There is a lot of information available now about your health, vitamins, supplements and changing what and when you eat. It’s time for the years-old new year resolution about dieting and getting fitter, I am sure you have been there at some point. Start the year off right people say, become vegan appears to be the thing at the moment or even being a vegetarian if you want to start off a bit gentler. But do all these different diets and vitamins actually work? Probably not without any exercise which for some people is the biggest stumbling block as if you have an illness that prevents you from exercising then it’s like you have fallen at the first hurdle before you have even started.

So how can we become healthier?

I was contacted by Sundose and asked to trial this supplement for a month. All the supplements are tailored to your individual needs. Sounded interesting plus I liked the fact that it was made to the exact details to what your body needed. This appealed to me for a couple of reasons, one being that I have M. E. and POTS so exercising is not good for me, two I was interested to see what my body was lacking and if taking the correct supplements would improve my wellbeing.

Nutrition in the right dosage can affect both – your energy levels and also your hair, nails and skin condition. I am constantly tired and fatigued so an increase in my energy would be very welcome.


Sundose is a blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, adaptogens and omega-3 acids. The sachet contains only what you really need, and each ingredient is matched to your body and lifestyle, for maximum effectiveness of supplementation – all in one sachet prepared for each day. Sundose does not contain any preservatives, synthetic pigments, excipients or artificial flavours. Our product is 100% natural, thus it should be kept in the fridge. You can choose the vegan version of the product if you fancy. What is more, the packaging of Sundose is eco-friendly. We also have GMP and ISO certifications. This all sounds impressive and I was eager to start this trial especially as I have succumbed to the grandchildren’s cold, cough, sore throat and generally feeling yuk and in bed for the last few days.

The first thing you have to do is fill in an on-line survey so be honest and include everything to do with your health and wellbeing. Composition of Sundose is based on online medical survey and/or blood tests. Prepared based on knowledge and experience, 100% of the best ingredients.

It then takes about ten days for them to make your supplement to the exact ingredients of what your body requires. You can also decide what flavour you would prefer, I suppose I should have gone for the no sweeteners but I had no idea what this was going to taste like so I opted for the orange, just to be on the safe side.

– what flavour would you like: orange, eco-chlorella or no taste at all (the last one does not contain any sweeteners);

I could have chosen every element but having a bit more energy is always good.

– if there are any aspects you’d like us to focus on more: higher energy levels, immune system, better regeneration, nail condition, etc.;

My last blood test was over three months so I didn’t include those results, I also felt they had enough to work with.

– if you recently (up to 3 months) done a blood test

Please, remember to provide information (in the medical survey) about any medical condition or medicines taken – it’s crucial to make the supplement perfectly fitted to your needs.

If there is something worth noting and was not included in a medical survey, feel free to send them the details, and they will forward to the dietician.

Even though the packaging is eco-friendly maybe two boxes is overkill? I am also not sure when it is just powder and tablets why it has to be kept in the fridge?

The longer you stir the deeper the colour goes and it smells just like the vitamin C tablets I took as a child. The powder takes a while to dissolve and you still get a powdery taste when drinking it but as it was orange and tasted ok it was fine.

It does seem a lot to take every day but they are the experts.

I was a bit shocked at the size of the tablets so maybe they should put that in the information as I know many people that just cannot take big tablets.

So there we have day one! Twenty-nine to go but I will keep you updated throughout this trial. If you would like any further information then this is their website.

Here’s a discount code if you would like to try this out, we can then compare our findings.  Your coupon is: kmarwood and gives – £20 for the first order.




I have decided not to make any resolutions this year as it makes me feel very bad when I don’t accomplish them but I am going to make some promises to myself with the main one being that I will write about 200 words every day on my current project.  This is as well as my blog post every day although I do sometimes write a few and then schedule them for posting. I really want to get the couple of projects that I have on the go finished so I can start something new.


To focus on building up the writing group, also having a day a week to meet up and write.

To carry on with the Storytime at the Wellbeing centre.

To de-clutter my flat and dispose of everything that I do not use or need.

To focus on my health a bit more and diet, not happy about this one but I need to do it. I will also try some journaling and affirmations to try to keep myself on track.


To win the lottery so I don’t have to worry about bills and money.

To spend more time with my children, grandchildren and friends.

To enjoy my 60th……maybe

Have you made any decisions about what you are going to focus on this year?





The week before Christmas we celebrated my eldest daughters birthday, in fact, we had three birthdays so it was all a bit busy. We all had a great time though and I love nothing better than getting all my family together. We went to Blooms for Jodie’s 40th where the food was delicious, the service you could not fault at all and we all had a great time.



At the weekend I went to stay at Sam’s as I looked after the children for them, what a great time we had and they were very good. Lily thought my glasses looked good on her! lol, I must admit I went to bed when they did and slept all night so I felt ok the next day. They do like to help and Freddie is an expert at putting all the toys away.



We go to brickfields every year as a family to start Christmas off and we all have a good feed, the kids love it as they can go up and help themselves to whatever they would like.


I woke up at Billie’s and saw the delight on Mia and Zacs faces when they saw what Santa had bought them, there is no stopping them now when they go to the horses. Even Billie got a quod as well so she was happy.

I then went home for a bit before I popped round to Jodies where we had all had Christmas dinner but not until 7 pm as Izzy went to work in the old peoples home to give them their tea. Then there was a darts tournament that Kara won but Alfie did get a few bullseyes.


Having a lay in after all the excitement we then got ready as Jodie did an open house for the family with a lovely spread. The children all went in the hot tub and had a great time.


I was going to pop with Jodie for a cocktail at lunchtime but I then came down with the cough, cold and chest virus so spent the next few days in bed trying to do some writing as I really wanted to get ahead of things and finish a couple of projects off.

All in all, a very good and happy Christmas was had by everyone and now the saving starts for next year.






I could not decide between these two books as to which was my favourite as I liked them both for different reasons. One of the main things that stood out for me was the fact that they were the first novels to be written by these very talented authors. I also found it very interesting that they each took different routes to publication with Hannah doing it herself and Karen going with a publisher. I think that gives hope to us all to just keep writing and get it out there. 

A Killing Sin is a very different type of book to what I would normally read and didn’t realise that until I started it but I am so glad I did as it keeps you enthralled all the way through. Terrorist plots would not be something I am interested in but this came at it from a very normal way and before you realise it you are slap bang in the middle of evil people. I do wonder how much of this is real in that do these things really happen as it is very scary. 

Karen Irvine has written a remarkable book and certainly deserves to be one of my best books of 2019.

Number 47 is about obsessive love that really takes on a very dark side, the two main characters, Sarah and Liam appear very normal people but Sarah is far from normal as you get to discover. I liked Hannah’s writing, the descriptions are very good so you can imagine exactly what things are like and what is going on. You would not guess how it ends as the whole book is so complex it keeps you hooked right from the beginning. I look forward to reading her next book and discovering what route she takes with that one. 

Really well done both of you and I look forward to meeting you on the 23rd of January at 6.30 pm 

I will be asking them both questions about their individual journeys, highs and lows and then opening it up to questions from the audience. 



Every year this gets harder and harder so if a book really stands out then one I remember it and two it made me think at the time of reading that this is really very good.




I could not choose between these two as they are both excellent, please add them to your to be read pile.


Both books are from new authors who have never been published before, they both went on a different journey as Hannah self-published but K.H. Irvine was published by a traditional publisher.

Both very different plus if I had of been choosing them to read from a library I probably wouldn’t have picked them. Especially A Killing Sin as that is about terrorists, not something I would choose at all, so I am so pleased I offered to read it as it was a new author. I understand the lengths you have to go to to get your book out there for the public to see it and read it so I feel that my blog helps a tiny bit.

I will be talking to both these authors on 23rd January 2020 at 6.30pm

The writing group that I run will be holding a sofa special with these two brilliant first-time authors. I will be asking them questions about their very different journey paths that they took to publish their first books.

This is open for anyone to attend, there is no charge but we do expect you to buy a drink as they are giving us the use of their space for free.


Well done to you both and see you soon.




Sophie & Scott Wyllie, living and working in Folkestone as an Artist and music producer, have collaborated to create something that has provided them with a keystone in discovering their highest potential. Before they met, experiences of domestic abuse and mental health concerns caused disconnection in their lives. having been together for five years supporting each other, Sophie & Scott have uniquely documented how they’ve helped themselves and now share their story with the purpose for others to benefit, whatever their personal circumstance.

This book has been created from the collective consciousness of the authors by writing two words each at a time. The artwork throughout the book is an extension of the written message portrayed. ‘A different perspective’ can be read as a whole or can be opened to read any page, or two, at a time; either method providing a versatile resource for enlightenment.




If you are interested in finding out more about a different perspective, please visit us at





I met Marianne in Steep Street coffee house one wet day in October. To launch her book which is a memoir of part of her life, she was walking between many towns in Kent. I loved the braveness of her to do this and what an unusual way to tell everyone about her new book. I felt bad that our local newspapers and tv had not supported her in this adventure as let’s face it, authors need all the help they can get to put their book out there in the public eye.


Marianne read a part of her book while there and her voice makes it all sound so real, I was pleased that she was doing the audiobook herself as that makes it all the more special.

To write about a part of your life that wasn’t the best is hard and you really have to dig deep to go back and feel the emotions that were running through you then.  This is an amazing book but you really feel as if you are getting to know the person.



This book and many of Marianne’s recordings are all available on Amazon.



I went to a brilliant fancy dress hire place last week as I needed two helmets from the war for the living advent my group were performing. What a treasure trove this was, so many costumes and really set up so well.

If you are going to a fancy dress party anytime soon then this is the place to go, so many to choose from. Changing areas so you can make sure it is exactly what you need plus all the accessories.  I don’t really like fancy dress parties but I wouldn’t mind going to one when you have the choice of all these costumes.









It was lovely to spend time with friends having a Christmas meal the other evening, The Pullman is a cosy pub with great service and food. There was a good choice from the Christmas menu that we had ordered in advance.


I do find it rather annoying when you have ordered in advance and then things are not cooked through as there is no excuse for that. The brussels were rock hard, I would go as far as to say they were just put in hot water to make them hot. We asked if we could have a bowl of cooked ones mainly as one of us was a vegetarian so they enjoyed the vegetables. They promptly came out with a nice bowl of brussels but all they had done was put some in the microwave as even though they were very hot they were still rock hard. I find it such a shame that a simple thing like this which can be easily fixed ends up spoiling a nice meal. They never did light the candle on the table either, I was fed up by this stage.

The desserts were nice just a shame we had to wait for cutlery and in the end, we were just about to get up and get it ourselves when a staff member appeared so we asked them.  Lynda was not sure why she only got half a biscuit with her Panna Cotta!

Taking people for a Christmas meal is a good way of getting new customers if they have never been there before so it is a shame that a few things were not up to scratch. I do wonder if maybe Ben has spread himself a bit thin after opening his fourth eatery in Folkestone.



This was a lovely evening with everyone from the storytelling group reading their Christmas stories. It was lovely to listen to very different stories and poems then tucking into mince pies and chatting to everyone.

That is it now for the events so I am done until the 8th January which is when I will be on Acadamy FM radio at 11am. Merry Christmas everyone.


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