There have been some adverts and awareness raised about people living on their own and being lonely, to the extent that they go to the shops just to say hello to the cashier, I feel very sad for these people but how do we know who they are?  It got me thinking about loneliness and how are we supposed to know that someone is lonely? I wondered if people thought I was lonely as I can go over a week without seeing anyone sometimes even longer if I don’t feel well. Not everyone who lives alone what ever age is lonely though as I never am but I like my own company and I find it so refreshing to be my own boss and decide everything for myself, whether it’s what I do or watch or where I go. I think for some reason it is thought that you are lonely if you live alone, where has this assumption come from as I am sure not all the old people who live alone are lonely, I know my Nan never was, it was a shock at first being on her own after being married for so many years but after that I never heard her complain. I guess people should let friends and family know if they are feeling lonely as then they can do something about it.
It has been so very cold here and my heating is not the best so the warmest place to sit and write or read is in bed, the electric blanket can go on as soon as I feel cold.
It has also meant that I have completed some jobs that have been outstanding for ages, first of all I have been looking at new blog layouts but I have not decided on which one yet and as I have now also up-dated my web-site I am thinking I could leave my blog as I do like the design that I have tweaked a bit. I am liking the new web site layout and I am looking into doing a newsletter every couple of months which will have some giveaways and prizes, the first one being an autographed book from a best-selling author. So keep a watch out for that.
I had a look at the stats and my blog is read in over 137 countries now, I was amazed and very happy. You can read it here.
If you think a post is good could I ask that you share it on your social media please. I am looking to increase my readers from all platforms so if you can help that would be really kind.
I put a lot of the book reviews on the website and they stay there as well as on all the other platforms so if you’re wondering what a book is like then take a look and see if I have reviewed it. I also keep account of all I have read each year on Goodreads, I like that site and think it’s very easy and helpful as I can never remember what I have read or when.
Think we have more snow coming the end of the week, all the older grandchildren had a day off today as their schools were shut but Jodie and Alfie and Mia had to go in as they can walk to their school and all the teachers can get there. George was pleased as it was his 17th birthday, it makes you feel so old when you can remember them being born but it does not seem that long ago.
Have a good week everyone and be careful in the snow.


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