We here at Hashtag Blogger have teamed up with internet sensation Rumena Begum to provide you with ‘Blogging Made Easy’. We have written the guides in this book to help you make the most out of life as a blogger in 2016 and help you take your success to the next level by attracting more visitors and increasing your online exposure. Whether you’re starting up a new blog, have done blogging for years, or you’re running a blog for your business. We’re going to cover everything you need to know in order to have a successful online blog. We’ll also explain how you can outreach and get noticed by brands looking for collaborations.


I was given this book, it was written in 2016 but even so, if you are just starting out at blogging it will be very helpful. This focuses on the things you should do and not how to do them as programs are changing constantly. Very well written and clear for the very beginner.




The Eat Out to Help Out government scheme has been used more than 35 million times in its first two weeks – according to the latest Treasury results.

All the restaurants have certainly been busy here in Folkestone, which was good to see.  I went to The Pullman twice, Brickfields and Marco Pierre White. I still do my shopping online as to be honest it is so much easier.


These are the pictures from the Pullman, It’s a nice pub in the centre of town plus it has a lovely garden.






Sue Reid Sexton travels solo in a tiny campervan and uses it as a creative space and general escape hatch. For a day or weeks at a time, she disappears up glens and over mountains to write novels. Writing on the Road is about these flights, but its also a travel journal, a guide to living in the moment, to coping when your marriage unravels and staying creative against all odds, campervan do’s and dont’s, and how not to be scared in the dark. “Sue Reid Sexton speaks with courage and humour that shine through this inspirational, honest and moving story.” The Sunday Post

Sue Reid Sexton lives in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Mavis’s Shoe was the first new Scottish novel to be published simultaneously in Braille and in print. It was Waterstones ‘Book of the Month’, in Waterstones ‘Books of the Year’ list 2011, a Books from Scotland ‘Book of the Month’, and was included in ‘Books to Treasure’ Book Week Scotland 2013.

Rue End Street is the sequel, as meticulously researched as Mavis’s Shoe, and takes us the length of the Clyde Estuary and all the dangers and turmoil of the port of Greenock, known during WW2 as ‘Port Number One’.

Sue has appeared on TV and radio talking about her work and is available for events and workshops.

Her advice to new writers is: ‘Do it and keep doing it until you know what you’re doing. Do it everybody else’s way but finish with doing it your own. Learn to run. I mean real physical running as in jogging if you can. I ran before I wrote seriously. What I learnt about running taught me a lot about how to write. Writing anything good, especially long stuff like novels, requires massive stamina, awareness of your environment and awareness of yourself.’


As I have a campervan, of course, I loved this book especially the truth and humour in it, this makes you realise what it is like and why we change our minds and get a different one. You have to try them out until you find the one that was made for you. A brilliant book that campervan owners will enjoy and should read.

She has a website:
And a blog:

You can get the book on Amazon here.






How can I explain to you how gorgeous this feels in your hands, the softest leather, not too heavy, two ribbons so you can find your pages quickly and easily. The pages are thicker paper, an ivory 100gsm so your ink does not seep through to the other side. OMG, I think I am in love!

They have included just about everything in this, I just cannot wait to use it all

  • Undated 12 months of planning
  • Long, medium and short term goal list
  • Monthly, weekly and daily view
  • calendar for 20/21
  • document holder at the back

You can get one here.


This is going to help so much with my motivation, so when you see your productivity written down it makes you want to try more so you are more positive in everything you do. No more juggling different notebooks with each thing, now I have everything in one small handsome book, I really cannot stop feeling it, it’s so lovely.



I am in heaven, I think I will get a nice new pen to use in this as just any biro is not up to the job. I love the month in view as I find that great to put down what blog post is going out on what day. I feel more productive already and that’s just from thinking about all the things I am going to put down in this fantastic goal-setter planner.

I love the quotes that are through this and the sheet you get with your planner, dream big everyone and love yourself. Just reading all these makes you feel good in yourself.


As you start to read about the ways that goal setting can help in your achieving better results you will see how this can help you. I really like the way they have explained everything at the beginning of this book, so if you lose track then just go back and read through again. You can start of simple so you get into the routine of reading and filling in your book each day. There are routines to help you with gratitude, also affirmations to help you.

This is the best one I have seen as it not only covers everything but it tells you about each step so you understand where you are going. Click on the link and order now, I just know you are all going to love it, just like I do.








Detective Inspector Jack Dawes and his bride, Corrie, join eight other holidaymakers bound for a tiny Greek island, ready for a bit of sun, sea and sand.

One of them is a ruthless killer.

Mayhem ensues when a storm destroys the island’s primitive communications, cutting it off from civilization.


First, one victim is poisoned, followed swiftly by another. Then a woman is found badly beaten in a quiet cove and a body is found in a grotto to St Sophia, the island’s patron saint. The island’s visitors are being picked off one by one. Can Jack uncover the truth before the killer ups the ante?

Who will return home — and who will be sacrificed to the island?

Detective Inspector Jack Dawes, tall and handsome, looks like the fuzz even when he’s off-duty. He rose up through the ranks at Scotland Yard and now is a well-respected detective in the murder squad. A career copper, he was married to the job until he met Coriander during a money-laundering investigation, the case which earned him his promotion to DI. He has logical analytical skills. She has intuitive people skills. So he bounces ideas off her. They make a formidable and funny couple whose skills combine to solve crimes.


Frances Lloyd was born in Essex but spent a nomadic childhood being carted between RAF stations until mercifully, she was allowed a crack at a proper education in Cheltenham, studying English and Classics. As an adult, she became something of a wandering minstrel with no physical or spiritual roots apart from work.

Frances has always been a writer. The job that paid the mortgage was in government communications, writing speeches and other parliamentary material for various politicians. She also worked as a freelance journalist and photographer but her ambition was always to write crime novels.

She began writing fiction to unwind at the end of a frantic day. She started by entering short story competitions and won several prizes. From there, she became a regular fiction writer for Woman’s Weekly and occasionally writes for the magazine under the pseudonym “flloyd”. But the Holy Grail was always to write a crime novel.

Finally, she gave up the day job, bought an acre of land in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland and built a house around her laptop. She now writes full time and has published four crime novels.

Married three times but now a widow, Frances’ hobbies are reading, wine tasting and dancing.


This reminded me of Julie Wassmer’s books as the descriptions of the area are lovely so you can imagine you are on a greek island and yes sometimes the food does look ‘different’ for want of a better word!  The characters were great and you felt like you knew them, they really went well with this nice soft crime which I must say is very popular now. This was the first book I had read from the author and the first in this series with Inspector Jack Dawes. I have to admit I still did not guess who the murderer was and was surprised at the end but what a great ending, I love it when all the loose ends are tied up. A great book for the summer read on the beach.




Happy reading




How do you keep safe when dating someone new?

Dating online like Cardiff dating site is the ideal place to start as while you sit in your own space it is all completed online and with you, in charge, this can go on for as long as you want it too. It gives you the ideal situation to just ask questions, chat and then go on to facetime meets all still in the comfort of your own home.

There is no rush to go out and meet someone new when you can get to know them so much more by chatting in a safe environment. The questions that you have to build up to, you can now just charge in and ask away as let’s face it the worse that can happen is they will not talk to you again.

I find that if you give them a surprise facetime, Zoom or whatever you use then you get to see them as they are, but remember that can be returned but isn’t that the beauty of this, you don’t have to be made up with full makeup sitting in your best clothes when you chat. I think this gives you a quicker opportunity of really getting to know the person.

Then you build up to meeting them in a safe way.


If you live by the coast an ideal date is a walk on the beach as there is enough room for you both to keep a safe distance away from each other or make it a romantic sunset venue. You could even take a picnic so you can sit and chill while getting to know the person even more as once you have talked online you already know somethings so you can ask more about their hobbies or work. Walking is good but be careful that you are not too secluded as you always need to be in sight of other people also check the walkways are not too narrow especially in the country.

If the weather is clear then outdoor sitting areas are good in pubs and restaurants but don’t drink too much as you want to stay safe.

If you have to travel a short distance then arrange to meet them there as you do not want to be sharing a car straight away. If you have the same interests like for example gardening then you could meet at the local gardening centre as most have a cafe now so you could meet there.

The world is a very different place now with the arrival of corona but if you think about where you are going and always stay safe then it is possible to meet someone new and start dating. Always use local dating sites like Cardiff dating site as then you don’t have to travel and if you do start a relationship then at least you live in the same area.

So many things are not available at the moment, like for example the cinema or theatre but this does not mean that you can’t date you just have to think outside the box.

Happy dating guys






When I was asked to review a digital photo book, my first thought was what do I have to put in one as I had just had all my birthday photos printed. I finally decided to just do a selection but, you know what it’s like when you do something and then you have a wonderful idea but it’s too late, yes that. What I should have compiled was a book about all the things I had reviewed on my blog! I admit I did swear a bit when I thought of that. Anyway, that does not take away from the fact that these digital photobooks are excellent in so many ways.


I particularly love the use of different materials for the binding, I chose the white leather, I think it looks really elegant and you can just imagine a wedding album finished in this. Plus with the ease of completing this, it would be easy to make your own wedding album.


The process of getting your photos into their program is relatively straight forward and there are tutorials to watch about every step. My problem was that I couldn’t find the folder where I had put my photos so, in the end, I made another folder which is simple and transferred them into that. This was on a Mac so serve me right for moving things about, it looks easier on Windows. Although if you leave your pictures where they are supposed to be the job would be VERY simple!

You can put as many photos as you want on each page also pick your colours. I really loved the detail around a photo when you had just one on the page, like below. Again there are many designs to choose from and colours so you can really make this your own in so many ways, or of course the option of leaving it plain.


I think this is the best digital photo book I have tried and seen, having so many great things going for it that just made it very individual to the person that is making it.

Two on a page    Three on a page

One on a page

Four in a grid


Even when you put three on a page it does not look squashed or cluttered, each page is A4 size but again you can choose which size you would like to have. There are so many options to choose from including spreading the photos over the two pages. It really is amazing how many choices you have but they have also kept the program very user friendly.



Their customer service is also outstanding so even if you are a beginner you will be able to complete your digital photobook. What an excellent album to hand down to the next generation, we have certainly come a long way since we had photos developed and we had to wait for the postman to deliver them, you would put them in an album but after a few years the photos fell out!

This is an excellent choice, with the cover a perspex design this is going to last a long time and much thinner than an old photo album used to be. If you have some special photos on your devices then this is the best way of keeping them safe and in one place, also they look great on a coffee table for your family and friends to browse through.

Thank you Saal for giving me the opportunity to try out your program and review your PROFESSIONAL LINE PHOTOBOOK.    

 I loved it and will be recommending it to everyone, here is the link to start making your own photobook.







January is a hopeless romantic who narrates her life like she’s the lead in a blockbuster movie.
Gus is a serious literary type who thinks true love is a fairy-tale.

But January and Gus have more in common than you’d think:

They’re both broke.
They’ve got crippling writer’s block.
And they need to write bestsellers before summer ends.

The result? A bet to swap genres and see who gets published first.
The risk? In telling each other’s stories, their worlds might be changed entirely…

Set over one sizzling summer, Beach Read is a witty love story that will make you laugh a lot, cry a little and fall head over heels. For fans of The Flat Share and If I Never Met You.

Emily Henry writes stories about love and family for both teens and adults. She studied creative writing at Hope College and the New York Center for Art & Media Studies and now spends most of her time in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the part of Kentucky just beneath it.


Writers doing what writers do, get away from it all, go to the beach if possible and write, but does that actually make you write? These two writers turn it into a competition and write the others genre, easy or not this makes for some fun reading and then you throw a romance into the pot and you have a nice summer read for when your laying on the beach.

I sometimes wanted to shout at these two as there is a lot of wasted moments spent wondering will they or won’t they get together and what is he hiding. It all becomes clear and I will leave you to read it and see if you got it right.








Long shackle combination padlock

It is always a pleasure to review well-made products that last, as we seem to be living in a throw-away society at the moment which I feel needs to change if we are going to combat the ever-increasing amount of waste the world produces.

I find these number padlocks to be easier to use than the old key ones, how many keys have you got in the drawer? I used to lose mine so it was all a bit of a pain. These you just have to remember the four numbers which I find even easier than passwords. Or you could just write down your numbers somewhere safe.

I have put one of these on my small shed/box in the garden and the other one we used to lock up the bikes on our last camping trick. They also have a years warranty so that is brilliant. They had a good soaking during the last storm and still worked really well. The other thing I like about these is that they appear not to rust so no replacing them in a years time.

Whatever you have that you need to protect then these padlocks are the way to go, strong, durable and easy to use. Even I could work them out! lol

Customer service is excellent as there is an email address to contact them if you have any problems, I wish everything came with a contact email as that would make life even easier.

Five stars from myself for a great product.



There is nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee but how do you find one?  So many brands, types and flavours it really is a minefield. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, I sometimes really want to ask them, what it is called when I get given a smooth, slide down, velvety, tasteful coffee.  Or throw away the bitter, aftertaste one. Are we getting fussy or just too much choice?

I was thrilled to hear about this subscription delivery service for delicious types of coffee, your coffee comes in a blue box that is packaged and presented really well.  It may be a plain blue box but the contents are explosive!  It is all sealed for freshness, plus you get a card telling you all about the type of coffee they have sent you.

I received two in my box so after I had read all about them I still could not decide which one to try first.  In the end, I just picked one and the next week I tried the other one, I just could not wait. I wasn’t happy about waiting a week but I broke the cafetiere so had to wait until I could purchase another one!

I really liked the cards you get as they tell you all about the coffee, this one is made with coffee cherries. It’s like a lesson in coffee receiving these parcels. I liked the taste of this one, probably because it had the taste of black tea, smooth and rich in taste. There is even a map of where about’s it is grown on the cards. Well sealed bags that actually reseal very easily, I do sometimes have problems especially with the cheese bags, very annoying.

Next was the cocafelol, I wasn’t sure what this was going to taste like as I like butterscotch and lemon but I am not a fan of nuts or nutty flavours but again I was surprised as the flavours are not overpowering so you don’t get one strong flavour coming through.

I really like this idea as it gives you the opportunity of tasting different flavours and blends. You have the option of choosing your preferences such as strength of the coffee, what type, as in beans or ground and the frequency of delivery. These pouches of coffee are fairly big and I know they would last me a long time.  I love the information cards about the coffee, it really opens up the world of coffee and all it entails.

If you would like to try a box or subscribe to this super idea I can offer you a £3 off voucher, please just quote KWW3 on your order at

Happy coffee drinking everyone

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