I was looking through the books in a charity shop and came across this one, it appealed to me because one of my grandaughters is called Mia, so I bought the book.  I think I have had it a few months and a couple of weeks ago I saw it on my bookshelf and got it out to read.  As I read the covers I realised how interesting the book was as I have lived near to where Mia has lived all her life, I had a few holidays when I was younger down on the Isle of Sheppey.  I also have a huge interest in clairvoyance, with many psychics telling me I have the gift.  I have never been able to use it apart from using the cards on some friends.

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Mia is very well known in the physic circles and has been on a lot of TV shows and also helped the police.  This book tells the journey of how Mia taught a journalist how to be psychic or to use her gift all in the space of 6 months.  I like the way the book really explains how this was done and it also makes it all sound very feasible.

If you have an interest in anything psychic or you are a sceptic then you really should read this book.  I found it really interesting and have begun to do some of the exercises she writes about.

I have found Mia on Facebook and I am really hoping to meet her one day as she sounds such an interesting person.


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