With all this freezing weather we are having I find the first thing that I need to pay more attention to is my face. Kara bought me this Olay moisturiser for christmas and I really like it. It soaks in really quick without that greasy feel, it nice and creamy and the best bit is that you do not need very much so it’s going to last me ages.

My daughter told me at christmas that I should not be using wipes on my skin to remove make-up, I must admit there were many nights that I didn’t even remove my make up, I know I’m really bad. Jodie told me to get this so I bought a small one and the round cotton pads and I have been using this since January. One of my new year resolutions was to remove my make up at night, I have actually done this the catch is I don’t wear make up very often lol but I at least have stuck to it. I love using this cleansing water and it really is better than a wipe and gets it all off really quick so you don’t use as much, I was going through loads of wipes. It leaves your skin feeling really clean and tingley, I love it, well done Jodie.
This is nearly all gone, I still have my wrinkles and I think to be honest nothing is going to get rid of them but maybe we can make them less noticeable. It is a really nice cream though and dries quick, as you are noticing I really do not like creams or lotions that just stay on the surface of your skin and take ages to dry in.

This I got in a beauty box, I do think it makes your skin feel smooth to the touch, making it look smooth when you have your foundation on. This does work to fill your skin but not sure about the ten years younger, no one has said anything to me and to be honest it doesn’t but yes to the smooth skin.


This is on my list to buy when I get to boots, it has been advertised a lot but that does not mean it’s good so I want to try it myself and I will let you all know in a future blog.
So that’s my winter skin routine and I must say I am feeling good and my skin feels nice so I will keep using. I guess the fact that I am not wearing make up very often does help also I was eating healthier. That was until the snow came and I indulged in biscuits, chocolate and cakes, I am trying to get back into the diet mindset but it’s really hard once you have lost it.
What do you use on your skin in the winter, does it change in the summer?


What do you think?

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