As you can see from the heading I really want today to be over, for a variety of reasons. You know when you wake up and you just do not feel right, one minute hot so I take my jumper off and then I am cold. Also have the headache that you just know is going to be there all day, no matter what you do or take for it. I had to go shopping as got visitors at the weekend, I must of traveled miles walking round and round the supermarket as my brain would not engage at all. You guessed it, I picked the checkout with the trainee assistant on it, it must of been her first day!

I eventually get home and think about dinner as my daughter comes round for dinner on Thursdays, it will be a very simple dinner today. I sit down with a cup of tea and put my laptop on as I like to try and read a few blogs and maybe do a bit more towards the web site. That’s funny, I thought I turned the laptop on…..I did, there is no life in it apart from the on light. I turn it off and leave it for a while, then try again but no there is nothing. I have most things backed up on another drive, apart from the latest book I am writing so I am a little bit stressed as most people would be.

You would think that it could not get any worse, you do not know me. My friends constantly tell me that I am the most unlucky person they have ever known. I then get a phone call from my electric supplier, which I do think is a bit odd as it is after work hours. They ask me if I have had a letter increasing my payments, I say no. I tell them I will send them a meter reading in the morning. After the call I go on line and have a look at my account, it is normally about £60 a quarter. They have estimated my bill at £386.20

That is more than what it is a year, how do they work that out? They will get my email in the morning.

I am now going to bed, enough is enough.

20130321-091829 PM.jpg

That makes me smile x



  1. 25th March 2013 / 5:45 am

    Great to have you on board..!!!

    So, you can write a letter- there is no word limit or deadline. You can send it to me in 2 days or 2 weeks – not later than that..
    My email id is

    Looking forward to this!

  2. 24th March 2013 / 10:06 pm

    Hello, that sound’s an interesting post and yes I would love to do a guest one for you. Thank you x

  3. 24th March 2013 / 7:17 pm

    Hi….Would it interest to you to do a guest post on my blog? I was compiling a series of “unposted letters”…the ones you wrote/wanted to write to your mother/teacher/neighbor/boss/friend/ex but did not.. There is no need for names, you can address them to “an inspiring soul” or a long lost friend”..
    Let me know if you’re interested
    Best Wishes!!

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