies and published diverse non-fiction books, including a study of homicide investigation, ‘Urge to Kill’. An expert on crime fiction history, he is the archivist of both the Crime Writers’ Association and The Detection Club. He was elected eighth President of the Detection Club in 2015, and is the current Chair of the Crime Writers Association. He posts regularly to his blog, ‘Do You Write Under Your Own Name?’.



Hailed as “a master of modern crime”, William’s latest novel Salt Lane takes a character from his hugely praised standalone novel ‘The Birdwatcher’ to start a new series set in Dungeness. Val McDermid called it “Taut, terrifying and timely.” He is also the author of the acclaimed Breen and Tozer series set in London in 1968-69. Peter May says: “William Shaw is, quite simply, an outstanding storyteller”.



Lynne is a celebrated author, screenwriter, columnist and broadcaster. She is the writer of numerous works of fiction and non-fiction, including the bestselling book on punctuation Eats, Shoots and Leaves. In 2018 Lynne published her first crime novel A Shot in the Dark, which garnered rave reviews. The Man That Got Away, the second instalment of Lynne’s joyfully quirky crime series, features a trio of detectives who must investigate the murder of a hapless romantic; an aristocratic con-man on the prowl; and a dodgy Brighton nightspot…


Talks & Luncheon Ticket:   £75

Talks Only Ticket:                 £35 




Are you ever too old to date?

Or is it just a state of mind?

I personally think that you are never too old if it is what you want to do, no body can ever tell you not to date because you are old. I feel the problems may occur if you try to dress like your twenty years younger than what you are and believe me there are many that do and I have often wondered why has no one ever told them “you look a bit ridiculous dressed in the same clothes your daughter wears” but I guess each to their own.

How has dating changed over the years? If you are one of the many over 50 dating and still looking for your sole mate, I know we are a bit sad but you got to keep hoping and it’s fun dating, it gets you out the house. Hopefully you get taken for a nice meal as I think the older people certainly know how to treat you for an evening date. It certainly fills your calendar and saves on the food shopping!

Dating when you were younger was very different as the pubs were the place to go but there were so many of them you either had to have one drink in each one so you could have a good look around or wait until a bit later in the evening when everyone ended up at the favourite one at the time. If you were lucky you got a couple of drinks bought for you and then they offered to walk you home, fully expecting a snog at the end. If you liked them you gave them your phone number or if not you gave them the wrong number.

How different things are now  as there are not many pubs so you have to know the popular one and head there after you have had a few drinks indoors. As it gets very expensive if you buy drinks all evening and you very rarely get a drink bought for you. The main aim of the evening appears to just be getting drunk nowadays but if you do happen to meet someone you like they will want to take you home and exchange social media sites.

What age would I rather be dating? Well I like as you can find out so much about the person before you even meet them plus you see photos and even talk on-line if you want to. I think dating now in my 50’s is far safer than what it was years ago plus even now the younger ones still go through dating sites and many of the other social media apps. Dating on-line is the way forward no matter what age you are and most definitely the safest way to go, find out as much as you can and look them up to see what comes to light about them. You can’t go wrong meeting for a coffee during the day which is now the most popular first meeting or date.



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New to Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone!

Resident Comedy Club- Rib Ticklers

The last Friday of every month!

Premiers Friday 26 April 2019

To book online:

By Phone: 01303 228600 (option 1)

 Rib Ticklers Comedy Club is taking up residency in the Channel Suite at Leas Cliff Hall so you can enjoy stand-up from some of the finest up-and-coming comedians around, fresh from the UK’s prestigious comedy circuit! On the last Friday of every month, rib ticklerswill take over our channel suit to bring you the hottest comedians on the circuit, from well-known and much-loved to new up and coming and international acts.

We have gone that extra step to take care of your night out and have our on site chefs ready to prepare you a delectable curry to start your evening, so why not spice up your night with a pre-show curry?  Prepared on site using the finest ingredients our curries are a perfect accompaniment to a night of laughter.  Enjoy a meat or vegetable curry including a naan and rice, before the comedy starts.

Book today and join us for a night of comedy and curry!

Tickets for the evening are priced at just £12 or to include the meal £22.

Full line up for all dates will be announced shortly.

For more information and to request assets please contact or call 01303 228608





Lisa Cutts – Never Forget was the winner of the Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award 2014.

Lisa is a full-time detective constable investigating murders for a living.

Lisa writes crime books with her insider knowledge from the heart of the incident room and is busy writing the DC Nina Foster series and the East Rise Incident Room series.

img_2422Few kidnap victims grow up to become police officers – but this is exactly what Nina Foster did.

Following a frenzied stabbing she is drafted into her first murder investigation. With former rescuer DCI Stan McGuire as her mentor and John (‘Wingsy’) Wing as her partner, she thrives on the pace and banter that go with the job.

As the body count increases and the force’s biggest-ever manhunt gets underway, Nina is determined to find the murderer. But when the story of her own traumatic childhood comes to light – a past she’s worked hard to hide – her role on the team is threatened.

Suddenly her job, her peace of mind and her safety are all in danger. And this time DCI Stan McGuire won’t be there to save her.

Fast-paced, and with a shocking twist, this compelling crime debut by police insider Lisa Cutts takes us to the heart of the Major Incident Room – introducing a gutsy new heroine to the crime scene.


WHAT DID I THINK: I have read all of Lisa’s books back to front so I am only just reading her very first book. If you know Lisa then you can see so many parts of her in this writing and I love it. Obviously the recent books do not do this as she is now a very experienced writer. I love the way some words you can just hear Lisa saying so it made me smile. Found this old picture from when the book was released, really like your hair here Lisa, she always reads what I have to say about her brilliant writing.

This is made up of very short chapters but the brilliant thing is that most leave you hanging so you have to read the next one. No wonder I read this in a couple of days, the style is very agreeable for the reader and I would imagine the writer as each chapter is a little story on its own. I am pleased I read this one last as I think it’s the best. Lisa’s chapters have got a little bit longer and there is nothing of herself in the current book but there again if you didn’t know her you would not see these parts. Anyway it is a fantastic story and if you have not read any of her books then get over to Amazon and start now, you won’t be disappointed.






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