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The once a month lunch date with the girls I used to work with comes round very quick which I was pleased about this time as I missed last month’s as was not very well. Yesterday we all drove out to Charing to The Oak, this is now a pub and restaurant but I feel that maybe they should decide which they want to be as it is not flowing as well as what it could at the moment.

20140327-105927 pm.jpg
They didn’t appear to have any heating on so we were all cold so that didn’t help either. We had booked to have the tapas, we ordered a bottle of Pinot and then didn’t have long to wait until the bread, humous and olives came out which were delicious.

20140327-110249 pm.jpg Then about ten minutes later the salad selection came out, which did have a nice dressing.

20140327-110215 pm.jpg If you have ever had tapas before, which I have many times as used to live in Spain. You order your selection and then they all come out together and you pick what you eat, if there are a group of you. The Oak did not do that we got each dish separately and did not know what we were getting as it was a set tapas meal. The conclusion was it was very strange eating things on their own, like garlic mushrooms, potato bravas and pork balls. But, I must say that all the food was delicious and could not be faulted at all.

20140327-110853 pm.jpg

20140327-110904 pm.jpg

20140327-110914 pm.jpg

20140327-110928 pm.jpg

20140327-110937 pm.jpg So that was what we had all on their own, very strange!

We decided to go somewhere else for coffee and cake so drove to Dobbies the garden centre in Ashford, Kent. UK.
What a delicious selection of cakes they had, most of us chose the scones.

20140327-111623 pm.jpg it was all lovely and it was nice to be in a warm place, I think we were all a bit happier!

20140327-111818 pm.jpg

20140327-111832 pm.jpg

20140327-111842 pm.jpg We do all have a laugh when we get together and that is the best bit about having such wonderful friends. They never judge, are always there, will help anyone and I am so very lucky to have them all as my besties. xx



  1. Corinne Johnson
    28th March 2014 / 12:56 pm

    Love you too nanny cool xx

  2. 28th March 2014 / 8:27 am

    That would of cheered you up xxx

  3. 28th March 2014 / 7:50 am

    Oh, we nearly popped into Dobbies for a coffee on our way from the hospital – could have done with sharing your laughs! x

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