I purchased this book last November at The Folkestone Book Festival. It was of a particular interest to me as my daughter had an accident a few years ago resulting in severe brain trauma, it was also really nice to talk to Jules about it which also put my mind at ease as she said she would be treating her with exactly the same medications, this is always good to hear from a second opinion. The last piece of writing on the front cover really hit home for me, who we become when we’re no longer ourselves.  A counsellor told me, to accept the daughter I have now and grieve for the one I lost!  I found this a very upsetting piece of information to be told, especially when I was at my lowest trying to struggle back so I could be there for my daughter. But he was right that is what you have to do he just told me far too soon in the line of events that were happening to my daughter and family.

Anyway I did read about half the book but then life took over so I have slowed down my book reviews from publishers so I can read and finish some of the books I have bought over the last couple of years. I know the pile is very big but it’s nice to have something to look forward to, well that’s what I keep telling myself.

Dementia is becoming more of an issue with my own logic suggesting that it is because people are living longer so you are hearing more about this awful condition. I know it must be awful for the person especially at the beginning when they cannot remember things and they may not know why.

I feel the family or carer has the hardest job especially if it is a loved one, can you imagine the heartbreak of loving someone for years and then them not even knowing who you are, no I could not imagine this and not sure I could even cope. But cope they do adjusting their lives to make their loved one’s safe and secure.

This book is amazing and I would suggest it to everyone going through any of these problems as there are so many things that can attack our brains, that is the way I see it especially with a brain tumour that just appears and grows with you not even knowing it is there until the symptoms appear.

Jules works hard in London seeing these people everyday and treating each one with the respect and understanding that they deserve, she is one amazing woman!

Her book is also amazing!

You can buy the book here at Amazon.


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