I do love these little gems but why can’t I ever think of them?

I thought I would give you a bit of an update about what has been going on. The summer was great as I saw a lot of the family especially the grandchildren. I had some time in the camper which I really enjoyed and have decided to keep it now as I was going to sell it. Jodie likes it and we are going over to France later in the year with Alfie. The twins turned three, where have the last three years gone, they are all growing up so quickly now.


This blog has been a bit of a nightmare as had so many problems with it. They came out with a new WordPress version which was a bit like building squares on top of each other for the different things you put on your blog. I tried it and it appeared to mess so many settings up. Some people got emailed thirteen copies of the same post, I was really sorry about that. Then pictures would not upload. I was about to give up but I changed everything back to how it was using the original version and it has all been great since then. What a relief.

Also, Facebook decided to shut down my Karen’s World because it is not my name! I lost over 4,000 followers so all my stats went right down. It really made me feel like giving up and I didn’t do anything for a while. There is no actual way of getting hold of anyone at Facebook you just have to leave a message that I am sure no one reads. I have now got a new page here so if you have lost me then do please add me again to this one.


Have you seen any of these 50p I have been looking for them as they are all to do with writing so I wanted to save them? I think someone must have them all lol as I cannot find any of them. They are really cute though.


My other news is that I wrote a memoir about my daughter’s accident that happened years ago. It’s almost 12,000 words and I decided to send it to two publishers to see what they thought. Well both of them have replied after a few weeks and said that they are interested in publishing but, oh yes there is always a but isn’t there? They want me to contribute so I am now thinking that maybe I should send it to some other publishers who might also want to publish it themselves. I have to admit I got very excited but I am still feeling good and I think that maybe it will get published. So, watch this space for more news.


Thought that was appropriate as I have a few books to read at the moment. Have you read any good books over the summer? I have my top three for the year picked out already and they are so good that I don’t think anything will beat them.

Bye for now


What do you think?

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