We celebrated Christmas and presents last night and what a fun night it was, it really cheered me up and we had such a laugh. Jodie excelled at the wrapping again, I do not know how I miss these things on Pinterest but what an excellent idea, photos instead of labels! We had to wait until ten before they could open the presents from Jodie as she wanted to Facetime and watch her as she is in Australia for Christmas. Kara spoilt me with some lovely gifts, another post coming about them soon.

I cooked Indian which is Kara’s favourite meal, Reece had never had this dish before but he liked it, thank goodness. In restaurant’s it’s sometimes called Murgh Masala or Keema, basically lamb mince, chicken, tomatoes, spices, onion, garlic. My friend Lynda taught me how to cook it and she was taught by an indian lady.

After dinner we played the ring of fire game, I had never played it before but it is fun and we did get a bit tipsy.

I am not sure how Reece got up for work at 7 but he did, Kara woke at 12 then she woke me at 1 so apart from a little bit of a sore head we were ok and spent the afternoon munching and watching films. It was sad to see her go but she has a few days off so I am sure we will catch up again. It was also nice to have some company as I had not seen anyone since Christmas day and being in Jodie’s house looking after the cats makes me miss them all.

Next is New Years Eve, have you made any plans?


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