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A red wine matures and gets better with age, do you think we get better with age? Or is it just that as we get older we learn from our mistakes so it makes us better people. We also have a bit more money once all the children have left home so we spend more on ourselves and buy a better brand of clothes. When do we realise that we are old? Is there a moment that you realise or does it just creep up on us. I have never really thought about it but I guess you don’t when you are younger, your too busy juggling work and family. I think when you are in the transition stage between young and old, it is very hard to fit in anywhere or know how to dress or where to go and what to do. My age has never bothered me as it has not made any difference to what I am doing or where I am going.

I think I have had a moment and have realised I am not as young as I thought but on a good note I feel very content with my life now and I guess that comes from the learning experiences I have been through that have made me into the person I am today. We all learn and change through our lives, you just get better at it the older you are. I think the aches and pains make you feel a bit older and it makes you realise you cannot do what you could 20 years ago, I find that annoying at times. I think I am a better person now as I have more time to be a good mother, nan and friend. It is lovely having lunch with your best friends with no high chairs, bibs and food all over the floor lol

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What an honour, I have received another blog award from http://justmiksmon.wordpress.com
A very big thank you. Now what do I do as I already have this award, do I put it up again, on the side of my blog?

The Nanny Magazine have been in touch and sent a list of stories and articles they are looking for so I am going to get writing on a couple of topics on their list. All very exciting, I will let you know what I send them.

They say it is going to be nice again tomorrow so hopefully I can get out in the garden as I have neglected it a bit lately as been writing, just not enough hours to do both lol

The children have half term here this week and already three of the grandchildren have asked to come to me for a sleep over so looks like I have got a busy week! You would think they would of had enough of me as I was at their house for two days last week.

I have proof read the story I wrote for the Australian theme competition and changed a few things, when I read it through so have to put changes etc onto laptop then proof read it again. How do you stop yourself from missing things when you are reading it through? I did find it easier when I printed it out and went over it.

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I have just seen this on Twitter, as I new nothing about it being Missing Children’s Day I am doing a quick post about it as I know a lot of you that read this are in America. The FBI have given a list with pictures of missing children, my heart goes out to the parents and grandparents of missing children all over the world.

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Thought I would use this picture so you can all daydream as that is what we are all going to have to do this summer, as the thing called a sun is not visible from where I am and I do not think it will be if it carries on like this. 😔

Sorry there was no post yesterday but I spent two days at my daughters looking after Izzy and Alfie, not that they really need actual looking after as they amuse themselves and play. Izzy was very pleased that I saw a status on my FaceBook about Jacqueline Wilson coming to our area and giving a talk about her books and as she is Izzy’s favourite author, I was then the best Nanny ever getting tickets for us to go and see her in July. Must admit I am a bit excited too.

Alfie has been playing with his dinosaurs as usual, I find it quiet amazing that he knows all their names even pronouncing them correct and what sort they are and what they eat. I think we need to find learning how to read, reading books for a 5 year old with dinosaurs in, lol

I have returned home now so writing should get back on track! As I have already put one of my stories on here I thought I would share another one with you, this one is only short and I called it ANGER

He stood straight and tall, solid as a statue that could never be moved, his muscles rippled under the bright lights, he was sweating not only from the heat but cold hard fear. His eyes locked with Tiny as they glared at one another not a sound could they hear, only their hearts beating, tension rising. They both looked away, glancing at their families, friends and trainers, knowing what they were all feeling. The lights dimmed as they moved to the centre of the ring, fists knocking together in a friendly manner but both thinking this is pure anger. As the first punch landed you could hear the dense bang of glove on bone, water sprayed from his body as he flew backwards, the audience gasped and then there was silence. Was he going to get up?

The late morning mist made it feel like a ghostly film set. Falling to her knees at the graveside and dropping a single dewy red rose onto the grave she wondered, how do you say goodbye to someone so young that could have gone so far. Anger had a lot to answer for!


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Well here we go guys this is what I wrote it had to be under 500 words, give you goosebumps or be very scary. This is what I came up with.

Tipping out the crisps, you can smell the heavenly flavour of the salt and vinegar instantly, such a strong flavour but truly delicious for me. Looking in the fridge I find the chilli cheese dip, some people would think this a strange combination but I always say, do not knock it till you try it. The flavours complement one another wonderfully well, the chilli taking away the strong bite of the vinegar and the cheese getting a salty twang to it.

There is no better way to watch a good chick flick film than with a delightful bowl of your favourite nibbles, some people prefer the popping taste of popcorn but I think that is one of the things like marmite, you either love it or you hate it.

Returning to the lounge I plump the cushions, find my favourite softest, cuddly throw and tuck up on the sofa ready for the film. I love the way you can lose yourself in a good film and forget your surroundings and everything else going on in your life. I almost forget about the snack I had prepared, so crunching into a sharp crisp I taste a tang of chilli in the cheese making my tongue come alive with the taste of the dip.

In a flash my heart seems to miss a beat, I mute the television instantly my hands becoming spontaneously damp, I feel myself going hot all over. I want to go to the kitchen to see what is going on, I try to think rationally, something must have fallen over but there is nothing in the kitchen to fall. I feel a shiver go up my spine as if I am freezing cold but I am hot and getting hotter, goose bumps appear on my arms. I take a deep steadying breath, just go and look in the kitchen, I tell myself.

I open the lounge door slowly, I do not think I am breathing I feel sick with fear, I am sure someone is in the kitchen. I remember my mobile phone and turn to grab it off the table, as I let go of the door, it is pushed open, I scream, I do not remember the scream but I can hear it. I put my hands up to somehow try to stop the door from opening anymore, I cannot control the shaking I am paralysed by fear. I hear a noise and look down to the floor where I think it is coming from, I cannot think straight at all. Then in a flash of grey the cat comes running in and jumps onto the table! I cry, I had forgotten the cat was in the kitchen!

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Just a very quick post to say a massive thank you to all my followers, Nanny Cool had the best day of views yesterday of 123. I do not know what that amount is compared to other people but to me it means the world and I wanted you all to know as without you following me there would be no blog. Massive (((hugs))) to you all.

Off to Creative Writing now, we had to write a short story about something that gave you goosebumps. Will put mine on the blog tonight. Have a good day everyone, the sun is even shining here! xx

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I thought I would post this again as we are having so much fun in the sun!
Thing to do BLOG 7

Things to do BLOG 0

If you have a patio you can fill this up with sand as it is on wheels you can push it to where you want it and then at the end of the day put the lid on it so it will be protected from animals during the night.

Things to do BLOG 2

It is amazing what you can do with blackboard paint!

Things to do BLOG 3

Things to do BLOG 4

Things to do BLOG 5

Things to do BLOG 6

I love this butterfly, I will be doing myself one of these this summer.

Things to do BLOG 7

Things to do BLOG 8

With this one you get all the chalk dust outside and then the rain washes it all clean.

This is lovely and a constant reminder of when they were little.

This is lovely and a constant reminder of when they were little.

I thought I would put this post over to crafts, as the holidays are coming closer or maybe you are looking after the children at weekends and need some ideas about things to do. I have tried these and they will not need any instructions as the pictures are plain enough. I do find it lovely how children are all different, some like getting all messy doing painting, some prefer the cleaner option like writing or drawing. I even have one that is a little book worm


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There appears to be so many of these special days now that no one seems to know anything about them, what is the point of them? I know there are far too many to celebrate all of them but I must admit I would like to know about them as like today, I would of got my best friends together for lunch. You cannot beat a good lunch with the girls, so much fun and it is good to let your hair down and just enjoy yourself.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the nice messages I have had this week, it is true what they say, you do really feel part of a community on WordPress and I love the way we all support one another.

There is no news about the Nanny Magazine, I will keep you up-dated though as soon as I hear.

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After I received a comment from my post I started to thing about the Pinterest site that I have now started, I believe it is very similar to Tumbir but have not looked at that site yet. I had an idea that you could make a board about your character from the story you are writing, so all the pictures could be about her/him, therefor creating a folder of boards about each of your characters. You would then always have them on line wherever you are and when you write a follow on book it is easy to refresh your mind about them or even have two windows up on your screen for instant visual prompt.

20130520-101439 PM.jpg

These are some of my boards I have created so far.


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Am I getting a bit too excited just because the sun has been out all day today? Maybe it is just me as I have had a lovely day, which probably seems quiet strange seeing as I have not seen a soul all day! I have almost finished a story though and I am quietly pleased with it, even if I do say so myself. I have the publisher lined up ready to receive it, so busy few days finishing and editing, oh and my granddaughter said she wants to read it first as she is my proof reader! (She is 10). How exciting if it gets printed, think I will faint with shock, I certainly did not think I would be doing this 18 months ago. It is nice to be able to say that you are very happy with life, family and friends.

I had some cards printed a while ago to let people know the blog address and I have received an email with lots of offers and some of them are free. The grandchildren were round yesterday and thought it was such a good deal and could they have pens and mugs and T-shirts, in the end they each did a list and said they would promote Nanny Cool and make everyone read the blog, lol. I do love them. xx

20130519-100354 PM.jpg

Nanny Cool has a FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter page. I have just had a look through Twitter and was very surprised to see a Tweet there from Nanny Magazine asking if I would like to write for them! How exciting is that, after I had calmed down, I wrote back and asked them what sort of thing they are looking for and if they had read my blog. So, we will wait and see what happens next.

I think I am going to have to have an early night, far too much excitement in one day lol. Hope you all had a Super Sunday xx

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20130518-101757 PM.jpg

20130518-101814 PM.jpg

20130518-101842 PM.jpg

As you can see these are the most wonderful all hand painted shoes that I won from H.C.Elliston, I have never seen shoes so unique and I will treasure them forever. When you win something it makes everything in the world happy, might be because I never win at all so it is just absolutely amazing to receive a box full of goodies.

20130518-103308 PM.jpg

I will hurry and finish the book I am reading as I cannot wait to start my new one, it sounds very good so I can see myself not doing a lot for a couple of days lol. As the book is also signed I am thinking about a glass cabinet for shoes and book so they stay in pristine condition. Over the top? No, I do not think so, I am a happy blogger/writer/Nanny/Mum. xx

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