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This was my first Christmas book this year and I think it will be my only one as I have so many others to read. I must admit I do love a nice happy christmas story and this one was just right. There was just the right amount of Christmas in this and it was mostly about the Christmas pudding and the sixpence. How many people must have swallowed one of those over the years? In fact I wonder if some have kept a sixpence for their puddings, mind you not many make their own now but I suppose you could always push one into a shop bought one, not exactly the same though!

Does bad luck follow you or do you make your own, Daisy thinks it is all because she actually did swallow it as all sorts of things started to happen to her, I did laugh about all the things the doctor thought, he wasn’t getting anything right.

It all turned out ok in the end so maybe the sixpence is lucky!

Author Bio:

Lilac Mills writes feel-good romantic women’s fiction, and is the author of Love in the City by the Sea, A Very Lucky Christmas, Summer on the Turquoise Coast, and Sunshine at Cherry Tree Farm. Lilac spends all her time writing, or reading, or thinking about writing or reading, often to the detriment of her day job, her family, and the housework! Home for Lilac is Worcester, England.

Twitter: @LilacMills

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Will you be eating any Christmas pud with the coin in?




This church building was known as St Saviours until about a year ago which was when The Harbour Church started the process of buying the building. They have had a few homes so being settled has come as a huge relief to them. I attended the coffee morning which is held every Thursday, the cakes are all homemade and served by the many people who attend this community and yes it is a community because there are so many of them and they all do what ever needs doing by volunteering. The banana bread was delicious by the way. It is so nice to see this huge church being used again as it was left empty for a couple of years. There are some parts of the building that need work with a major part being some of the roof but I have every confidence that they will eventually get this all completed.

The ministers Gareth & Sue hold their service on a Sunday and as you can see from the picture it is very well attended. This gives you the feeling of a church that has moved with the times and I was so surprised that in the summer they showed the world cup football on their huge screen. They have a choir and use guitars and drums for their services.


This church is very much a part of the community, the many groups, events and concerts that they hold bring a lot of people together. Apart from these groups that I have listed there are also crochet, keep-fit and holiday clubs.

I love the little pack they give to you when you first attend one of the groups, this gives you all the information you will need.


This church is very big as they have the actual church then also a big area with a fully fitted kitchen which eventually they will probably rent out for events. Upstairs you have more rooms, kitchen and toilets, I love the windows.

The Rainbow centre is a charity in Folkestone that helps out the homeless as part of their commitment also the Shepway food bank which is being used so much more now than it ever has been. The church helps these organisations and is involved in the collecting of food also eventually helping the homeless winter shelter.

There are many ways we can help those struggling including the Family Gift, where you collect some bits and put in a box and then they are distributed where they are needed.


It is good that the church is big as they collect things for so many different groups and charities, one of them being the Romania collection so when they get enough it will all go in a huge trailer and be shipped over to them.

So much information about a church, I was so impressed with all their commitment and friendliness, I think we all have an image of what a church is like but I can assure you this is like nothing I have seen before or maybe it is just because I have not been to church since I was a child, apart from weddings, christenings and funerals. The other thing I would like to mention is that all these events and groups are free with a donation box always available. Also everything is run by volunteers with just a buildings manager that is a paid position, lets hope he can get donations for all the building work that needs to be completed in the future. Please let them know if you can help.




I just love this shop and could buy so many things here. Loving the calendar and diary’s and just do not mention notebooks, how many do you think you are allowed to have as just stand-by ones?

Then there is this super tea set, I am loving the infuser! You can read the book all about it while you drink your tea.

Click here to go through to their site, so many gifts for all your author friends or even the readers as there is something for everyone here at The Literary Gift Company.

The Literary Gift Company


How exciting to find one of these in your letterbox! I am so looking forward to reading this, Charlie is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

I just loved this that he wrote in the front of his latest book.


Happy reading



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