We all know and love Julie for her series of books set in Whitstable about private detective Pearl Nolan and of course her environmental campaigning. But before this Julie worked on the TV program Eastenders, writing scripts for nearly twenty years. I feel that they were the best years of the show as all the stories were new, I feel they are getting a bit tired now. I may be prejudiced though as Julie is a good friend. lol

For my exposè, which I found so much fun finding out about, I am going to let you into a secret, well it’s not a secret now I know about it!

Julie recorded a record for CBS!

Surprised? I know I was!

At the time, (1981), she was her 20s and working at the BBC as a production assistant. Her boyfriend was in a band that had gained a good following and a lot of respect – but the group’s record sales were disappointing and he was threatening to give up on music so Julie tried to encourage him, to which he said, “If you think it’s so easy, why don’t you try?” So she did – Julie wrote the lyrics to a song called “I Got Married to a Man From Space” and added some more lyrics to the traditional hand-clapping “The Schoolgirl Song” – and she and her boyfriend ended up getting a recording contract with CBS/Epic. The single was played all the time on the radio – but failed to chart – though it was popular in Finland. Bet you never knew that!

I just love her singer’s stage name, Lola Payola.  The lady with many talents strikes again with a single released which you can listen to here. SCHOOL GIRL SONG

I bet you didn’t know about this and you can listen to it, I wonder if this could go viral and get her in the charts lol?  I was gutted when I looked on Amazon and discovered it was unavailable.

You can listen to it on Utube, it is called: I  got married to a man from space, I am loving the title.

Have you got any little snippets of information about Julie or how about a photograph of her?  Or would you like to ask her something? Julie will be answering your questions on Friday so get them sent in to:

karensworld.writer@yahoo.com or comment on the posts.

Julie is writing her ninth book set in the town of Whitstable where she has lived for the past twenty years. Plus a stand-alone psychological thriller will be out next year.


I hope you are enjoying my very special Julie week, here are the books in order of publication. All available on Amazon here.


What do you think?

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