If you are in the fortunate position of loving your surroundings, with all the things you love around you, then you are very lucky. To wake up feeling extremely low is a start to the day that many will experience at some point in their lives. I don’t think it happens to more people now, I think it appears like it does as more people are talking about their feelings now. Women talk about feelings more than men but that number is narrowing, mainly due to new groups that are being set up for men with mental health issues.

Your bedroom should be your favourite room as we do spend an awful lot of time in there, asleep for most of it if you are lucky. Sleep and mental health often go together with some sleeping much more or some having many sleep problems. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible with blinds and thick curtains but then in the morning, I like to open them up and see my garden as that makes me happy especially in the summer when the sun is shining.

The winter can make many miserable with the dark nights but one way to make the most of the winter daylight is to have a conservatory. A small amount of winter sunshine can warm the room up and really lift your spirits as you sit in there looking out at your garden. I would love to be able to do that but I only rent a flat. Both my daughters have conservatories and they are a wonderful addition to their houses. The amount of light they let in is amazing and we all know that light especially natural light does us good and will help in our battles with mental health. The other lovely thing about conservatories is that as the small winter sun moves round you will get all of it as most are all glass.

Have you got a favourite part of your home? Mine are the two rooms that get the most light which are the bedroom and kitchen. My lounge is very dark and it definitely makes you feel fed-up in there. Trees and shrubs outside your windows can limit the light you have coming in so give them a good trim back in the autumn so when the spring sunshine appears you will see and feel it.

Make your garden nice to look at and sit in, with cosy comfortable chairs dotted about to catch the sunshine. The number of different designs you can get now for chairs and sofas for outside is amazing. I have been looking at getting a nice grey corner sofa and coffee table for my garden then I could sit out there of an evening. Getting the last of the days rays with my feet up. What a lovely thought, this grey dull and rainy weather definitely makes me feel low and my bones don’t like it at all. I keep hearing about all the real hot weather they are having in Europe and feel very jealous.


What do you think?

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