I loved this book from the first page, it was easy to get into and so nice to read and relax without trying to work out who killed who!  I loved all these characters but also the way they all seemed to learn from their mistakes and rectify them, shame that does not happen a bit more in real life.

I liked that we all found out a bit more about diabetes which I think is very handy as it is getting very common now, due I think to the lifestyle we lead. Alex also wrote about blood tests and hereditary which was very interesting and the really good part was that we were gaining a bit of knowledge without even realising it, that makes for a very talented author I feel.

Sam comes home from working away thinking that he will just fit back into family life but his wife Chrissie is not so sure and keeps him at arm’s length. Then Jude returns home to be close to family and her god-daughter. How will they all fit back together or has it been too long? Sam and Chrissie’s daughter is very impatient and tries to manipulate conditions for them to spend time together but it takes a near emergency before they all realise that life is to short and family is everything.

I will be looking out for some more of Alex’s books in the future as I really enjoyed this story.

I also have a signed copy ready for the winner of my author spotlight competition to be held in July, so if you have a question you would like to ask Alex then please let me know by a comment or email me at: karensworld.writer@yahoo.com   Alex will pick the best question to answer and that will be the winning one.

Happy reading x





I need your help but it will only take a second of your time and I would really appreciate it as I am not sure where you are seeing my blog.

For some reason since I have had the new layout I do not get any likes from WordPress readers, is that because you are not seeing it? Or, I really hope it is not this, that you do not like the new blog or content? I think my content has been good as have written a mixture of posts so they appeal to many audiences. Can you still like a post on WordPress when you click on your email also can you then like it without being a WordPress user?

My likes on Facebook have gone down also but on Stumble upon they have gone up? I am just not sure what is going on so could you please like a post where ever you view it. Thank you very much x




What an excellent idea, my daughter Jodie got me these so no more wipes or cotton wool pads for removing make-up for me. These are little towelling squares, you get about 8 in the pack so a weeks worth but also you get a net to put them in when they go in the washing machine, so no losing them.

What a simple and excellent idea, you could even make your own. I must admit I did like these with the shoes on.

Once you start looking and becoming more aware of our environment then you see some really good ideas for battling this huge amount of waste we create.

Personally I think we need to do more to make the big supermarkets change their ideas as all the time we keep buying then they will keep on making the rubbish packaging round their goods.

I think it is great that the milkman is returning with so many people taking it back up and it being delivered to their doorstep.

Lets hope for lots more clever ideas to make our country beautiful again.




I love this series by Stacy Claflin, they are all linked but can be read as stand alone, when I read the first three I could not put them down. There is also a TV series called GONE that has the same plot, that is really good as well.

Girl in trouble is about the person who takes the child, his back ground so you get to build up a picture of him like the dad Alex does. I could not wait to get to the end to see what happens as I know from the other books Stacy always turns it up a bit towards the end and you are never sure which way it is all going to go.

I love all these characters as you get to know them after reading all the books and I was so pleased that I found this one, I believe there is also one more so I will be looking out for that in the future.

I never used to like series but I do now as it’s a bit like a drama on the TV you keep watching and reading and find out that bit more as you go on.

Great writing Stacy, I loved it.






I have often seen the advert on Facebook for this company, it caught my eye as I am always getting cold fingers when typing so I thought I would look into them a bit more.

I was surprised at the amount of garments they make and can understand why they have gone from strength to strength but they have also kept the great customer service that they started with.  Kate also talks about what colours suit each person and does a good Utube show here.


So many colours for the fingerless gloves, they will match any outfit or if your like me and spend a lot of your time in jamas writing they will match your pj’s lol. If you join their friends you will get an offer of lucky dip fingerless gloves for £10 I did this and put that I would like pink on my order form.

I am also looking into more of our waste as a country and the more I discover the worse I feel but this company tackle it head on as all these garments are made from old cashmere items. When you donate a jumper you then receive a pair of the gloves.

You are probably wondering what they do with the small bits well how about baby bootes.

I bought the pink fingerless gloves, they are so soft and gorgeous, I also need hot pink ones now. All delivered in a strong secure box so no damage.

I know the pink wrap is expensive at £79 but oh my it is gorgeous and you can just imagine how soft that would feel wrapped round you. See it here.

So many unusual garments here that I am sure you will all like something. Another green company that needs our support.